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1. Is Red Bull addictive?
Dr. Haller, internationally known drug expert, specialist in psychiatry and neurology says :"It is proven: Red Bull contains no addictive substances and is therefore not an entry-level drug to hard drugs. Red Bull has, just like caffeine-containing coffee, a stimulating effect." 2. Can Red Bull have any harmful effects?
No one anywhere has ever shown any link between Red Bull and harmful effects. Last year alone, one billion cans and bottles of Red Bull were consumed in more than fifty countries, including Europe, the United States and Australia. The product has been on sale for 14 years in Europe and the formula for more than 30 years in Japan and Asia. 3. Is Red Bull a doping substance?
The amount of caffeine (80 mg per 250 ml) is about the same as the content of a cup of filtered coffee. There is a danger of doping only when caffeine is taken orally in extremely high doses. 4. Is Red Bull suitable for young people?
Yes!For young people who drink coffee, Red Bull is harmless. 5. Is Red Bull made from bulls' testicles?
No!Taurine is an amino acid that is found in the human body. It is produced synthetically for Red Bull. Taurine was detected for the first time about 40 years ago in cattle and its name derives from Taurus, bull. All you ever wanted to know about RedBull but never dared to ask - WORKSHEET
Critical approach : check the source of the text and tick if you think it is Pick out in the text the equivalents to : Explique en français les chiffres du 2ème § Expliquez en français les chiffres du 3ème § Est-ce que le produit peut être toxique ? Dans quel cas ? Pick out in the text the equivalents to (respect the forms of verbs and the articles for nouns) : Explique la construction des traductions de « nocif » et « inoffensif » Donne d’autres exemples construits de manière identique Explique la construction de la traduction de « dopant » et de « dopé » Donne d’autres exemples construits de manière identique (si possible pris dans le texte) Complete the sentences with the appropriate form : -ed or -ingCaffeine has a __________________________ (stimulate) effect, it keeps you awake.
I’m very __________________________ (interest) in agronomy.
Agronomy is an __________________________ (interest) subject.
Tomatoes can be __________________________ (produce) in greenhouses or in open fields.
__________________________ (prune) fruit trees is necessary for a good yield.
Trees are __________________________ (prune) during winter.
My supervisor is __________________________ (water) his tomatoes now.
Peach trees have to be __________________________ (water) abundantly for a good yield.
They use an automatic __________________________ (water) system.
Orchids have to be __________________________ (repot) every two or three years.
Indiquez à quelle forme correspondent les notions suivantes Pour certains verbes, il n’est pas possible de construire la forme du résultat avec -ed Ce sont les verbes __________________________. Pour ces verbes-là, on utilisera la ________ème forme.
TranslateLes tomates sont cultivées partout dans le monde.
___________________________________________________________________________________________________La caféine peut être toxique si elle est prise à haute dose___________________________________________________________________________________________________Les nouvelles fleurs sont coupées tous les jours___________________________________________________________________________________________________Les carottes peuvent être mangées crues ou cuites.
___________________________________________________________________________________________________La terre doit être amendée pendant l’hiver___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Glue, staple or clip your picture, box or wrapping to this sheet before you hand it to your teacher. Answer the following questions about your product. Give 4 words that define or describe the product : «All you ever wanted to know about Red Bull but never dared to ask» - Stéphane Busuttil, novembre 2009 Ce document est mis à disposition selon les termes de la licence Creative Commons BY-SA You are free
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