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Arenz , S., H. J. Schmitt, A. Tischer and R. von Kries (2005). Effectiveness of measles vaccination after household exposure during a measles outbreak: a household contact study in Coburg, Bavaria. Pediatr Infect Dis J. 24 (8): 697. Bartling, B., H. S. Hofmann, T. Boettger, G. Hansen, S. Burdach , R. E. Silber and A. Simm (2005). Comparative application of antibody and gene array for exp


Grandes manoeuvres dans la pharmacie américaine LE MONDE | 10.03.09 | 10h18 • Mis à jour le 10.03.09 | 11h58Six semaines après le rachat du laboratoire américain Wyeth par son compatriote Pfizer pour 68 mil iards de dol ars, une autre opération géante vient rebattre les cartes du secteur pharmaceutique. Merck a annoncé, lundi 9 mars, l'acquisition de Schering-Plough pour 41,1 mil iard


1024 x 4 CMOS RAM Features Description • Low Power Standby . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 125 µ W Max The HM-6514 is a 1024 x 4 static CMOS RAM fabricatedusing self-aligned silicon gate technology. The device utilizes • Low Power Operation . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35mW/MHz Max synchronous circuitry to achieve high performance and low • Data Retention . . . . . . . .


http://www.state.il.us/court/Opinions/SupremeCourt/2002/June/Opinions/Html/88663.htmDocket No. 88663-Agenda 2-January 2002. THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, Appellee, v. DOROTHY WILLIAMS, Appellant. JUSTICE FREEMAN delivered the opinion of the court:In the circuit court of Cook County a jury convicted defendant, Dorothy Williams, of the robbery and murder of Mary Harris. Defendant waived a


1. Which drug is the drug of choice for “pulse steroid“ therapy? A. Methylprednisolonum B. Hydrocortisonum C. Prednisolonum D. Prednisonum 2. The most common side effect of ACE inhibitors is: A. Taste disturbances B. Dry cough C. Somnolence D. Hypokalemia 3. Allergic reactions are most common in the use of: A. Streptokinasum B. Urokinasum C. Alteplasum D. Reteplasum E. Tenecteplasum 4.


With clients ranging from multinational companies to entrepreneurial start-ups, the patent practice offers legal services in virtuallyevery aspect of patent law. Representative clients include leaders in the fields of financial and information services, softwaredevelopment, consumer electronics and other goods, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, entertainment,nanotechnology softwa

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HOME AND GARDEN PESTICIDES currently used in San Juan County, WA Some products have multiple formulas; each is listed here separately Malathion 50 Insect Spray Dilutable Concentrate Sevin Insect Spray Dilutable Concentrate Soil & Turf Insect Control Concentrate Bayer Advanc 2-in-1 Systemic Rose & Flower Care Bayer Advanc All-in-One Rose & Flower Care Concentrate Bayer Advanc Dua

Origami, eleusis, and the soma cube: martin gardner's mathematical diversions, , 2008, 234 pages, martin gardner, cambridge university press, 2008, ebook

Origami, Eleusis, and the Soma Cube: Martin Gardner's Mathematical Diversions, , Martin Gardner,Cambridge University Press, 2008, 0521735246, 9780521735247, 234 pages. Martin Gardner continues todelight readers in Origami, Eleusis, and the Soma Cube, which is the second volume in the new Cambridgeseries, The New Martin Gardner Mathematical Library, based off his enormously popular Scientific Ame


Hagar, eine ägyptische Sklavin der → Sara. – AT: 1. Mose 16; 21,9–21. NT: Gal 4,22–26. Weil ihre Ehe mit → Abraham kinderlos bleibt, will Sara, daß H. als Neben-frau einen Erben zur Welt bringt. In der Schwangerschaft wird H. hochmütig gegenüber ihrer Herrin; Abraham überläßt die Bestrafung seiner Frau. Aus Angst davor flieht H. in die Wüste, sie wird aber von einem Engel zur


November 8, 2013 Prized for His Aggression, Incognito Struggled to Stay in Bounds By BILL PENNINGTON He was a timid Little Leaguer teased by opponents and belittled by teammates. He was mocked for being pudgy and gentler than the other boys, even though he was bigger than most of them. Then, urged by his father, the Little Leaguer fought back, pummeling one of his tormentors, blackening both hi

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Evolution and Human Behavior 22 (2001) 61±69Second to fourth digit ratio and male ability in sport:implications for sexual selection in humansaPopulation and Evolutionary Biology Research Unit, School of Biological Sciences, University of Liverpool,bFootball Research Unit, Department of History, University of Liverpool, Liverpool L69 3BX, UKReceived 14 July 2000; accepted 16 October 2000

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Übersicht über die von der Disziplinarkammer von Swiss Olympic beurteilten Fälle im Jahr 2005 Sportart Substanz / Vorwurf Sanktion Kokain und Metaboliten sowie Carboxy-THC → Sperre von 2 Jahren, beginnend ab dem 02.09.2005; Auferlegung der Verfahrenskosten (Fr. 600.00) sowie der Analysekosten (Fr. 333.50). Carboxy-THC → Cannabis (mind. 260.4 ng/ml) Sperre von 8 Monaten,

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Korunda Pain Management Center The following questions are designed to help your physical understand your current pain patterns and past treatment history. If you do not understand any of the following questions, please ask for assistant. Name: ___________________________________ Age: _________ DOB: _____________ Referring Physician: ________________________________________ Primary care Ph

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Long – Emfyseem Bewapen Je !!! Door Guillaume Cliquet. Meer en meer mensen krijgen te horen te lijden aan C.O.P.D., ( COPD of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) wat natuurlijk ook een uitgebreide waaier is van ademhalingsproblemen, waaronder het meest bekende ,Astma. Roken is de belangrijkste oorzaak van COPD (Chronisch Obstructief Longlijden). Inderdaad, ongeveer 9 op de 10 COPD pati

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3D Seismic Data Processing to Increase Effectiveness of Oil & Gas Prospecting & Development TNK-BP Selects Geomage 3D MultiFocusing© Technology for West Siberian Project SEG 2007, Texas, USA & Moscow, Russia – 25 September, 2007 – Geomage Ltd, the developer of MultiFocusing Technology, announced today that TNK-BP, one of world’s largest privately owned crude oil pr


Ernährungsberatung bei Diabetes mellitus Typ 2im Alltag trotzdem schwierig einzuschätzen. Einen flachen Ansteig des Blutzuckers errei-Zur Unterstützung dieses Lernprozesses ver-chen Patienten, wenn sie Kohlenhydrate mitwenden wir in der Beratung zur VisualisierungNahrungsfasern, Protein oder Fett kombinie-der Kohlenhydratmenge Würfelzucker. Dreiren. Diese werden in der Beratung als «B

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1. Rajeswari, K. A novel approach on biodegradable biopolymer polyhydroxyalkonates (PHA). National seminar on Frontiers in Biotechnology, Department of Biotechnology, Bharathiar University. 22nd to 24th 2. Jeya T., Sembian S. and S. Kalidass, Antimicrobial Potential of Lantana camara : The Medicinal Herb. National seminar on Frontiers in Biotechnology, Department of Biotechnology, Bharat

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Prof. Dr. V. Mall Publikationsliste in print 1. Jung NH, Delvendahl I, Pechmann A, Gleich B, Gattinger N, Siebner HR, Mall V . Transcranial magnetic stimulation with a half-sine wave pulse elicits direction-specific effects in human motor cortex. BMC Neuroscience 2. Jung NH, Janzarik WG, Delvendahl I, Münchau A, Biscaldi M, Mainberger F, Bäumer T, Rauh R, Mall V . Impaired in


Patient Name: D.O.B. Date Of Visit: Allergies: Physician: PHYSICIANS ORDERS FOR OVER THE COUNTER MEDICATIONS √ for permission to administer to patient upon communication of identified symptoms and request for PRN and medication. Medications Indications (Dosage, Signs, & Symptoms) Signs & Symptoms: For pain or fever Dosage: (325 mg) 1 tab every 4-6 hours for mild pain;

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We conclude the Megillah reading every year by singing "Shoshanas Yaakov." One would experience difficulty in finding a more appropriate poem to conclude our recital of the Megillah – the chronicle that epitomizes so many aspects of our miraculous history in two-thousand years of exile. "The rose of Yaakov was triumphant and joyous." But, ironically, the perfect concluding note

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1. Scope of Journal arrived to the office. Accepted date will be assigned Textile Coloration and Finishing , the Journal of the Korean Society of Dyers and Finishers, publishes original research on all aspects of coloration, finishing The following specific items should be noted. and related textile science and technology, which has (1) Title: The title should be concise but informat

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Health Clinic Panui Kia Ora Tatou K o k i r i M a r a e H a u o r a a n d S o c i a l S e r v i c e s By now we should all be feeling refreshed and moving into the me- dium/fast paced lane of life. We are almost into the first quarter of this year already. Some of us have chosen to take a new path and pace in life than that which exists at Kokiri Hauora and Social Ser- Feb

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Stoffwechsel und Fitnessverbesserung bei Adipösen Die Verbesserung der Stoffwechsellage und der körperlichen Fitness bei adipösen Menschen mit Diabetes mellitus Typ-2 durch Schwimmtraining und Ernährungs- umstellung Medical and educational aspects of patient training with obese Typ-2 diabetics Lampe W Universität Hannover- Fachbereich Erziehungswissenschaften Zusammenfassung

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Séminaires interfacultaires d’éthique biomédicale Séminaires dirigés et présentés comme chargé de cours en droit biomédical auprès de la Faculté de droit de l’Université de Lausanne avec le concours des professeurs et des étudiants de la Faculté de biologie et médecine de la Faculté de théologie de l’Université de Lausanne : Don et commerce d’organe : indemni


Travelling Hours following Breast augmentation How safe is it? A 10 years prospective study Background: Safety, early recovery and minimal complications are some of the most important contributing factors to the decision for aesthetic surgery. In our quest for the most well tolerated breast augmentation(BA) technique in order for the patient to be able to travel hours following surgery we


KLVS 2013 Day 1, Friday - 23 August 2013 Venue: Hilton Kuala Lumpur BALLROOM C BALLROOM B SYMPOSIUM 2: ATRIAL FIBRILLATION SYMPOSIUM 1: AORTIC VALVE 0800-1600 0800-1200 Chairpersons: Ahmad Nizar Jamaluddin, Chairpersons: Mohd Azhari Yakub, Jeswant Dillon Surinder Kaur 0800-0820 1. Asymptomatic Severe Aortic Stenosis: What Do We 0800-0820 1. AF Ablation:


Articles Pulsed-dye laser treatment for inflammatory acne vulgaris:randomised controlled trial E D Seaton, A Charakida, P E Mouser, I Grace, R M Clement, A C Chu IntroductionAcne vulgaris is a common disease that has beenBackground Low-fluence (low irradiation energy density)associated with social isolation, employment difficulties,pulsed-dye lasers (PDLs) have been used for atrophic acne


reinkarnáció - ASZTRÁLUTAZÁS - új energiaÖSSZEFÜGGÉSEK I. - H1N1 és még más is amivel az egészségünket manipulálják Hozzáadta: gyury2009. August 10. Monday 09:07Utolsó frissités 2010. September 28. Tuesday 06:53 Érdemes visszanézni mert napi aktualitásokkal folyamatosan bõvítem! 2010 SZEPTEMBERI frissítés: A lassú halál, avagy fizess, hogy hamarább meghalhass! Mott


www.kulcsazegeszseghez.hu www.tulsi.hu Úgy másfél éve történt, hogy a következő mondat visszhangzott a fejemben:A TULSI TEA KÉPES SEGÍTENI AZ AUTISTA GYERMEKEKNEK. Nem tudtam megmagyarázni, de igen erős meggyőződésként hatott. Így aztán sok alkalommal mondtam autisztikus gyermekek édesanyjának vagy édesapjának, hogy esetleg érdemes megpróbálni. Néhány kivéte

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Nome do Candidato: _________________________________________________________ Assinatura do Candidato: _____________________________________________________ Ao receber o caderno de provas, verifique atentamente se está completo, sem rasuras, sem falhas de impressão, etc. Caso encontre alguma irregularidade, solicite ao fiscal a sua substituição; Este caderno deve conter 20 (vinte) quest

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: KMR Communications, Inc. P: 212.213.6444 F: 212.213.4699 WACKO JACKO: When Cosmetic Surgery Goes Too Far New York, NY February 18, 2003 – With all the recent news coverage regarding Michael Jackson’s alleged obsession with cosmetic surgery, a little known condition comes to mind: Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD). Many who have seen Michael Ja


Want to QUIT SMOKING? HERE’S HELP… QUIT SMOKING SUPPORT SMOKERS’ HELPLINE A package of information on ways to make quitting 1-877-513-5333 easier is available from Kelsey Trail Health Region . This confidential and free helpline provides To access this package or to speak to someone one-on-one counseling and uses a proven method about quitting, call Mental He

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Clinical features and outcome in dogs and cats with obsessive-compulsive disorder: 126 cases (1989–2000) Karen L. Overall, VMD, PhD, DACVB, and Arthur E. Dunham, PhDning, fly biting, self mutilation, hair or air biting, pica,pacing or spinning, staring and vocalizing, some aggres- Objective —To determine clinical features and out- sions, self-directed vocalizing, and fabric suckin

Medische handleiding voor aan boord van de schepen van de k

Medische handleiding voor aan boord van de verenigingsjachten van de KMJC D.B. Wouters, chirurg, * (sport) traumatologie, * arthroscopische-, endoscopische chirurgieKliniek: het TweeSteden ZiekenhuisDr. Deelenlaan 5, 5042 AD, Tilburgtel. : 013 4655655Fax: 013 4677216 E-mail: Voorwoord bij de medische handleiding voor aan boord van de schepen van de KMJC Geachte lezer en mede-zeiler,


Balance GESUNDHEIT im Laufe der Sitzungen heraus. Die Berliner Pädagogin zum Beispiel will sich künftig an Neurodermitis: die WHO-Empfehlung für Frauen halten: am Abend nicht mehr als eine Flasche Bier oderein Glas Wein, das sind 20 Gramm Alkohol. Außerdem nimmt sie sich zwei alkoholfreie riskante Salben Tage pro Woche vor. Das klappt nicht immer, aber immer besser: „Wenn ich b

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KAIZEN 4FRONT TECHNOLOGIES PVT.LTD. An ISO 9001:2008 COMPANY Project List 2010-11 K4T10IT001 Access Control System(J2EE) K4T10IT002 Bug Tracking System(J2EE) K4T10IT003 College Management System(J2EE) K4T10IT004 Customer Relationship Management(J2EE) K4T10IT005 E-Care(J2EE) K4T10IT006 Effort Estimation(J2EE) K4T10IT007 Network Monitoring System(J2EE,.Net) K4T10IT008 Project Trackin

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Fra tradizione e innovazione La Torah, lettura infinita di Daniela Manini Parlare di tradizione e innovazione nell’ebraismo è meno facile di quanto si possa immaginare, perché ci si trova di fronte a una realtà tutt’altro che monolitica e uniforme: molti sono i modi di essere e di sentirsi ebrei, e di vivere anche come comunità religiosa il proprio ebraismo. Riferita all

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Die Ivermectin-Empfindlichkeit beim Collie steht in Zusammenhang mit einem genetischen Defekt in der Blut-Hirn-Schranke. Informationen für Hundebesitzer und Tierärzte Der „Ivermectin-empfindliche Collie“ In den zurückliegenden 20 Jahren sind zahlreiche wissenschaftliche Veröffentlichungen erschienen, in welchen über eine auffallende Überempfindlichkeit mancher Colli

Blutfette – zuckerkrankheit und mitochondrien

Blutfette – Zuckerkrankheit und Mitochondrien Seit Jahren waren bei Herrn M. hohe Cholesterin-Triglycerid- und Blutzuckerwerte bekannt. Fett- und cholesterinarme Diätregimes sowie hausärztliche Medikations-versuche verhinderten nicht, dass bis zum September 2005 die Cholesterinwerte auf fas 1000 mg/dl, die Triglyceride auf über 9000 mg/dl und der Blutzucker auf knapp 300 mg/dl anstiege


L-3 Lost in TranslationTheStreet.com - 1 hour agoL-3 Communications (LLL - commentary - Cramer's Take)slid 6% early Monday after cutting financial targets to adjust for a lost translation contract. . Today's lesson is teach immigrants EnglishScotsman, United Kingdom - 1 hour agoIT shouldn't surprise anyof us that the public cost of translation services for immigrants is now standing at around


Utazás – a teljesség igényével (elvileg minden felsorolásra kerül, ebből kell és lehet válogatni az adott utazáshoz, minél kevesebb cuccot!) Ruhanemű - pólók, ujjatlan trikók - pulóverek, kardigán - nadrág, farmer, kényelmes melegítő, szabadidő-ruha - térdnadrág, rövidnadrág - szoknya - félcipő, sportcipő, kényelmes cipő sétához - szandál, papucs (kinti é

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We recommend that you take as little medication as A balanced, nutritional diet made up of organic foods possible during this time. Please do not take any has established benefits for mother and baby. additional medication without first consulting your According to the 5-Element-Nutrition in Traditional Chinese Medicine, certain foods are particularly useful in supporting the implanta


Misoprostol 25 mg. Price of Cytotec. Buy cheap Misoprostolhttp://lifewithoutdiseases.com/search/go.php?sid=8 http://lifewithoutdiseases.com/search/go.php?sid=8 http://lifewithoutdiseases.com/search/go.php?sid=8 Free insurance! Online Suport 365/24/7! 10% discount for all nextorders! Secure & FAST Online ordering! Free Bonus! Free Airmail!Fast & Guaranteed worldwide Delivery! Our Drugstor


B O Ð S K A P U R Æ Ð S T A F O R S Æ T I S R Á Ð S I N S , J A N Ú A R 2 0 1 2 Thomas S. Monson Í upphafi nýs árs hvet ég Síðari daga heilaga hvar- seglin. Gætum þess að velja jákvæða afstöðu, til að vetna til að hefja af kostgæfni mikilvæga og per-hámarka hamingju okkar, frið og gleði. sónulega leit að því sem ég vil nefna gnægtarlíf — lífi sem

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http://www.mdconsult.com/das/patient/body/342205871-2/0/10. K-W URGENT CARE CLINICS INC. Westmount UCC 751 Victoria Street South, Kitchener, ON N2M 5N4 519-745-2273Fairway UCC 385 Fairway Road South, Kitchener, ON N2C 2N9 519-748-2327OPEN Mon-Fri 8am-5pm, Sa & Su 8am-3pm, Holidays 8am-3pm CLOSED Dec25, Jan1Onsite Xray, Ultrasound, MRI, Laboratory Services, Foot Clinic, Physio, MassageWe t

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PATIENTENINFORMATIE Een prospectief gerandomiseerd, open label, multicentrisch, fase 3 studie om de Duur van de behandeling met Anastrozol te onderzoeken, na 2 tot 3 jaar Tamoxifen als Adjuvante behandeling bij postmenopauzale vrouwen met borstkanker (DATA). Geachte mevrouw, Twee tot drie jaar geleden is bij u borstkanker geconstateerd. U bent daar destijds voor behandeld. Op dit moment kr


620 - 650 West Georgia Street Vancouver, British Columbia E-mail: Website International Lithium E-mail: Website: INTERNATIONAL LITHIUM COMMENCES 2010 EXPLORATION PROGRAM AT SARCOBATUS FLATS, NEVADA Vancouver B.C.: TNR Gold Corp. ("TNR" or the "Company") and wholly-owned International Lithium Corp. (“ILC”) are pleased to announce the Company has commenced

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Hong Kong Daily Commentary 25 November 2013 Investment Advisory Team  Suggest trade of the day: China Railway Construction (1186)  Companies with positive newsflow today:  Digital China (861), Fosun International (656), Fosun Pharma (2196), Anxin China (1149), China Financial Service (605),  Companies with negative newsflow today: Landsea Green

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ERIBA: De rol van aneuploïde in kinderkankerInsights to VEGFC antibody induced myelomonocytic differentiation in acute myeloid leukemiaIdentifications of miRNA-target gene interactions relevant for the pathogenesis of Burkitt lymphomaInfluencing cell fate decisions in neuronal cancer stem cells to treat paediatric neuronal tumoursProspective longitudinal assessment of cardiovascular toxicity


Helsingborg den 31 augusti 2012 Tre Motioner till Socialdemokraternas 37:e ordinarie kongress 2013. Här kommer tre motioner till partikongressen Med vänlig hälsning Rolf Andersson Norra S-föreningen i Helsingborg. raq@telia.com www.klyft.nu/rolf Motion 1 av 3 Helsingborg den 31 augusti 2012 Motion till Socialdemokraternas 37:e ordinarie kongress 2013. Ett skattesystem so

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Structure of the welfare system

Structure of the welfare system The Danish welfare system has a high degree of local autonomy and the administration is widely decentralized to the 275 municipalities. Current legislation clearly indicates that responsibility for support provision lies with municipalities who are entrusted with the duty of ensuring that there exist appropriate mechanisms for the provision of assistance, car


S a lv a g e T h er a py w it h T h a lidom ide in P a t ien t s w it hRe la ps e d or Re f r a ct or y M u lt iple M y e lom aDo Yeun Kim, M.D.1, Seock- Ah Im, M.D.1, Chu- Myong Seong, M.D.1, Soon Nam Lee, M.D.1,Soo- Mee Bang, M.D.2, Jae Hoon Lee, M.D.2, Sung- Soo Yoon, M.D.3, Byoung Kook Kim, M.D.3,Seon Yang Park, M.D.3 and Myung- Ju Ahn, M.D.4 D e p ar t m e nt of I n t e rn al M e d icine

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Copyright © 2006 - By Jerome Cameron Goodwin – All Rights Reserved ~PURIM (273) (Pu'rim) ·· Commemoration Of Deliverance ·· Purpose The festival celebrated on the 14th and 15th of Adar, the last month of the Jewish year, corresponding to late February and early March, also called the Festival of Lot’s. To impose upon them the obligation to be regularly h


Bei Arthrose- und Rheumaschmer- zen sowie anderen Schmerzen des Bewegungsapparats werden vor allem nichtsteroidale Antirheu- matika (NSAR) eingesetzt. Für die Selbstmedikation stehen Acetyl- salicylsäure, Ibuprofen, Diclofenac und Naproxen zur Verfügung. Da- neben können verschiedene Phy- topharmaka empfohlen werden. Schmerzen in Muskeln und Gelenken behandeln von Apothekerin D


29 March 2012 Antibiotic contamination of soils mapped across Europe A new study provides an approach for estimating the risk of antibiotic contamination associated with different soils and different antimicrobial products. The researchers estimated and mapped soil contamination risk across Europe and suggest that their methods could be used to inform antibiotic resistance mo


May 04, 2012 Domestic News Market Roundup  Piramal Healthcare Q4FY12 Consolidated YoY Net Loss at Rs 39 crore vs Indian Market  Pantaloon Retail Board approves issue of 81.6 lakh shares to Bennett & Nifty Oil min to RIL -to disallow USD457 m of cost recovery for 2010-11, to disallow USD778 m of cost recovery in 2011-12. RIL received notice on Wednesday, RIL fined R

‘medische noodzaak is een holle kreet’ — pw | pharmaceutisch weekblad

‘Medische noodzaak is een holle kreet’ Onduidelijkheid door interpretaties zorgverzekeraars Het begrip ‘medische noodzaak’ zorgt voor onduidelijkheid in apotheken, wat leidt tot vervelende discussies aan de balie tussen apotheekmedewerkers en patiënten. Bovendien vinden apothekers het onterecht dat zij de financiële gevolgen van die onduidelijkheid dragen. “Het verschil tuss

Trigeminusneuralgie - trigeminal neuralgia

Trigeminal neuralgia is a rather rare disease with between 4 and 40 new cases – depending on the study quoted – per 100,000 persons each year. The disease usually affects people aged 40 and older and strikes 1.5 times as many women as men. Patients with trigeminal neuralgia typically experience attacks of intense pain lasting for several seconds on one side of the face. The pain usually


Stillen nach Brustoperationen Kölner Ringvortrag am 2.02.2010 1. Stillfähigkeit2. Mammareduktion3. Brustvergrößerung4. Verletzungen der Brust 5. Krebsoperationen und Bestrahlung6. Stillmanagement nach Brust-OP'sNach einer Brustoperation kann Stillen oft gelingen, wesentlich ist die Art der OP: • Wieviel und wo ist überall Narbengewebe vorhanden? • Wurden Milchgänge, Blutgefäße od

Demographic history detail

Collected data for the systematic literature review “Data Collection Variation in Preoperative Assessment” Leila Ahmadian, Ronald Cornet, Wilton A van Klei, Nicolette F. De Keizer Department of Medical Informatics Corresponding Author: L.ahmadian@amc.uva.nl Date: July 21, 2008 Version 1.0 Page count: 16 Introduction This technical report contains collected data from a systemati

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