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We recommend that you take as little medication as A balanced, nutritional diet made up of organic foods possible during this time. Please do not take any has established benefits for mother and baby. additional medication without first consulting your According to the 5-Element-Nutrition in Traditional Chinese Medicine, certain foods are particularly useful in supporting the implantation of the embryo(s). In the period following embryo transfer, you should consume warm foods which strengthen the kidneys. Salad is best We are always delighted when patients bring their baby eaten together with warm food such as stews, or meat (or babies!) in for a visit. In order to ensure that we can dishes. Beet juice and carrot juice are ideal drink choices devote enough time to meeting your little one(s), at this time. Foods such as fish, sea salt, rice, peas, please schedule an appointment by phone or email. molasses, sesame seeds, beans and lentils all support the energy in the kidneys and may help to avoid early pregnancy loss. Drink sufficient fluids and reduce your intake of caffeine, alcoholic beverages, energy drinks On the day of and following the egg retrieval, you may and black tea. You should avoid spicy foods such as experience some cramping (of the same intensity as chili, pepper, garlic and tobacco sauce. In addition, we period pains). You may take Buscopan compositum, recommend you supplement your diet with 0.4 mg of Parkemed or Mexalen to ease these pains. You may also folic acid daily, through the 12th week of pregnancy. If experience a pulling or tightening sensation in the you would like a nutritional consultation tailored to abdomen after embryo transfer, as the ovaries are your individual needs, our TCM consultant Johanna Wolf enlarged due to the build up of progesterone. To ease this discomfort, we recommend you drink plenty of fluids (such as Gatorade, Isostar) or take Mexalen. In case these pains do not go away in the next few days Metal detectors at security checks in airports do not pose any threat or danger and should not be a cause for concern. You may travel by plane during this time. Bedrest Bed rest following embryo transfer is not necessary. You may use the bathroom immediately after the We recommend you abstain from sexual intercourse transfer. You are also welcome to lie down in the right after the egg retrieval as there is a heightened recovery room. Extended bed rest or stopping your risk of infection at this time. After this time, you may normal activities does not increase your chances of resume sexual intercourse if you feel physically and emotionally up to it. There has been some suggestion that sexual intercourse may support the implantation In the event that you experience vaginal spotting or bleeding before your scheduled pregnancy test, please still go to the blood test at the designated time, as Some patients are prescribed Lovenox or Aspirin bleeding may occur even in successful pregnancies. In (Thrombo Ass) as part of their treatment protocol. This the event that you experience bleeding after your medication will be stopped before the egg retrieval, and scheduled pregnancy test, we ask you to have a repeat resumed on the day following the egg retrieval. The blood test on the following hospital working day (we medication is then continued until the pregnancy test, recommend Labor Endler in the Goldenes Kreuz) and and in the event of a positive pregnancy test, it is In the event of a positive pregnancy test, an ultrasound Unfortunately there are few scientific studies on the will be scheduled 4 weeks following the egg retrieval. It possible risks of dyeing your hair during this period. is not possible to confirm a pregnancy prior to that Plant-based dyeing should not be a cause for concern. However, as there is no data on chemical dyeing, we recommend you avoid such methods during this time and during pregnancy in general. Decapeptyl (injection to aid implantation) On Day 6 following your egg retrieval (i.e. Egg retrieval = Monday, Injection = Sunday) you should inject We recommend you avoid all heavy lifting and do not yourself in the abdomen or thigh with 1 Decapeptyl lift anything with a weight greater than 15 kg. injection in the morning. You may feel a tightening sensation in your abdomen following the injection. This is normal as the medication stimulates the ovaries. Sauna In the event that you regularly visited the sauna prior We recommend you do not receive any further to your treatment cycle, there is no reason for you to vaccinations at this time, as there is too little available discontinue it. However, you should carefully check the information on their effect on your immunity and temperature and ensure that your circulation is not implantation. Medical exceptions which may require a compromised. You should also ensure that you take plenty of fluids, to compensate for what you lose in the sauna. Steam baths do not present any cause for You may take one tablet of Mexalen to relieve headaches. Yeast Infection Due to shifts in your hormone levels and the vaginal suppositories you are taking, you may be more You should take the progesterone support until your susceptible to yeast infections at this time. In order to blood test, and in the event that the test is positive, treat this, you can insert a tampon dipped in yoghurt you will continue this medication until the 12th week of into the vagina and leave it there for a few hours, or pregnancy. Utrogestan should be inserted deep into the you can use the preparation Multi Gyn. In case you have vagina. Please do not be concerned that the a severe yeast infection, we recommend a course of the information in the packet instructs you to take the tablets orally. We have made a conscious decision for them to be administered vaginally. You would experience extreme fatigue if you were to take the tablets orally, due to the high dosage. It is normal that some of the medication may “leak out” as a white discharge after you insert it. Please do not be concerned that the information in the packets states that Utrogestan should not be taken during pregnancy. We have prescribed this medication as it provides support in early pregnancy. Massage Massage during this time should only be used for relaxation purposes. Please inform your masseur that you may be pregnant. You should not have any abdominal massage during this time or during pregnancy. Medication In the event that you are taking medication for a thyroid or blood pressure problem, please continue to take this medication throughout pregnancy. But please ensure that your gynecologist or general practitioner regularly monitors any issue for which you are being prescribed medication so that your treatment may be adjusted if necessary. Physical Therapy Please inform your physical therapist that you may be in the early stages of pregnancy. X-rays We advise against any x-rays at this time, or during pregnancy.

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18F-fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG) PET and PET/CT Practice Guidelines in Oncology A summary of the recommendations and practice guidelines of professional groups The recommendations and practice guidelines of professional organizations regarding the use of 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG) PET and PET/CT in oncology are summarized on the following pages for the nine indications approved by the C

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