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3D Seismic Data Processing to Increase
Effectiveness of Oil & Gas Prospecting & Development
TNK-BP Selects Geomage 3D MultiFocusing Technology for West Siberian Project
SEG 2007, Texas, USA & Moscow, Russia – 25 September, 2007 – Geomage Ltd, the developer of MultiFocusing Technology, announced today that TNK-BP, one of world’s largest privately owned crude oil production companies, has chosen to begin processing their West Siberia oilfield seismic data using Geomage’s newest 3D MultiFocusing Technology. MultiFocusing provides a significant advantage to TNK-BP, a leading Russian oil company, in their efforts to pinpoint reserves. Geomage will provide TNK-BP with a migrated cube of amplitudes and velocities in time scale. The TNK-BP agreement gives significant market visibility to Geomage in Russia and demonstrates critical improvements over current seismic data processing methods. "We believe that 3D MultiFocusing can provide considerably more reliable seismic images necessary to identify potentially lucrative oil & gas reserves," said Randy Peters, Project Manager at Russkoye Development, a branch of TNK-BP. “Geomage’s images and their geophysical processing expertise has proven a significant increase in signal-to-noise ratio and resolution, clearly higher than any other seismic data processing output we have found on the market.” While Geomage has recently enjoyed widespread recognition of its 2D seismic imaging
throughout the world, the TNK-BP project will be the first time MultiFocusing is used for 3D data
processing. Oil exploration companies of all sizes will now have access to highly accurate seismic
images, for any geological conditions, in order to accurately explore oil and gas reserves.
“We are proud that TNK-BP, the leading Russian oil company, has chosen to pioneer oil exploration using our unique 3D seismic imaging for their important project,” said Emil Guberman, a Geomage founder and VP Marketing & Sales. “Together, we will validate the effectiveness of 3D MultiFocusing by identifying valuable reserves and clearly reducing exploration and production costs.” About TNK-BP
TNK-BP is among the top ten privately-owned crude oil producers in the world. Headquartered
in Moscow and governed by a multinational management team, it has work experience in over
50 different countries. TNK-BP employs approximately 71,000 people, mostly located in eight
major areas of Russia and Ukraine. The company was formed in 2003 as a result of a historic
merger of BP’s Russian oil & gas assets and the oil & gas assets of Alfa Access Renova group
(AAR). BP and AAR each own 50% of TNK-BP. For more information, please visit:
About Geomage
Geomage is a privately held energy technology service provider whose solutions are based on
Geomage MultiFocusing, a proprietary seismic data processing method. The company operates
seismic processing services centers around the world. For more information, please visit:
TNK-BP Media Contact
Geomage Media Contact
USA: 1-832-369-5966
Russia/CIS: 7-499-197-7517


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Art, Architecture and the Indulgence Bibliographies Regional Studies: British Isles [Anon.(?)] ‘Indulgences proposed to benefactors to the church of St. George the Martyr, Southwark’, Notes and Queries , ser. 1, 3 / 84 (1851), pp. 444-445. W.E.A. Axon, 'Manchester and Macclesfield pardon brasses', Transactions of the Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society 10 (1892), pp. 99

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Deze folder geeft u informatie over endoveneuze lasertherapie (EVLT) bij spataderen. Wat is precies EVLT en wanneer kan deze methode worden toegepast? Wat moet u weten met betrekking tot de voorbereiding en de nazorg? Wat is EVLT? EVLT staat voor endoveneuze lasertherapie. Met deze methode wordt een dun laserslangetje in een spatader gebracht, die vervolgens met behulp van laserenergi

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