Nonviolence leadership training camp

DATES : Feb 5 to 7, 2010
I hope you received my earlier circular in which I had announced the holding of the three- day International Nonviolence Leadership Training Camp at Children’s Peace Palace, Rajsamand
near Udaipur (Raj.) INDIA from Feb. 5th to 7th, 2010 with preliminary information about it and
sought your constructive suggestions so that it could be made an unforgettable transformative
experience. In deference to the wishes of many aspirants the dates have been advanced to 5th Feb.
2010. I am thankful to many of you who responded positively. I have now finalized the entire
programme and am pleased to send it to you to enable you to avail yourself of this rare
opportunity being offered at a highly subsidized cost.
Background and Purpose

His Holiness Acharya Mahapragya - the 89 year old Jain Acharya and a Dhyan Yogi par excellence has been crusading for peace through nonviolence for the last six decades. 10 years ago he embarked on Ahimsa Yatra (journey on foot to create ahimsa awareness) and healed the wounds of the victims of Gujarat riots in 2002. Through a series of experiments and intensive research he realized that mere discourses and theoretical expositions of nonviolence would not bring about a change in the attitudes of children, youths and adult people. Each human being has within him infinite transcendental powers but they remain dormant and inactive. As a result he or she is easily inclined towards violence and all sermons fail to inspire him. In the course of his deep meditative states Acharya Mahapragya discovered that each human body has in it certain psychic centres which unleash positive and healing energies if they are activated. He invented some specific meditative postures which activate these centers and create a highly soothing, calming and transformative impact on human mind. The transformative meditation developed by him is known the world over as Preksha Meditation. It is a scientifically tested technique which enables the practitioner to fathom out the depths of his subconscious which is considered to be the storehouse of all the remedies for human problems. Preksha Meditation has been found effective in eliminating extreme stressful conditions, depression and despair. A person's impulsive impetuosity is the main cause of violence. Nonviolence Training aims at teaching an individual to control this harmful state of his mind and enhance his emotional competence. First and Second International Nonviolence Leadership Training Camps
We have been organizing nonviolence training camps for the last ten years and the results are highly encouraging. We organized the First and Second International Nonviolence Leadership Training Camps under the auspices of His Holiness Acharya Mahapragya and his successor Yuvacharya Mahashraman at our Peace Palace Rajsamand from Dec. 26 to 28, 2007 and from 13 Nov. to 14 Nov. 2008 at Jaipur. They were attended by a large number of persons hailing from 12 countries including India. I recently organized a short nonviolence training course (non-
residential) in London JVB Centre which attracted fifty participants. Samani Prasanna Pragya and
Rohit Pragya oversaw and organized practical exercises and inspired the participants. It was hailed
as a highly successful course.
What will one gain out of this training ?
He who attends this three-day course will feel and realize that his inner chaos and stress are completely eliminated ; his emotional competence has increased tremendously ; his heart is filled with inner peace and happiness ; his power of immunity against diseases has been strengthened ; his positive outlook on life and self-confidence have developed considerably. He will come out wholly transformed equipped with new strategies to live an ecologically viable life in joyous spirits. The positive impact one will feel after the course cannot be described in words. Only the participants know what it means. Who are the trainers ?
The trainers are trained and experienced disciples of His Holiness Acharya Mahapragya including nonviolence exponents and the revered samanis who will expose the trainees to practical
exercises. We have a galaxy of people who have insightful understanding of the many facets of
nonviolence (ahimsa) and who have undergone inner transformation. They will elucidate the
subtle aspects of ahimsa (nonviolence) to the participants.
Course Content
Conceptual Understanding of Nonviolence
Lectures on various facets of ahimsa will be delivered by internationally reputed
nonviolence exponents.
Transformation of Heart
It consists of practical exercises of meditative postures and yogic exercises. We have highly trained people to do the job. Nonviolence Lifestyle
The trainers will familiarize the trainees with the essential ingredients of nonviolent lifestyle which will stabilize the impact created on their minds by this training. Right Means of Livelihood and Tools of Self-Employment
The trainers will highlight the significance of earning righteously. Right means of earning
paves the way for inner and outer peace. It also is a path to prosperity.

Duration of the Course

This course is geared to helping individuals to experience immense positive power within. It is planned for three-days only but it is a complete residential course beginning from the evening
of 4th Feb. 2010 and ending in the late evening of 7th Feb. 2010. The participants must arrive on
or before 4th Feb. 2010 and would be able to leave only in the morning of 8th Feb. Later those
who want to be trainees can join a five-week intensive course. The participants of both this
elementary course and those who attend the intensive course later will get certificates of
Other Attractions
The participants who want to extend their stay and see the places of tourist interest in the area can be taken round Udaipur and Chittorgarh Fort - the two internationally known places of
tourist interest at an extra cost of just 4500 rupees. It will include transport, meals and stay for one
night. Chittorgarh Fort is a thousand year old fort situated on a hill. Udaipur is known as the city
of Lakes. But only those who inform us well in advance before they come to attend the course will
be included in this organized tour which will begin on 8th Feb. and will be over by the evening of
9th Feb. It will return to the Peace Palace in the afternoon of 9th Feb. 2010.
Reduced Course Fee
The course fee has now been completely made free. There will be no registration fees and local hospitality will be offered free. The objective is very big – to create awareness of ahimsa.
Some friends are now supporting it. However if one can make any voluntarily contribution, it will
be welcome.
We will accept participants on the FIRST COME FIRST BASIS. Those who want to attend this course should complete enclosed registration form immediately and email it to


Participants are advised to get tourist visas only.
Travel Information
How to reach Rajsamand?

Rajsamand is the District Headquarters and is situated near Udaipur – a well-known town of Rajasthan. It is 75 Kilometres from Udaipur. He who is coming from Mumbai or Delhi by Air should buy a domestic air ticket for Udaipur which can be included in basic ticket issued in his/her country. Udaipur is well-connected by rail and road. Those coming from Delhi and Mumbai can buy train or bus tickets for Udaipur. Only those who write to us giving their flight numbers or train or bus information will be received and transported free of cost to Peace Palace. Those who come to the Peace Palace on their own should take a bus from Udaipur bus stand to Kankroli. They should take an autorickshaw from Kankroli and reach the Peace Palace. It is situated on top of a hill overlooking the lake. If they mention SHIKHAR – ANUVIBHA, the autorickshaw man will bring them to the venue which is near the New Circuit House on this very hill.
About Children’s Peace Palace
It is a calm and beautiful place with a specially designed infrastructure for educating children in peace. It has Gandhian accommodation with modest facilities. The venue is best suited
for nonviolence training on account of its congenial ambience conducive to the development of
The Last Date
For those who want to be received at Udaipur the last date is 31st January but those who can look after themselves and can arrive on their own, they can come and join us on 4th Feb also. The fee will be taken on the spot. (Dr. S.L. Gandhi)
Leadership Training Camp (5th to 7th Feb. 2010) (M) 91-098280 16989 Tel: +91-141-2707347 Tejkaran Jain (Surana)
Sanchay Jain
Motia Khan, New Delhi – 110 055 (INDIA) Tel : +91-11-23618570 Fax : +91-11-23540205 P.O. Box 28, Rajsamand – 313 326 (INDIA) ANUVRAT GLOBAL ORGANIZATION
Third International
Nonviolence Leadership Training Camp
Registration Form
_______________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ Complete Postal Address with phone, fax and e-mail ID _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ 7. Date of Arrival at Udaipur or Rajsamand Peace Palace : Flight/Bus/Train information _________________________________________________________________________ 8. _______________________________________________________

Note : All participants must reach Children’s Peace Palace on or before 4th Feb. 2010 and

should leave only in the morning of 8th Feb. 2010.


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