11. When I first heard Morningwood clock people had it. C: Yeah I think they serve the exact same C: Well I’ve never really heard any Bif Na- ked before so I can’t tell you that she was one of mine. Musically my personal styles are blues and jazz ladies. In terms of rock influences, probably like classic rock from Tomato because I’m small and perfectly formed.
degree. That was an awesome video. 6 2There were so many costumes. How 7. What would be worse? Running C: There were 2 days to shoot, about two 18-hour days – we didn’t really rest much.
C: I think a wall running into you because that would probably mean I’m on copious amounts of drugs… If a wall was actively C: A month!? We don’t have that kind of M: Yeah it happened to me once or twice…it was kind of weird.
C: Yeah I would say the wall running into lady. As a lady, what would you get for your guy that is equally as sexy? 8. I’ve read a lot of your interviews. C: Me in lingerie. Or me out of lingerie. craziest story you’ve got involving a fan? Chantal was great and we’d like to quickly C: There’s different varying degrees of crazy. I tend to think everyone’s pretty possible. As you can see, the “Alesse” sane – even the crazy ones. There’s rea- soning behind insanity; restraining orders, and straight jackets, literally straight jackets aside, I think everyone has their ous bananas?” We’ll leave that up to you dia staff. [They] do really fun stuff like that. They always pass it by me first, just trol pills. They have those commer-cials….they use the “What’s Alesse” slogan.
M: Yeah the alarm clock that wakes 9 things. I always double-check them first because I like them a lot. 5. When I was first looking you guys up, I went to…C: Oh yeah the alarm clock.
Morningwood. Is there a better band name out there? C: Wait so your telling me, your not even asking me what it is. It’s birth control then; I use the rhythm method.
With a blend of pop and hard rock, Morningwood has had some considerable success so M: It was like perfect set-up for a joke.
C: Originally before they had the alarms far in their early career. They were finalists in’s Who’s Next in 2005, their song C: (*Laughs*) There you go I gave you the “Nth Degree” reached #30 on Billboard’s US Modern Rock chart, and will be touring with were offering it for a couple thousand dol-lars, so those alarm clocks must be makin’ other great acts all over North America this year. Last week, we were fortunate enough to the bank if they can afford that website. I was just like “yeah no thank you, we’ll interview Morningwood’s lead singer, Chantal Claret, over the phone. This leads us into a C: I would like to see this British band new feature on our humble little website, where BandoftheDay proudly presents… called A…. No, I would like to see The they offered it to us for a couple thousand


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Publication osis of the Jaws: n A Challenge, a Responsibility, and an OpportunityIn the period since bisphosphonate-induced osteonecrosis of the jaws (BIONJ) was first identified in 2003,1more than 300 publications have appeared, and more than 3,600 cases have been reported to the US Food andDrug Administration (FDA). Since most cases are seen and treated in dental offices throughout the wo

Case study:- discitis

CASE STUDY:- DISCITIS Katherine Taylor PHYSIOCLINICPLUS SUBJECTIVE HISTORY: A 73 year old gentleman presented with a 4 month history of low back pain with no history of trauma. He had a 20 year history of low back pain, but the pain over the last 4 months had been significantly worse. The pain was intermittent and initially it radiated into the right leg and increased with cough

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