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New Mosquito Killer
Buggslayer® uses new insecticide to combat flying insects and disease Bugg Products LLC, a Minnesota-based company, announced today they have begun marketing a line extension to their very popular Buggslayer® Insecticide that is targeted to control mosquitoes and flying insects. Lasting 10 times longer than conventional pesticides, Buggslayer® Insecticide uses a new, third generation synthetic pyrethroid (deltamethrin) found in the extract of chrysanthemum flowers. This molecule is known to have the
most drastic effect of any compound in that mixture of natural insecticides, making it extremely effective at Mosquito killers available to consumers have generally been limited to concentrated hose-end sprayers and, to a lesser degree, aerosol and propane foggers. The hose-end sprayer provides quick, convenient application of insecticide over a broad area and may kill bugs for a few days while the foggers may last just a couple hours.
Nearly all hose-end sprayer products labeled to specifically kill mosquitoes contain inexpensive permethrin,
which has been on the EPA’s list of Group C possible human carcinogens since 1989. The EPA has been reviewing safety and toxicity data of various pesticides on a revolving schedule and issued their findings on permethrin in 2006*. In the report, “the Agency classified permethrin as “Likely to be Carcinogenic to Humans
by the oral route.” Applications include hose-end mosquito killers and crack & crevice sprays applied to carpet.
As a result of this report, one major retailer has asked suppliers of permethrin-based products to innovate and provide more preferred alternatives. Some suppliers have stopped distributing permethrin. This currently has left a void in the marketplace for homeowners who wish to control mosquitoes and other insects in their own yards.
“We heard there was some concern about permethrin which is why we have developed a much safer alternative, deltamethrin, for use in our Buggslayer® Insecticide,” said Brian Weekley, President of Bugg Products LLC. “It is about 1/10 as toxic, provides kill rates 25 times greater, lasts 10 times longer and does not cause cancer. Our concentrate is also the most powerful answer for mosquito control, providing superior ef ectiveness using The preferred method of application is to dilute the water-based concentrate in a hand-pump pressurized sprayer so the product can be precisely directed on areas where mosquitoes rest during the day like shaded lawns and under decks, ornamental plants, flowers and shrubs. Once dried, animals and people can enter the area but mosquitoes and other insect pests will perish when they come in contact with treated surfaces. The product is odorless, non-staining, will not wash away with rain and lasts several weeks.
“We are excited to offer this solution to consumers who have been looking for an effective method to control adult mosquitoes. Buggslayer® is a huge step beyond torches, traps and other gimmicks," said Weekley. "It is also a responsible choice when compared to an automatic misting system, fogger or indiscriminately spraying permethrin. That kind of excessive use of pesticide poses unwarranted risks to health and the environment.” Bugg Products LLC is located in Long Lake, Minnesota. Their insecticide products are distributed to hardware stores nationwide and sold mainly in the Midwest at retailers such as Ace Hardware, Bachman’s, Mills Fleet Farm, Northern Tool and United Hardware (Hardware Hank & Trustworthy Hardware).
* - A Fact Sheet on the permethrin RED can be found at http://www.epa.gov/oppsrrd1/REDs/factsheets/permethrin_fs.htm Buggslayer® is a registered trademark of Brian Weekley, President of Bugg Products LLC

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