Administering Medications to Students
The primary care and responsibility for administering medications rests with the student's parents and guardians. The Board discourages the use and administration of medications at school but realizes that sometimes it is necessary for the health of the student. As authorized by G.S. 115C-307, the Board intends by this policy to provide for the limited circumstances under which the administration of medical care or medications at school or by school personnel will be permitted. Reasonable efforts should be made by the parent or guardian to obtain physician permission to adjust the dosages of medication prescribed so it can be given at home before and/or after school hours. Students shall not be permitted to take medications while at school or at school activities, except upon the determination of a physician that it is necessary to receive a drug or medication during the school day. A copy of this policy and the Medication Administration Form will be provided to the parents and/or guardians who request administration of medication during the school day or at school functions. Students needing medication at school who do not have written authorization for self-medication may have medication administered by school personnel provided: A completed and signed Medication Authorization Form ( F 2.2 Form) has been filed with the principal or his designee. This is required for all prescription medications, as well as over-the-counter medications Camden County Board of Education, Camden, NC 27921 such as, but not limited to acetaminophen, ibuprofen, antacids, and over-the-counter cold remedies. If all physician information has been completed on another form (i.e. physician prescription pad or Asthma Action Plan), this may be attached to Form F 2.2 and is acceptable. Asthma Action Plans alone are acceptable for the use of asthma medications if the parent and physician The School Nurse has reviewed and approved Form F Over-the-counter medication is supplied to the school in the original, labeled container with full dosing Prescription medication is supplied to the school in a container labeled by the pharmacist to include the name of the medication, name of the child, unit dosage to be given, route of administration, and time to be The parent and/or guardian must bring the medication to the appropriate school personnel. Students are not permitted to carry medication with them except when the appropriate written authorization to self-medicate Students are not permitted to carry and self-administer any medication except for students needing asthma medication, diabetic medication, or those students subject to anaphylactic reactions. “Asthma medication” is defined as a medicine prescribed for the treatment of asthma or anaphylactic reactions and includes a prescribed asthma inhaler Camden County Board of Education, Camden, NC 27921 or epinephrine auto-injector. Diabetic medications include insulin injection and Glucagon injection. Students may be permitted to self-administer any of the above emergency medications provided: A completed and signed Medication Authorization Form, Asthma Action Plan (if applicable), and Student Agreement for Self Administration of Medication has been filed with the principal or designee. The School Nurse has reviewed and approved the form. The medication is NOT a controlled substance. The parent must provide a back-up emergency medication to be kept at school in the health office. Elementary students should be supervised by an When students keep and take their own medication, the school shall have no responsibility for safeguarding the medication or assuring that it is taken as prescribed. If a student self-administering medication uses it in a manner other than as prescribed, the school may impose disciplinary action according to the school’s policy. Camden County Board of Education, Camden, NC 27921


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