Teupen opens US sales and service headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina

Despite the ongoing global economic crisis, Germany-based Teupen, one of the world‟s leading
manufacturers and service providers in height-access technology, has opened its US headquarters in
Charlotte, North Carolina.
Teupen invented track-mounted aerial work platforms and leads the world market in innovation with
its main product line, the “Leo-Series,” a showpiece of Made-in-Germany mechanical engineering.
Today, the names “Teupen” and “LEO‟” are synonymous in Europe with this type of machinery.
Teupen‟s product line began as an innovative solution for arborists and the tree trimming industry but
evolved to address height-access applications in numerous sectors. The company‟s lifts now define
the standard for equipment used to maintain large industrial complexes as well as a variety of
building interiors, including atriums.
Teupen produces the world‟s largest variety of work platforms on rubber tracks. These consist of
thirteen versions of the LEO, which differ in size, engine model and working height. The first in the
series, the LEO12T, reaches a working height of 39 feet, and the line continues up to the LEO50GT
with a maximum height of 164 feet. Due to excellent weight distribution on rubber tracks, LEO can be
driven over all types of sensitive and/or unstable surfaces: sand, lawns, pavement and even wood or
natural stone interior flooring.
Compared to oversized work platforms often seen on construction sites, Teupen‟s LEO offers unique
performance features. It is lighter and more compact, providing access to interior spaces where it can
be manoeuvred precisely to each job location. The LEO23GT, for example, can be driven through a
single standard door and reaches a working height of 75 feet.
Founded in 1977 by Bernd Teupen as a small shop for producing furniture hoists, Teupen quickly
expanded into the production of aerial work platforms. In 1987, led by new owner Alfons Thihatmer,
Teupen launched a new era with the introduction of the first LEO model. Initially scoffed at by
industry press and competitors, track-mounted technology is recognized today throughout the world
as the ultimate height access solution. “We are envied for our know-how and patents and… very
often copied! But the original is, of course, always better!” says Thihatmer, who remains CEO and
President of the Teupen Group, a company with 320 employees worldwide.
In 2008, NORD Holding Corporation acquired a majority interest in Teupen. This investment ensures
continued dynamic growth, especially in expanding Asian markets and, most importantly, the North
American market. Exports comprised nearly 80% of Teupen‟s 2008 sales and were attributable
largely to Europe and Asia. With approximately $8 million in sales, North America was strongly
underrepresented. In order to meet a North American sales goal of $40 million in coming years,
Teupen USA, Inc. was founded in early 2009.
Roderik Wiedemeier, who began working for Teupen as a business consultant, will direct Teupen
USA as President and CEO. The operation starts with a team of ten new employees and will
concentrate on the implementation of sales and service networks in North America. The key task is to
build a national distribution network that also provides customers after-sales service. At the same
time, Teupen USA will optimize its internal service organization by establishing a fully equipped spare
parts center in Charlotte. This will not only improve parts availability but also drastically reduce repair
“Charlotte is a location that provides all the factors Teupen needs for further growth.” says
Wiedemeier. “Low operating costs, a large and productive workforce, very comprehensive
transportation infrastructure and an international airport make Charlotte very attractive for Teupen. I
would like to thank the North Carolina Department of Commerce and the Charlotte Chamber, who
made a huge effort in helping us settle here”, says Wiedemeier.

“Our investment and involvement in Charlotte are based on long-term considerations”, says
Wiedemeier. “We foresee a time in the not so distant future when we produce LEO‟s that bear the
„Made in North Carolina‟ stamp. The city and the entire region are more than suitable for such an
undertaking. We are convinced that, with our new US subsidiary, the Teupen Group will build a
successful new base of operations.”
Teupen Contact Information:

Teupen USA, Inc.
10701 Southern Loop Blvd.
Charlotte (Pineville), NC 28134
Phone: 704 248 9888
Fax: 704 248 9889


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