Layray privacy statement

LayRay Privacy Statement

Purchase and Registration
When you purchase LayRay products and services, we will collect information such as name, credit card
number, and address, if the product needs to be shipped to you. Some of our purchases require you to
register. During the registration process we ask for your name, address and phone number, and e-mail
address. We may also ask you to answer some optional questions about yourself and how you use the
product. We may obtain additional information about you, such as address change information, from
commercially available sources, in order to keep our records current.

Social Media, Community and Feedback
We provide discussion forums, blogs and other community-oriented events that enable you to communicate
with us and others. To participate in a LayRay forum or demonstration, we may require you to register
with a valid e-mail address. We may use your e-mail address to contact you regarding your postings or to
inquire about your community experience. We may publish images of our public demonstrations on our
We also have many places where users can provide feedback and suggestions, for example, surveys that you
may answer. Answering is optional. We combine your answers with those of others to better understand
our products and how we may improve them.
We may also offer you the opportunity to share your experience with a review or other comment or provide
you a service via various third-party social media such as Google, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube in a
number of text, video, and image formats. Registration with those services may be separately required.
Participation in social media is voluntary and you choose what you post. We recommend that you exercise
discretion in posting information. Information that you post may be obtained and used by others. Do not
reveal information that you do not want to make public, such as by posting your contact information or
email address. Remember, material and images uploaded to Internet sites may be copied, without consent,
by people who access them.
How We Use Information
We do not sell or rent your personal information to anyone.
We do not share your personal information with anyone outside of LayRay for their promotional or
marketing use.
LayRay uses your personal information to manage your account, to contact you and to operate, improve,
and deliver our products and services, including Web sites. We use your personal information to provide
you with information and services you request, if appropriate, to tell you about LayRay products and
services, and to give you a customized, interactive experience as you use our products. We use your
personal information to charge you for the products and services you purchase. We use the contact
information you provide to communicate with you.
We use responses to surveys, polls, and demonstrations to improve our products and services. We
summarize information about your usage and combine it with that of others to learn about the use of
LayRay products to help us develop new products and services. We use demonstration images on our
website. Information is collected in such a way that it cannot be used to identify an individual.


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