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Key Words
Norplant and Depoprovera are both progesterone. The hormones used in
Extended Activities
these methods fool the body into thinking that it is “a little pregnant”. They
cause changes in the female reproductive system, making it very difficult to
NOTE: Activities 1 and 2 also appear in other teacher’s guides for this series. It is
become pregnant. The hormones prevent the body from releasing an egg.
important that teens learn how to avoid being pressured into doing things they They also form a thick mucus plug in the cervix, the entrance to the uterus,
may not feel comfortable with. For those teens who make the decision to become making it very difficult for sperm to pass.
sexually active it is vitally important that they are aware of how to use latex con- doms correctly.These activities are designed to provide teens with knowledge and skills to protect themselves both physically and emotionally.
There are many myths about hormonal methods being very dangerous. They
are usually very safe; it is important to speak with a health care profes-
sional in order to get the facts. All medications have potential side effects
Whether an individual wants to stay abstinent until married or does not wish to including certain birth control options. Common, but mild and temporary,
have sexual contact with every person they date, it is important that they are pre- side effects of hormonal birth control include: nausea, mild weight gain and
pared to refuse lines.This exercise is designed to help teens think about how to Questions for Discussion
spotting. It is important to remember that the risks associated with these
prevent themselves from falling victim to the lines used by others to pressure methods are far less than those associated with teen pregnancy.
them into having sex.You might begin the exercise by asking these questions: 1. Is there any method of birth control that guarantees a teen will not become 9. Should you use a latex condom even if you use another method of birth control? a. Why do people use “lines” to pressure others into having sex? Why do people
Abstinence is the only “method” that is 100% effective in preventing pregnancy.
fall for these lines? Are guys the only ones who use lines? Why might it be Latex condoms should be used in combination with all other methods of
important to know what the common lines are? 2. Other than abstinence, what is the only birth control method that offers protection birth control. Condoms provide extra protection against pregnancy, while
Teach Them Techniques
against both pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases? protecting against the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Spermicides
Latex condoms are the only form of birth control that protect against
b. It is important to have control over your decisions. One way of doing this is by
such as Nonoxynol-9 also add some protection against STDs.
pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.
being prepared to refuse lines.Three strategies for dealing with lines are listedbelow.
10.If you have a form of birth control but do not always use it, it is going to protect 3. Which birth control methods can be obtained at a pharmacy without a prescription? you from becoming pregnant.Which methods offer you protection by not allow- ✓ Just say NO. — Say no clearly and strongly. If you smile, or say no with a gig-
Condoms, foam spermicides, inserts, and female condoms can all be pur-
gle you are giving the person permission to push you further. If you must, say chased at a pharmacy without a doctor’s prescription.
Norplant is inserted into the arm; its effects can last up to five years. If you
no over and over again until the person is clear that they are not going to 4. Some teens use the “rhythm method” as a form of birth control; they plan to have want it removed, you can become pregnant after only three days.
sex only at certain times of the month.They believe they are able to predict when Depoprovera is an injection that provides protection against pregnancy for a
Reverse the pressure. — Do not accept guilt or blame for having control
an egg will be released and can avoid the time of the month when they are more three month period.
over your body. If someone says,“You would if you loved me.”, give them a likely to become pregnant. Is this an effective method of birth control for teens? Four out of ten people using the rhythm method will be pregnant within a
11.Describe the options available to teens who wish to use birth control but are ✓ Think of something else to do. — You do not have to keep arguing
year. It is a particularly poor choice for teens because it is much more dif-
afraid of speaking with their parents.
about the subject once you have made a firm decision. Suggest doing ficult to tell when an egg will be released in a teen.
Communicating with parents about sex can often be scary but is often very
satisfying. Your parents may be uncomfortable talking about the subject as

something else that you both might enjoy.
5. Explain why withdrawal (pulling out) is not an effective method of birth control.
well, but are often pleased that you are choosing to take responsibility for
Let Them Practice
Withdrawal is not an effective method of birth control because pre-
your actions. If you are not able to discuss this topic with your parents you
c. Tag Team Refusal.A male and female volunteer will practice refusing lines.The
ejaculate can make a woman pregnant.
can see a health care professional in strict privacy; many communities have
class can decide who will apply the pressure and who will refuse (try to remain family planning clinics where teens can be seen privately for free. While wait-
abstinent). If either runs out of lines or responses other classmates can be 6. You must see a health care professional in order to obtain certain methods of birth ing for your appointment, either abstain or go to a pharmacy and obtain
“tagged” and take over.You may wish to start students off by suggesting one or control.What are these methods and why is a health care visit necessary? latex condoms and a backup spermicide.
If a teen wishes to use a diaphragm she must see a health care professional
two of the lines listed below; older students may have no difficulty coming up because it must be fitted properly in order to be effective. Hormone methods
with their own lines. NOTE: If you give students suggestions it is a good idea to
such as the birth control pill, Depoprovera and Norplant also require a
use short phrases as this allows them to use the lines in a regionally and culturally Questions for Further Thought
health care visit because there may be side effects associated with these
methods. The health care professional will determine if it is safe to give the
1. When does a teen start thinking that it might be time to start having sex? Lines guys might use to force a partner to have sex
individual hormones and will help her understand the risks and benefits
How might friends, music, television and movies influence a teen to have sex? associated with each method.
2. Describe the emotional and physical risks involved with becoming sexually active.
3. What must a teen think about before becoming sexually active? What, are you a tease? A man has his needs… 7. What is a hormone? How do hormonal methods of birth control work? 4. Does being prepared to have sex, by carrying a condom, make you look Everybody’s doing it. It’s time to grow up… A hormone is a chemical produced in the body and found in the blood; its
promiscuous? Is it better to be spontaneous and unprepared for sex? function is to find its target area in the body and give instructions to that
5. Are males and females equally responsible for birth control? Explain.
part of the body. Many hormones control the female reproductive system.
6. Most adults recommend abstinence as the only form of birth control for teens.
“The pill” is a combination of two of these hormones called estrogen and
Does this make sense to most teens? How might teens support one another in their progesterone;
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T E A C H E R ’ S G U I D E
T E A C H E R ’ S G U I D E
T E A C H E R ’ S G U I D E
Lines girls might use to force a partner to have sex, in addition to those listed above:
You haven’t done this before, have you?… Lines guys might use to refuse using a condom
Lines girls might use to get guys not to use a condom
This exercise is recommended for older teens if acceptable by school and community standards. It is designed to reinforce correct procedure for using alatex condom.
Agencies and Hotline Numbers
a. A teacher or pre-trained peer educator role-plays or explains the steps of
putting on a condom, but makes many errors doing so.The class is to stop and Planned Parenthood (1-800-230-7526 or 1-800-230-PLAN)
correct the demonstrator when an error is made.
In Canada: Kids Helpline (1-800-668-6868)
b. Outlined below are the correct steps for using a latex condom:
If you wish to avoid a potentially embarrassing or uncomfortable situation you may suggest that all students record these numbers simultaneously, post them on a bulletin 2. Select a water-based lubricant; do not use a petroleum based lubricant, as this board or distribute them as part of a handout.
may cause the condom to break.You may choose a pre-lubricated condomwith Nonoxynol-9, which also acts as a spermicide.
3. Check the package to ensure that it has not been ripped or punctured. Make Kenneth R. Ginsburg, M.D., M.S.Ed. — Section of Adolescent Medicine, sure the condom is not too old and has not been stored in a hot place.
Department of General Pediatrics, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia 4. Unroll condom, one roll, to ensure it is being unrolled the right way.
Tammy W. Reardon, B.Ed. — Schlessinger Video Productions 5. Place on erect penis as soon as it is erect to avoid exposing your partner The Complete 15 Volume Series Includes These Videos:
6. When placing the condom on the penis, squeeze the tip of the condom, (many condoms are designed with a seminal receptacle), to ensure that there is no air bubble left in the end.An air bubble may cause the condom to pop.
7. Remove condom while male still has a partial erection to avoid condom slip- 8. Remove condom while turned away from partner.
9. Tie the end of the condom and dispose of in the trash.
Teacher’s Guides Included
Grades 7-12
and Available Online at:
The answers on the following birth control review chart may be covered up allow- ing you to duplicate and distribute it to students. It could also be made into an 1.A variety of birth control options are available to teens.
overhead transparency or copied onto the blackboard for completion as a class.
2. Many forms of birth control can be obtained without a prescription.
Examine each column heading. Put a check mark beside the birth control method 3.A condom must be used in addition to other forms of birth control.
if the statement is true for that method. (continued on back)
4.Abstinence is the only 100% effective method of birth control.
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