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Solution to Crossword No: 080 by WEB
Copyright W. E. Butler, 2010
Dec 19, 2010
"duds" becomes "us" if we take out the Ds (NO DS) = MAN (WAY)GER is the word "WAY" written in the word 7 E-MIGREE
After the East (E) gets a new "regime" (MIGREE) = boy-HOOD LUM-inary" hiding = HOODLUM: a gang 8 CHRISTMAS TREE
Organises "crimes" and "threats" = CHRISTMAS TREE: up Re-did "re-did" (REDDI) quietly (SH) = REDDISH: sort of 9 THE NUTCRACKER
12 I(DL)E
That looks like a soldier (THE NUTCRACKER) dancing at That is (I-E) around Donegal (DL) it's = IDLE: not working. 14 NE-W YEAR
If the "men" quit "TENE-men-T" we get TENET: the belief. The last half of ju-NE (NE) terribly "weary" (W-YEAR) = The heartless "GR-eml-IN" for = GRIN: a broad smile. 16 V-ERNE
At five (V) by the lough (ERNE) = VERNE: "I'm" often Even letters from "f-R-i-E-n-D-s" (R-E-D) are = RED: a 18 C(LE)AN
Inside "can" (C-AN) I hear Ellie (LE) = CLEAN: get rid of "Isn't" changing (TINS) "the" Spanish (EL) = TINSEL: for 21 EL-D-EST
"The" French (LE) to take tea (T) = LET: allow. L (EL) D (D) "is" Latin (EST) for = ELDEST: first-born. 22 RE-CYCLE
East (EAST) Limerick (L) motorway (M) = ELM: a About (RE) to take your bike (CYCLE) and = RECYCLE: nightmare of a street? (As in "A Nightmare on Elm Street") 24 V(AU)LTED
In the unsettled "veldt" (V-LTED) the gold (AU) = Commercial (AD) outlet (VENT) for = ADVENT: a 26 GRA-N(IT)E
The Irish "love" (GRA) "it" in the "northeast" (N-IT-E) = MAN-a-GER without "a" = MANGER: word in AWAY IN 27 HUM-AN-E
To hum (HUM) a note below F (AN E) = HUMANE: kind. Left half of HAM-per = HAM: to be eaten with the turkey. 28 MUESLI
"Lime" and "US" bananas = MUESLI: nuts, oats and fruit. It starts t -o (T) hug (HUG) = THUG: HOODLUM. 30 GUR-US
The "rug" back (GUR) to us (US) to get = GURUS: they're It's "long for" (PINE) CHRISTMAS TREE perhaps (PINE). Thanks (TA) to Elsie (LC) = TALC: it's a powder. 34 ES -TO-NI-A
Turn southeast, 'SE', (ES) to Northern Ireland (TO NI) a (A) 35 S(U-I-C)IDE
In-side (S-IDE) you I see (U I C) for = SUICIDE: it's self-
Broken "faded tiles see" = ADESTE FIDELES: carol. 2 WOO-L-LEN
To woo (WOO) the learner (L) Leonard (LEN) = "You'll", listen to it, and you'll hear = YULE: this Christmas. No (NUMBER) anaesthesiologist (NUMBER, one who "numbs").
Between Matthew and Luke (MARK) and Edward (ED) it's

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