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WATER-JEL, PROFESSIONAL TREATMENT FOR EVERYDAY BURNS, --Widespread use in fire fighting and emergency medical fields for 20 years (Chicago-October, 2002)- Every 25 seconds someone in the United Statesis burned or scalded in their home, according to the American Burn Associationand the Burn Foundation. Burn-Jel and Water-Jel, two hydro-based gel products, havebeen used by firefighters, paramedics and the armed forces for 20 years, and are nowavailable to consumers. The product simultaneously cools the skin, relieves pain and helpsprevent infection.
Burn-Jel, for minor burns, is a topical cooling gel that contains pain-killing lidocaine. Formore serious burns, Water-Jel sterile dressings are saturated with the gel and can bewrapped around affected areas. Both treatments include melaleuca, a natural Tea Treeextract, which is proven to have anti-bacterial properties. The products are manufacturedby Water-Jel Technologies, LLC, Carlstadt, New Jersey.
“Just as you have bandages in anticipation of minor accidents, it is equally important thatWater-Jel be part of every in-home first aid kit,“ said Dr. Elizabeth Wuerslin, a privatepediatrician who has served as project pediatrician with the International RescueCommittee, Interplast and Project USA’s Cheyenne River Service Area “There is no singleproduct available that does all that Water-Jel does in any emergency situation,” shecontinued.
Metis Group, LLC
This one-step emergency treatment comes in three different Burn Kits: •The Small Kit can treat 4 - 6 burns and contains a two-ounce Burn-Jel bottle and a 2 x 6 inch Water-Jel sterile dressing. It costs $7.95 plus shipping and handling.
•The Medium Kit treats up to 10 -12 emergency situations, has one 2 x 6 inch Water-Jel dressing, 3 single dose Burn-Jel packets, 1 two-ounce bottle of Burn-Jel and costs $19.95 plus shipping and handling. •The Large Kit is ideal for home or traveling and can treat 15 - 20 burns. It contains one 2 x 6, one 4 x 4 Water-Jel sterile dressing, 5 single dose Burn-Jel packets, 1 four-ounce bottle of Burn-Jel, 5 adhesive bandages and 1roll of stretch gauze and costs $29.95 plus shipping and handling.
To order, consumers may call 1-800-645-6789 or log on to www.forburns.com.
Additional helpful in-home burn prevention and safety tips are also included in the ordersand on the web site.
Water-Jel products have been used everywhere from the battlefields of Kuwait to oilrefineries in Texas to manufacturing and utility facilities throughout the United States andthe world. “When we started to use Water-Jel, patients really liked it because they gotimmediate relief,” said Joe Stanton, lead paramedic at the US Military chemical demilita-rization plant in Hermiston, Oregon. He has used Water-Jel products for the past 6 yearstreating major and minor injuries.
For the past 22 years, Water-Jel Technologies, based in Carlstadt, New Jersey, has beenthe leader in the burn care industry. The company introduced water-based gel technologywith the creation of the life saving Fire Blanket in 1980.
The Metis Group is the direct to consumer distributor of Water-Jel. Based in Takoma Park,MD, the Metis Group specializes in direct channel marketing, product development,public relations and advertising, and has offices in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. Metis Group, LLC

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