Major Characters
A police detective in Seattle, Washington.
Chris' partner, who is another Seattle police detective.
A very attractive woman, who Chris and Bill are assigned to protect.
Maria's violent ex-boyfriend, who escapes from prison.
Plot Summary
Stick, who is a ruthless murderer, escapes from prison. Afterward, Chris andBill are assigned to keep a "stakeout" on Maria, because the police think thatStick may try to go back and see Maria at her apartment. A stakeout is a secretsurveillance of a person or building, usually done by the police.
During the stakeout, Chris gets to know Maria, although Maria doesn't knowhe's a policeman. She thinks he is a telephone repairman, which is whathe told her that he was. Over time, Chris and Maria develop a romanticrelationship, which violates one of the most basic rules of police surveillance;Do not get involved with the people that you are spying on. As Chris falls inlove, he decides to ignore this rule, which complicates things when Stick doesin fact return to Maria's house. Soon, Chris and Bill find themselves in adesperate effort to save Maria's life, as well as their own.
Words and Expressions and that You may not know
Stick the murderer escapes from prison,
as Chris and Bill search for other criminals.
A good expression which means that you completely agree,usually because you have even more experience than the speaker,concerning the subject being discussed.
screwing around
"To screw around with" something generally means to play with it, though in this case it refers to trying to secretly change official records.
Two very crude and classic insults. "Piss off" is much more British.
Doc , keep your shoes in place.
"Doc" is colloquial and short for doctor. Here,the sentence means "Doc, stay where you are." "To poke" is to push with a finger, or in this case, a shot (needle). "Thorazine" is a well known medicine given to people with mental and emotional problems (including prisoners, who may not want it).
Food that needs to be specially ordered in addition to the mainentree, such as a salad or French fries, or in this case, sausages.
Savor the qualities of the cuisine and the smell.
"To savor" is a great verb meaning to taste or smell with great pleasure.
A common way to start a sentence in order to express emotion such as anger or frustration (used by everybody, including Christians, Muslims and even atheists).
Platforms on the water where goods are loaded off ships.
In this case, the sentence means "You go and search on the docks." picked up
"To pick up" a check is to pay for it: Another general expression of anger, frustration, or in this case, total fear, said by the religious and non-religious alike.
Short for "handcuffs," the metal objects used by police that are wrapped around the wrists of prisoners in order to restrain them.
"To kick someone’s ass" is colloquial and crude for beat up,or physically hurt by punching and kicking" (Note here thatit is used in the passive tense).
A.S.A.P .
A common way to say as soon as possible.
A nick name for somebody who laughs a lot("To chuckle" is to laugh quietly to oneself).
Chris and Bill are assigned to a stakeout:
The ex-girlfriend of the escaped convict.
the hell happened to you?
A classic colloquial addition to any "Wh question"that expresses such emotions as anger, surprise, etc.
The "Federal Bureau of Investigation," which is thepolice force used by the federal (national) government.
A very 1960s way of expressing approval of whatever has just been said.
the chair , but he had a good attorney.
Here, a reference to "the electric chair," a favoriteway to kill people sentenced to die for their crimes.
"To bust out of" a prison is to escape from it.
setting up
"To set-up" something is to make or organize it, and a "stakeout"is a secret police surveillance of a building or person.
"To take immediate action in response to what has happened." The word for fruit that is ready to eat, but usedhere sarcastically to mean unfair or ridiculous.
Note that "shit" used as an adjective directly before any noun is a common and crude way to criticize the noun in question. In this case, the "detail" refers to a police assignment or job.
A very common colloquial word for policeman.
Common and very crude for jerk, idiot, bastard, etc.
Another crude but very useful word for lies, nonsense, etc.
A great crude and colloquial noun and verb: "To bullshit somebody" is to tell them lies or nonsense, or perhaps to try and manipulate them.
Apparently, this is a variation of "kiss my ass," whichis another way to say "fuck you." I presume "my left one" is the left cheek of his derriere, though I've never heard it used this way.
("Buddy" is a word that means friend, which is often said precisely when you mean the opposite!) A "slob" is a very messy or dirty person (Also known as a pig!).
"To piss" is a critical slang verb meaning to urinate.
The classic colloquial and vulgar way to say "I don't care.""To date" is to go out socially, usually with somebody forwhom you may have romantic intentions.
An ominous sentence!: "To fuck up" is a common and crude way to say to do badly, or to fail at. It's safer for you to say screw up.
"Nuts" are a common slang word for testicles, and a "shredder" is a machine that "shreds," which is to rip paper into tiny pieces.
A common way that people refer to their own homes.
Colloquial and a bit crude for "I'm very cold." Chris and Bill settle in to the apartment across the street from Maria's.
I'm striking the captain from the Christmas list.
"To strike someone" from a list is to take them off that list,which is to say, here, "I'm not getting him a Christmas present." Usually "bastard" is a crude insult, but in this expression,it shows a touch of sympathy for a person in a lot of trouble.
A "hint" is an important word for a small bit of informationthat will help a person solve a problem or answer a question.
Bill's expression, but its never used: "She's come home." A great adjective: Not necessarily beautiful or evenvery pretty, but perhaps attractive and charming.
take a break.
Usually this means "take a rest," though hereit's used to tell the dog to go to the bathroom.
A Common word for a very messy, dirty and unpleasanthouse or apartment (short for "garbage dump").
When used sarcastically, "cute" can also mean anythingfrom "pathetic" to "you guys are such idiots." An "amateur"is a person who is a beginner, without much experience.
"To kid" someone is to tease or make fun of them, although whenused in a question, the person could be asking "are you lying to me?" "A quiz" is a small test that teachers often give their students.
A type of curtain used to cover windows in order to keep light out.
One not so common way of saying "haveyou started to open the bottle of wine?" An old-fashioned exclamation to express happiness.
"To be reincarnated" means to be reborn in another life.
figure she still has your money?
"To figure" is a common colloquial way to say think.
Chris meets Maria, posing as the phone repairman,
and successfully places electronic bugs on her phone.
Any appliance or machine that is "dead" does not work Often used as a shot way to say "maximum." An old fashioned way to say "exactly!" A crude way of referring to an old person (A "fart"is the act of passing gas after you've eaten too much).
A cliché that television announcers use to introduce advertisements.
"To screw around" means to fool around or do something in alighthearted or unserious manner. "For Christ’s sake" is an interestingway to show anger or other emotion.
"To blow" something is a very common way to say to do it badly,or screw it up.(A very widely used phrase is "Don't blow it!"). If youare "busted," you are caught doing something wrong or illegal.
A curious but very common way to expresseverything from anger to surprise.
In this case, "bail" is the money a judge demands before aperson in jail will be released while waiting for his trial.
Common term for a secret device planted in telephonesthat allows the police or others to overhear phone conversations(As well as, of course, the common term for insects and software).
drawers is not putting in a god damn bug! "Drawers" are the containers in desks orfurniture that holds things such as clothes.
"To get one's ass canned" is a colloquial way to say to be officially punished. "Illegal procedure" refers to the violation of official rules that all police must obey in order to protect the Constitutional rights of American citizens.
A sarcastic way to say that something is ridiculous.
(Literally, a "hoot" is the sound that an owl makes).
"To wipe out" something is a powerfulphrasal verb which means to destroy.
check out.
"To take something down" is to write it down.
"To check out" something is to investigate or research it.
Another word for friend, but it is often used sarcastically.
A truly interesting colloquial phrase that expressesemotion such as great fear or surprise.
The most versatile and widely used phrasal verbin English. Here, meaning "be serious." Colloquial police slang for "investigate him." Police slang for prior criminal convictions (in a criminal record).
For Americans, the words "grassy knoll" always connote the assassination of John Kennedy, since he was shot in Dallas, Texasas his car passed a grassy knoll ("a small hill").
References to two famous Americans who served on"The Warren Commission," which investigated Kennedy's assassination (Ford later became President, from 1974-1977).
"Bastard" is a crude word for an unpleasant or mean person.
"God damn" as an adjective is a vulgar way to show anger or other emotion. A "dog turd" is a more formal way to literally say dog shit.
Doughnuts? :: Why not, we’re cops.
In the US, police are famous for eating doughnuts while working.
Chris and Maria meet by accident in a
store, and she invites him up for dinner.
A colloquial way to say "OK, why not?" A very crude insult ("prick" is vulgar slang for penis).
Note the use of "you" before any noun can intensify an insult.
"A curse" is a period of evil misfortune or bad luck.
Here, "medium" means average, or one who is not exceptional.
In very colloquial English (particularly Black English), "bad" is good.
isn't all its cracked up to be .
An excellent expression: If something "isn't all its crackedup to be," it isn't as great as people think it is.
for a little "nice"
"To settle for" something means that one would be satisfied with it.
A somewhat old fashioned way to express frustration or other emotion.
Something that is "a big deal" is important or widely discussed.
The internal structure (bones) of a body.
The most common three words that the average Americanyells into the house upon returning from a day at work.
bumped into
"To bump into" somebody is to meet them by accident.
"Glazed" doughnuts are covered with a type of liquid sugar(truly delicious). "Oreos" are a very famous brand of cookie.
Give me a break!
A classic and very common expression meaning everything from"stop being ridiculous" (as here), to "Please be nice to me." She told me her brother was in jail and I thought it was a In the right context, a "lead" is a clue or piece of informationthat will help the police find what they are looking for.
I'd appreciate it if you not act like awalking A "hard-on" is a slang term for a (sexual) erection.
"To rub out" someone is gangster slang meaning to kill.
Chris helps Maria's brother get out of jail, and then helps save her from
the violent husband of a friend. He then starts to fall in love with her.
got it in for me.
Another grammatically complex phrasal verb worth your time:
If someone "has it in" for you, they are trying to make your life
as difficult as possible.
"To hot wire" a car usually means to steal it, bymanipulating its electric wires in order to start it.
Here, meaning "before I get you released from jail." Mess with me , and you're right back in.
"To mess with somebody" is to mistreat, abuse or try and lie to them.
"Agreement." This is a quick way to say "It's a deal and I agree." A clever insult ("You look like a lizard that came from under a rock").
Seems they got anxious and they blew their cover. If the police are pretending to be students but they "blow their cover," this means that other people find out who they really are.
"Don't do anything you shouldn't." Very common and colloquial for "Let's leave now." If any type of machine is "shot," it's broken and probably not repairable.
"Man" is often added at the end of sentences for no particular reason! If something "sucks," this simply means that it isvery bad. This is a crude but widely used slang verb.
"To make perfectly clear to everybody." Noted here to show one can have "great taste" in more than just food or clothes.
A very colloquial word for "coward." "To sizzle" is to make the noise that meatwill make when it is put in a very hot frying pan.
A "psychic" is person who can predict the future (or so they claim).
Just because you're a little in trouble doesn'tmean I'm going to "To let somebody off the hook" is to let them go,or to let them get away without being punished.
An interesting way to say "I suspect somebodyis doing something wrong or illegal." "They're doing something, but they won't say what." A crude insult, but often shouted to expressanger, pain or great surprise (as here).
"Protect me" (in this case, with a gun) Grammatically useless and very crude, but added tosentences in order to show intensifyied emotion.
"To barge in to" a room or house is to enter quickly without asking.
A crude and abusive way to say "sit down." If somebody is "out of it," this means that they are not thinking clearly, perhaps because of drugs or alcohol, or just from being very tired.
If somebody is "in over their head," they are involved in something that is too difficult or complex for them to understand or do well in.
A "rash" is reddish outbreak on the skin.
Chris starts to learn the dangers of being in love
with the person you're supposed to be spying on.
The term for sex with condoms, popularized since the 1980s(Note the use of "the royal we," used sarcastically and not uncommonly in place of the plural "you").
"The straw that broke the camel's back" is a common expression referring to the last of many acts which finally causes a definitive reaction or outcome.
"To break off" a relationship is to end it.
"I will not be punished for your stupid actions." A common expression functioning as an adjective, which means great.
A cruder version of "get your act together," which is a way to tell someone to start behaving appropriately and do what it takes to get their life working well.
The police finally catch up with Montgomery, but after a long
car chase, Montgomery is not as dead as the police think he is.
A crude reference to the police, who are sometimescalled pigs by those who are very hostile to them(Bacon is a type of pork that is popular for breakfast).
hang in there !
A very common way to say "try to hold on and survive." A cliché popularized by a famous baseball coach, meaningthings can change until the game is declared officially finished.
"To blow this popsicle stand" is one way to say "leave this insignificant and boring place." A pop stand sells soda pop, whereas a popsicle stand clearly sells popsicles (frozen fruit desserts), but the idea is the same.
The car ended up in the river and nobody came out.
One way of saying that there were no survivors.
A pat on the back, job well done, next case.
Bill's summary of what happens after a case is completed: A pat onthe back is the way somebody might physically say "job well done." Common abbreviation for "son-of-a-bitch,"which in this case is not used as an insult.
screw up.
"To screw up" something is to do it badly. An important phrasal verb.
After Chris confesses his identity, Stick soon appears
at Maria's house, and thus the true adventure begins.
I can't believe the size of the hole I dug for myself.
A "hole" is one way to refer to big or numerous problems.
A person. who investigates crimes and other things, usually working for a police force or other government agency.
I'm staking out the ex-girlfriend of an escaped A common term for person convicted of a crimewho has spent time in prison. Often called a "con." Very crude for "leave" (even without "fucking,"its considered a very aggressive way of speaking).
A true idiot's way to refer to a girlfriend or wife. Don't use this! "To violate" is to abuse, or in this case, to ignore or act against. Prisoners released from prison "on parole" must still agree to certain conditions, like not leaving an area, or reporting to a parole officer.
A crude but funny adjective for insignificant.
The name of the prison where Chris tells Stick he did time.
demise have been greatly exaggerated.
A very technical word for death. This sentence is a famousLine popularized by the American writer Mark Twain.
A crude but common question. "What's happening?" is safer.
A "con" is short for convict. An ex-con is aperson who has been released from prison.
Here, meaning "What does he want?" "Scum" is filth or waste matter, and often used as a pejorativeadjective or noun. Still, this is a somewhat ridiculous insult.
A "sucker" is often a fool, though in thiscontext, it can mean asshole, jerk, etc.
I'm killing them because that guysa cop and A reference to sexual intercourse that if said in the rightcontext, could be romantic (though here it's just obnoxious).
"Pal" is a word for friend, but as here, is often used sarcastically.
A "chicken" is a common word for a person who is afraid, or a coward.
When I get better, I'm going to break off your legs.
"To break off" is a more precise way to say cut-off, or simply remove.
In this case, a sarcastic way to refer to a stupid person,though it is usually a slang word for a (sexual) erection.
Some Possible Questions for ESL Class Discussion
1. For a movie that was trying to be a comedy, it seemed to have an awful lotof pretty intense violence; Did this bother you, or do think it made the moviemore interesting? 2. Did Chris act professionally as a police officer, or was he doing things thathe should be disciplined for? 3. What were the most interesting relationships in this film? 4. Would you want to be a police detective? Why? Why not?



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