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Nuclear Medicine, PET and Bone Densitometry

Arthritis Musculoskeletal pain Fractures Bone Scan
Nil (patients are requested to bring all available x-rays, Fast minimum 6 hours, although water is permitted Cease Caffeine (tea, coffee, chocolate, cola etc) 24 hours Myocardial Perfusion
Wear comfortable clothing (including appropriate footwear Scan (Sestamibi)
See below for details regarding preparation for type of stress test preparation (persantin, exercise, dobutamine) Some medications listed below are required to be withdrawn, if this is not acceptable to the patient or referring doctor, please contact department Diabetic patients, please contact department Cease Theophylline containing medications (e.g. Theodur, Nuelin, Brondecon) for 24 hours Cease long-acting nitrates on the day All other medications may be taken as usual up till the day of the test (Beta-Blockers and Calcium-channel blockers) Exercise Or Dobutamine Preparation: Cease Beta-blockers for 48 hours prior (see below for list Cease Solalol for 72 hours prior Cease Calcium-channel blockers for 24 hours prior (see below for list o common Calcium-channel blockers) Cease long-acting Nitrates on the day Continue all other medications Common Beta-Blockers (Drug name / Generic name): Alprenolol / Aptinª Betacardª Atenolol / Notemª Tenorminª Labetalol / Presalolª Trandateª Metaprolol / Betacaraª Betalocª Lopressorª Minaxª Oxprenolol / Captolª Corbetonª Trasicorª Pindolol / Barblocª Viskinª Practolol / Eraldinª Propanolol / Cardinolª Deralinª Inderalª Prololª Sotolol / Sotocorª Timolol / Blocadrenª Common Calcium-channel blockers (Drug name / Generic name): Diltiazem / Cardizemª Vasocardolª Felodipine / Agonª Plendilª Adalatª Anpineª Normodipine Perhexiline / Pexidª Verapimil / Ampexª Cordiloxª Isoptinª Veradilª Veracapsª Common Nitrates (Drug name / Generic name): Glyceryl trinitrate / Anginineª Nitrobidª Nitrodiscª Nitrolingual sprayª Transiderm nitroª Isosorbide dinitrate / Isotrateª Isosorbide mononitrate / Imdurª Isosorbide nitrate / Isordilª Pentaerythritol / Peritrateª Common Theophyllines (Drug name / Generic name): Aminophylline / Cardophyllineª Somophyllineª Choline theophyllinate / Brondeconª Choledylª Theophylline / Austinª Elixophyllineª Nuelinª Slo-bidª Theodurª Gated Heart Blood
Pool Scan
Bone Densitometry
Lung Ventilation /
Perfusion Scan
Current chest x-ray (within previous 24 hours) Nil (Patients should be aware that the scan is performed 3 Gallium Scan
days after injection, and on occasions further scanning is Investigation of infection and/or inflammation: Labelled White
Blood Cells
Inflammatory bowel disease Diabetic foot Cease multivitamins and cough medicines for Cease amiodarone and PTU (or any anti-thyroid medication) for at least 3 days prior to the study. Any procedure using iodine-based contrast such as an x- ray or CT should not be performed 4 weeks prior Inform department if you use multivitamin tablets, topical Thyroid Scan And
iodine (e.g. Betadine), and/or have a diet rich in iodine Radioiodine Therapy
Cease antithyroid tablets (Neomercazole or Propylthiouracil) for at least 3 days prior. Contact the department if you have had any of the following, injections received for x-ray procedures; medicines containing iodine such as Amiodarone, multivitamin tablets, topical iodine (e.g. Betadine), and/or have a diet rich in iodine (e.g. seaweed) as treatment may need to be deferred Contact department for radiation related precautions that must be taken for 10 days after Therapy Requires admission to Hospital Approximately 6 weeks before treatment cease Thyroxine Approximately 1 week later commence Liothyroninr Sodium and cease 2 weeks prior to admission Contact department for further details regarding program Contact department for radiation related precautions that Fast 4 hours prior, preferably no longer Cease morphine or morphine derivatives drugs 24hrs Gall Bladder / Biliary
(HIDA) Scan
If fasting is greater than 4 hours in patients with non-acute Cholecystitis, the scan may be delayed until 4 hours after consumption of food Patient should be well hydrated with 4-5 glasses of water Patients should empty their bladder prior to commencing 1-3 hours Renal Scan
Cease ACE-inhibitors 2 days prior (see below for list of Common Calcium-channel blockers (Drug name / Generic name): Captopril / Capotenª Enalapril / Ampraceª Compraceª Renitecª Fosinopril / Monoprilª Lisinopril / Prinivilª Perindopril / Coversylª Quinapril / Accuprilª Asigª Ramipril / Ramaceª Tritacª Liver / Spleen Scan
Liver Red Blood Cell
Cerebral Perfusion
Cease antibiotics or Bismuth containing medicine at least Carbon-14 Urea
Breath Test
Cease Sucrafate at least 2 weeks prior Cease Losec, Nexium, Parier, Probitor, Somac, Zoton at Sentinel Node Scan
Oesophageal Motility
Gastric Emptying
Salivary Scan
GIT Blood Loss
To detect the presence and Preparation: Parathyroid Scan
CSF Studies
localisation and extent of cancerous tissue and their metastatic sites (NHL, Thallium Tumour
carcinoma and hepatocellular carcinoma), pre or post therapy or for staging Fast 6 hours, although patient to be well hydrated with PET/CT Scan
Bring previous x-rays, CT’s, MRI results Assessment of epilepsy and If diabetic, please contact department other neurological diseases Please contact department for further information Patient must first have a MAA Breakthrough Scan under the same conditions as Therapy performed 1 week prior The patient is required to be on prophylactic H2 Yttrium-90
The radiopharmaceutical is injected via a trans-femoral Microspheres
catheter that has been placed into the hepatic artery, after the location of the catheter tip has been confirmed by angiography. Requires Hospital admission Please contact department for further information Lugol’s iodine is required; 5 drops 2 twice daily for 2 days prior to injection and continue for 3 days after injection Cease anti-depressants, phenothiazines, hydroxizine, MIBG Adrenal Scan
Cease sympathomimetics (e.g. Sudafed) 1 week prior Patient is required to attend on several occasions throughout the week of injection (with scanning at 6, 24 and 48hrs post injection) Please contact department for further information Increase fluid intake for 2-3 days post injection Octreotide Scan
Patient is required to attend on several occasions throughout the week of injection (with scanning at 6, 24 and 48hrs post injection) Please contact department for further information DTPA Lung Clearance


Keyphones for pabxs with dc code c signalling

KEYPHONES FOR PABXS WITH DC CODE C SIGNALLING (As this Instruction has been extensively REVISED, individual paragraphs have not been starred.) 1.1 This Instruction deals with the maintenance of Telephones SA4252 which have been developed to meet the telephone requirements of PABXS with dc Code C signalling. The instrument is based on the Telephone 746. 1.2 The family of dc Code C instruments i

BRIEF REPORT Generalized Anxiety late-life GAD as a chronic disorder distinct from MDD. (Am J Geriatr Psychiatry 2005; 13:77–80) Disorder in Late Life Lifetime Course and Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) in elderly Comorbidity With Major persons is highly prevalent1 and positively as-sociated with functional disability and healthcare Depressive Disorder utilization

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