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Pharmanex Product Testing Statement

Pharmanex knows that dietary supplements play an important role in helping many athletes achieve peak
performance. However, readily available supplements all too frequently contain substances, which not
only are prohibited in competitive sports, but are also detrimental to health. Athletes who use supplements
may inadvertently be consuming these prohibited substances, whether through lack of information or
through inaccurate product labeling by the supplement company.
Most professional sports organizations use the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) banned substances
list as the gold standard for banned substances testing (IOC, USOC, NFL, MLB, etc). In addition to the
fact that none of our products are formulated to contain any WADA banned substances, Pharmanex
products have been repeatedly tested and verified to be free of banned substances.
In conjunction with our 2002 Olympic sponsorship Nu Skin Enterprises commissioned third party laboratories to analyze all U.S. Pharmanex products for 179 substances in six categories including anabolic steroids, diuretics, narcotics, stimulants, beta-blockers and peptide hormones. Laboratory analyses were conducted at two independent testing facilities; products used in the tests were selected at random from existing inventories. All products were tested under the same analytical conditions, being subjected to tests that screened for all six classes of IOC banned substances and their precursors as per IOC criteria current at the time of testing. The results confirmed that all U.S. Pharmanex products listed below were free of IOC banned substances and their precursors. These tests also confirm the absence of diuretics that, when present, can mask banned substances. The testing protocol which identifies methods and substances tested during this round of testing appears at the end of this document as Appendix A. BioGinkgo
Immune Formula
Bone Formula
ProBio PCC
CordyMax® Cs-4
Prostate Formula
Cartilage Formula
LifePak Women
Life Essentials
Tēgreen 97
LifePak Prenatal
Digestive Formula
LifePak Teen
Energy Formula
LifePak Prime
Eye Formula
Menopause Formula
Optimum Omega
Pharmanex also conducted a series of clinical tests with several sports organizations. Through urine analyses these tests substantiated that Pharmanex products are free from prohibited and banned substances and will not trigger a positive test for such substances We are very confident that Pharmanex products do not contain any WADA banned substances. This is supported by (1) the fact that our products do not include any banned substances in the formula, (2) quality controls ensure no cross-contamination during mixing or manufacturing, (3) the 2002 round of banned substances testing on all products in conjunction with the Olympics. Distributors can feel 100% confident representing Pharmanex to athletes and sports organizations. In addition to testing for banned substances, U.S. LifePak was enrolled in the NSF Dietary Supplement Certification program from 2005-2009. NSF certified U.S. LifePak in three primary areas of product quality and manufacturing compliance, including formulation reviews, manufacturing facility audits, and product testing. Formulation Review. NSF chemists and toxicologists reviewed LifePak’s formula and label to
ensure adherence to FDA labeling standards and to determine appropriate product testing to ensure
accurate labeling and quality practices.
Manufacturing Facility Audit. NSF performed annual audits of Pharmanex manufacturing facilities
against industry GMP standards. Quality systems are analyzed to prevent adulteration, and ensure the
correct identity and traceability of raw materials and finished product.
Product Testing. Laboratory analyses certified that U.S. LifePak and each individual ingredient met
the NSF/ANSI 173 Standard for identity, quantity, consistency and purity.
The remainder of this document outlines several of the most common ingredients that, although legally
approved for use as ingredients in U.S. dietary supplements, are prohibited for use in athletic competition
by the Olympic Movement Anti-Doping Code (OMADC). (Clarifications to OMADC are made by the
International Olympic Committee and its Medical Commission). This document also provides
competitive athletes with a list of prohibited substances that are most commonly found in dietary
supplements. It is important to note that this document does not provide a complete list of prohibited
substances. For a more comprehensive list of prohibited substances athletes should visit the USADA's
Web site at
Choosing a Safe Supplement

Some dietary supplements have been formulated with substances that are prohibited for use in
international competition. Athletes must carefully read product labels and educate themselves about
which ingredients and dietary products pose a doping risk. They must also know that the absence of
prohibited substances on a product label does not guarantee a clean product. There have been reports of
dietary supplements that contain unlabeled prohibited substances that have resulted in positive doping
tests for unsuspecting athletes. The bottom line is that even though dietary products may look the same,
they can vary in potency and quality.
It is important that athletes select products only from companies that:
 Do not use ingredients that are classified as prohibited substances or have negative health risks
 Select and utilize only the highest quality raw materials for consistent effectiveness and potency  Follow recognized GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards when producing their products  Substantiate product claims with rigorous scientific evidence —including clinical evidence of product  Regularly subject their products to independent third-party analyses to confirm the absence of Athletes ’Frequently Asked Questions about Supplements
Q. Can using a dietary supplement cause me to test positive in a prohibited substance test?
A. Yes. There are several ingredients that, although approved for use as ingredients in dietary food
products, are prohibited from collegiate, national, and international competition. The use of dietary
supplements that contain these substances will result in a positive test for prohibited substances.
Q. I know many athletes who regularly use dietary supplements. Can I safely use dietary supplements
without testing positive for prohibited substances?
A. Yes, provided that the supplements have not been formulated with prohibited ingredients or have not
been tainted with prohibited substances in the manufacturing process. Athletes should carefully review
the labels of all products they wish to use and only use products from reputable manufacturers.
Q. Why are ingredients such as ephedra and androstenedione, that are sometimes used in dietary
supplements and over-the- counter medications, prohibited from athletic competition?
A. The Olympic Movement Anti-Doping Code prohibits the use of substances that are potentially harmful
to an athlete ’s health or capable of unfairly enhancing performance.
Q. Should athletes take dietary supplements?
A. The decision to add dietary supplements to your diet and training regimen is a personal one. Athletes
who feel that their diets are inadequate due to the demands of training, travel, or weight maintenance
efforts may benefit from additional nutritional assistance provided by dietary supplements. Consult your
athletic trainer or healthcare professional to determine if dietary supplementation is appropriate for you.
Q. How can athletes be sure that their dietary supplements are free of prohibited substances?
A. Athletes should educate themselves on the prohibited substances that are sometimes used as
ingredients in dietary supplements and over-the-counter drugs and should carefully review product labels
before use. To be sure that their dietary supplements are “clean ”and completely free of prohibited
substances, athletes should choose products only from companies that follow strict quality control and
good manufacturing practices conduct independent tests to confirm that their products are free of
prohibited substances.
Q. Where can I find a complete list of prohibited substances?
A. This guide provides a list of some of the common ingredients used in dietary supplements that are
prohibited from use in international athletic competition. For a more comprehensive list of prohibited
substances, athletes should visit the United States Anti-doping Agency's Web site at
Pharmanex is a world leader in the development and distribution of nutritional supplements with a
measurable difference, Pharmanex products are made with only the highest quality, safe ingredients
following strict pharmaceutical manufacturing practices.
Appendix A
National Medical Services, Inc.
Testing Protocol
This information refers to analytical tests that were performed by National Medical Services, Inc. The following classes of substances were tested by the procedures outlined below: anabolic steroids, diuretics, narcotics, stimulants, beta-blockers and peptide hormones. Test 7201: Detection of Controlled Substances and Pharmaceuticals.
Comparative thin-layer chromatography, chromogenic and fluorogenic reactions,
and gas chromatography/mass spectrometry.
Test 7103: Detection of Anabolic Steroids and Corticosteroids.
Gas chromotography/Mass spectrometry.

Chemicals Screened:


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