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We firmly believe that clients will recover faster and more effectively if they are treated in a healthy environment, surrounded by healthy people, rather than a hospital setting where most people are ill! This is our first monthly newsletter and we hope that you will find it interesting. To find out more about any of the topics just ask your physiotherapist or give us a <Needs another article here!>
What's it all about – why
physiotherapists touch patients

A private healthcare company has taken over the provision of physiotherapy in the NHS near Nottingham. In what many suspect is a cost-cutting exercise, they have said that 'hands-on' physiotherapy is unnecessary for many patients and instead they should simply be given written advice on how to treat their condition. Physiotherapy professional bodies have condemned the move. At MEND, we feel that a large part of our job is to help clients understand their condition and learn how to manage it themselves - so we DO provide written advice from time to time, but never as a substitute for physical therapy. The power of touch should never be underestimated – it calms and reassures, allows a patient to feel confident to move more than they would otherwise – often experiencing a degree of mobility they may not have had for years. Touch enables the physiotherapist to detect subtle changes in the nerves, muscles and connective tissue that tell them how their patient is If you ever have a question about your condition, or your treatment options, please ask your physiotherapist - we will be delighted to explain more.
Urinary incontinence
This might seem an unusual topic to read in a physiotherapy newsletter, but it's an important example of where physiotherapy can help. The drug duloxetine is often prescribed for the treatment of this very distressing complaint, which affects 50% of the female population from as young as 20 to over 80 years of age. However, research has shown that pelvic floor muscle training, provided by physiotherapists, is both more effective and costs far less. Embarrassment prevents many sufferers from asking for help - don't be shy, your physiotherapist can help you.
We can't work miracles, but.
You might be surprised how simple observation by a trained professional can identify the cause of some of the most persistent problems. Sometimes, just a few simple exercises, a different way of doing something, or changing your workspace can provide almost instant relief. At MEND, we believe in the value of expert assessment, early intervention, and healthy It's what friends are for.
If you, or a friend, have a nagging pain, struggle to do something that used to be easy, or think that your body is somehow holding you back, please ask for an initial appointment which can usually be arranged with 24hrs.
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