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GroundSpring Healing Center, P.C. Liver and GI detox program information
How do you know you need a detox cleanse? Any of the following symptoms are signs of liver
“overload” or GI inflammation: headache, dizziness, swelling, joint pain, allergy symptoms, fatigue, shortness of breath, constipation, loose stools, insomnia, sugar cravings or blood sugar imbalances, lingering emotions including depression or anxiety, overeating, lack of hunger in the morning, reproductive problems such as painful periods, infertility, and low libido.
You need to cleanse your liver if you have ever ingested:
1. medications, ibuprofen, Aleve or other NSAIDS, cold medications or prescription drugs. 2. food that wasn’t actually food, such as margarine, or canola oil. 3. food has been heavily processed, bleached, and denatured such as sugar, wheat, and corn. 4. meat, dairy or eggs which possibly had antibiotics or hormones. 5. soy, tempeh, or dairy products. 6. alcohol, nicotine, coffee, inhalants, or recreational drugs 7. petroleum derived products such as artificial vanilla listed as vanillin, synthetic food coloring (followed by a number), flavor enhancers such as MSG, or preservatives such as nitrates, sodium diacitate and BHT (found in popular cereals such as cheerios). 8. artificial sweeteners which include: saccharin (Sweet N’ Low®), aspartame, (Nutra Sweet®, Equal®), sucralose, (Splenda®), neotame, (Atikns® shakes) and acesulfame potassium 9. your skin or bath products contain gasoline-like ingredients in preservatives and fragrances such paraffins, EDTA, sodium laureth sulfate, or numerous other agents listed in . 10. plastic or aluminum by eating food microwaved in plastic or Tupperware or cooked in plastic bags, waxed paper, aluminum foil or drank liquids from plastic bottles or aluminum cans. 11. normal foods, but you’re behind your twice a year cleanse quota recommended due to the high
What is a cleanse? The body is naturally designed to wall off chemicals until the liver has time to
detoxify it and regenerate. A cleanse is where we ingest “easy to digest foods” to allow the liver to
clean up the stored up debris and restore health. For example, after we drink wine, a part of our liver dies off, then regenerates itself. If we keep throwing toxins at our liver, it doesn’t have a chance to regenerate due to overload. Fatigue, moodiness and irritability are the first signs of an overloaded liver.
What to expect while on a cleanse? If it’s your first time, we recommend lightening up your
schedule the first 3ish days in case of these normal and positive symptoms: sugar cravings, headache,
fatigue, and irritability. After your liver has caught up on its duties, then you’ll feel much better. Usually these symptoms are quite mild if you have done a cleanse before. Joanna’s favorite side effect is usually by day 3 her sugar cravings are gone. She actually declines a piece of cake.
How to prepare?
1. Let us know via phone 503-244-13ch cleanse you’d like to do so we can have it ready for you to pick up. 2. For a program tailored for your individual needs, schedule a nutritional consult with: Elissa Walsh NTP, Vincent Samatowic CNT, or Kimberley Byington NTP. Their training and certification provides the support for your customized medical needs. 3. Schedule an acupuncture appointment for day 3 or 4 of your cleanse so we can help alleviate your detox symptoms. Ear seeds may be available with little or no notice. 4. Schedule your complimentary PediStone if you have purchased Biotics® or Standard Process® cleanse programs. Most people do best receiving a PediStone around day 7 or 8, which may work out to be a Saturday or Sunday for you. A Pedistone treatment helps push out residual debris from your lower extremities and can help you feel better. 5. Stock your cupboards with rice cakes, squash and other snacks without gluten, corn, or soy. 6. Whether it is a Pedistone treatment, ear seeds, moxa, acupuncture or all of the above, we recommend Chinese medicine to ease the detox symptoms your body may experience at any time during the cleanse. Protocols: All of these protocols can be modified for your needs and goals. If weight loss or blood sugar stabilization is your goal, then we recommend only using rice milk or water for your shakes. Talk with your nutritionist to see if you should avoid fruit altogether while trying to lose weight or weaning off your insulin.
Foods to stay away from:
Commercially processed foods: Don't eat commercially processed foods such as bagels, cookies,
cakes, crackers, scones, TV dinners, soft drinks, packaged sauce mixes, etc.
Gluten: found in wheat, whole wheat, buckwheat, barley, oats, millet, amaranth, flour, spelt, rye, and
Corn: found in corn syrup, corn meal (even sprinkled on pizza), polenta, corn tortillas, breads.
Sugar: white grape juice, anything listed in “ose”, artificial sweeteners which include: saccharin (Sweet
N’ Low®), aspartame, (Nutra Sweet®, Equal®), sucralose, (Splenda®), neotame, (Atikns® shakes) and acesulfame potassium (Sunett® Sweetner). Soy: tempeh, miso soup, soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, soy milk
Peanuts: almonds may be ok – check with your nutritionist.
Dairy: yogurt, milk, ice cream, cheese, whey, casein
Bad oils: Avoid all hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats and oils including “healthy”
margarine. Avoid all vegetable oils made from soy, corn, safflower, canola or cottonseed,
flaxseed oil, rancid oils, (almost all oils are rancid, forming free radicals if they are liquid at room
temperature. If you are using them, keep in fridge.)
Meats: avoid organ meats such as liver and tripe.
Shellfish: crab, oysters, shrimp, lobster, mussels, scallops
Fried Food: French Fries and other fried foods
Nightshade Vegetables: check with your nutritionist regarding tomatoes, eggplant and other

Yes foods:
Vegetables: yum. Try cooking your greens instead of raw salads.
Legumes: consult with your nutritionist
Squash: all are fine, (there is lots to choose from!)
Sweeteners: raw honey, stevia, xylitol, cane sugar (not recommended if you’re stabilizing blood sugar
or trying to lose weight).
Oils: olive oil, butter, coconut oil for cooking- (small amount), palm oil, and grapeseed oil
Grains: rice, tapioca, check with your nutritionist regarding potato, quinoa,
Citrus: check with your nutritionist
Organic meats: fresh is best, always look for nitrite free meats.
Fish: check with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Sustainable Seafood list click on
“Save the Oceans” and the click “Seafood Watch: Sustainable Seafood Choices”
Multivitamins, Trace Minerals, Herbs, etc:
consult with your nutritionist

Biotics: Choose whey or rice protein. Rice protein is the most popular, but if you already know your
body does fine with whey, then it is definitely a smoother option for a shake.
Use 2 scoops Nutriclear® and 1 scoop protein powder for your shake. We recommend almond milk,
rice milk or water as your shake base. Supplement packages usually are taken three times per day with meals. We recommend your shakes between meals.
Standard Process: 2-3 shakes per day it is called SP Complete™, all you need to do is add water.
Their directions are very clear to follow. Your shake is your main nutrient source, along with
vegetables, fruits, and supplements throughout the day. Thorne’s MediClear™: Their pamphlet has these instructions as well: Day 1-4: 2 scoops of
Mediclear™ with rice milk or water. Guidelines vary on elimination diet, but most common are the “anti-inflammatory diet” (gluten free, etc. mentioned above) Days 5-7: two shakes per day. Days 8-14: 3 shakes per day. Days 15-17: 2 shakes per day. Days 18-21: one shake per day. If your dinner doesn’t get in your belly before 6pm, we recommend just the shake for dinner. Food reintroduction phase. This phase is super helpful to have the support of a nutritionist. What to do on “re entry?” We suggest you choose the food you suspect is least likely to be a problem for you. Give it a whole day to see how you do on it. If all systems are clean, then you can keep that food. If you find symptoms such as bloating, headaches, allergies, fatigue or digestive disturbances, then wait 1-2 days until you feel better to try a new food. Keep a diary and write down symptoms. Vegetable choices
Carrots, celery, yams, sweet potatoes, green beans, yellow wax beans, squash, broccoli, cauliflower, peas, mushrooms, cabbage, Jerusalem artichoke, avocado, beets, kale, Swiss chard, cucumber, asparagus, bok choy, brussel sprouts, spinach, chives, leeks, shallots, common artichoke, parsley, okra, etc. Meat/Seafood choices:
[Note: Always try to buy organic meats.] Chicken, turkey, duck, lean natural beef or lamb, Cornish game hen, fresh
or water-packed tuna, Halibut, Salmon, Haddock, or Flounder.
Choice of Grains:
White rice, brown rice, tapioca, Quinoa
Choice of Dressings:
Extra-virgin olive oil with lemon or lime and dry herbs, including oregano and basil.
Additional Condiments and Beverages: Bay leaf Dill Marjora , Caraway seeds Dry mustard Nutmeg, Chives Garlic
Poppy seeds, Cinnamon Ginger Tarragon, Curry Mace Herbal teas (no citrus), Cilantro

Source: http://www.groundspring.net/pics/Cleanse%20programs%20intro%20pdf.pdf


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