Happy tails kennel contract

Happy Tails Kennel Contract

Name of Owner _______________________________ Pet name(s) ____________________________
Please take a brochure; this has the policies you need to be aware of. Please take a price list: this has our rates and dates for holidays and summer and how we charge **We are an active facility. Some examples of reasons you may want to board with a vet are: Your pet had surgery recently, life threatening al ergies, prone to ingest things, escapes or prone to exhaustion. Some dogs eat rocks, toys or blankets which may cause a blockage. Some dogs jump fences or attempt to escape. These behaviors can injure your dog and we are not liable for the expenses. Please list quirky behaviors: **If you have an escape artist, this is not the safest place for your dog. See escape contract. We have been socializing dogs since 1991. We know a lot---but there is always a risk when dogs play.
I want my dog to be socialized knowing there is risk (this is supervised play): □Yes Do you want your dog to socialize in one of our open yards? There is extra risk as this is not ful y supervised. □Y □N These yards are reserved first for daycares and our most regular clients. Some issues may arise like heart conditions or bloat (see handout on bloat if you have a large chested breed) where we wil seek veterinary care. In cats, it could be a urinary tract blockage or pancreatitis. These conditions can be extremely expensive. You or your emergency contact may be needed to make decisions and provide payment. If you do not have an emergency contact, please cal every few days. Please notify us if your pet becomes il upon returning home. We monitor outbreaks. We have diets if your dog or cat is not adjusting wel to our food. For dogs, we have Hil ’s I/D and R/D dry and Nutro chicken, rice and oatmeal wet food. For cats, we have Hil ’s I/D dry. If your cat does not eat for a few days, we may have to feed it tuna or baby food as cats risk health issues when they refuse to eat for a certain period of time. We also have remedies as recommended by local vets which include Kaopectate or Imodium for diarrhea. If your pet has al ergies please let us know—we give Canidae cookies at bed time and use cheese wiz to give pil s. If your pet has very severe al ergies, you may want to board it with your vet. *Note: we try to use your vet if we can, or at least consult them. Vets we use often are Animal Hospital of SLO or San Luis Vet Clinic as they are close to us and are wonderful vets. I release and hold harmless Happy Tails, and its principles, agents, and employees, for al liability and damages arising from negligence, whether active or passive, and whether actual or imputed, and further agree to hold harmless, indemnify and defend Happy tails, and its principals, agents, and employees, for any damages to third parties in any way caused by my pet, or by the maintenance, care, keeping, and boarding of my pet at or by Happy Tails. On behalf of myself and behalf of any and al other owners of this pet, I have read and agree to the terms of this contract. I warrant that I have the authority to represent any and al other owners of this pet in signing the contract. Owner’s Signature ____________________________________________________________Date______________

Source: http://www.happytailskennel.net/Happy_Tails_Contract.pdf

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