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Helix BioMedix Announces Positive Results of Anti-Wrinkle Study
Apr 27, 2004 - Bothell, Washington Helix BioMedix (OTC Bulletin Board: HXBM.OB - News) today announced that it has completed a 12-week consumer product test comparing the company's anti-wrinkle peptide, HB168 with Renova@, a currently marketed FDA approved product. DermDx, an independent, physician-run center for dermatology, conducted the study. The peptide demonstrated equivalence to Renova@ without the irritation associated HB168 reduced the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes in 69 percent of the subjects, with a marked or moderate improvement in 35 percent of the subjects. These results compare favorably with the results experienced by those using Renova@: 69 percent showed improvement and 27 percent showed marked or moderate improvement. Of significance is that HB168 produced these results without causing irritation. Irritation is a major issue in the skin care industry. For example, Renova@, a well-respected industry leader, states on its label that it has shown to cause such adverse reactions as peeling, redness and dry skin. Over 25 percent of study participants commented on irritation caused by the use of Renova@ yet no subjects reported any of these effects while using the HB168 peptide. The subjects of the trial ranged "These results further validate the company's technology in the application of cost effective Helix BioMedix peptides for skin care products," stated R. Stephen Beatty, President & CEO. "Helix continues to build its successful skin care program, this being the fourth successful human panel study. The anti-wrinkle skin care market is approximately a $2 billion a year market and is estimated to grow 16% each year. We expect the use of peptides to help fuel that growth. This peptide is one of several that we are currently developing, including those with application in acne care, oral care, and deodorant." Many major cosmetic companies recognize the benefits of peptides and are beginning to use them in skin care product lines. Director of Business Development, David Drajeske stated, "Helix has ongoing discussions with several companies, which have been awaiting these results since we released our preliminary findings of this study. This peptide may enable exciting new products for companies that specialize in skin care and wrinkle reduction." The study's results were graded by a five member independent panel, including a dermatologist and a plastic surgeon. All investigators rated the peptide equal to or more effective than Renova@ cream in regard to therapy for fine lines and wrinkles about the eye. Dr. Stephen Schleicher, Director of DermDx, commented, "Based on these findings, the HB168 peptide shows promise as a topical anti-aging About Helix BioMedix:
Helix BioMedix, Inc. is an early-stage biotechnology company whose mission is to become the industry leader in developing and commercializing bioactive peptides, which are small proteins. The antimicrobial and wound healing properties of these peptides qualify them for inclusion in a wide range of both pharmaceutical and consumer products. The company is currently focused on the development of selected peptides as pharmaceutical agents for use as topical anti-infectives and in wound healing. Non- pharmaceutical applications being pursued by Helix BioMedix include adjuvants for cosmetics/cosmeceuticals, personal care, plant health, animal health and wide-spectrum biocides. More information about the company and its proprietary peptides can be found on the company's website at Statements made in this press release relating to Helix BioMedix's future growth potential are forward- looking and actual results could differ materially. Among other things, Helix BioMedix's future growth potential could be impacted by a number of factors, including competition, pricing, the ability to supply product, product withdrawals, new product approvals and launches, unanticipated expenses such as litigation or legal settlement expenses or equity securities write-down, costs of sales, R&D expenses, fluctuations in contract revenues and royalties, and fluctuations in tax and interest rates.



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