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Difference between contraceptive pills, emergency contraceptive pills and abortion pills by
Dr. Rajan Gupte
I will tell you the difference between contraceptive pills, emergency contraceptive pills and abortion pills. There are basically two types of contraceptive pills one is combination pills and other is only progesterone pill. Usually, combination pills are used as contraceptive pills where there is small dose of estrogen and progesterone, ovary secretes these hormones and they are in a cyclical fashion. During first half of cycle, estrogen is there and second half of cycle progesterone is added to that. If there is no pregnancy, bleeding takes place that is menstruation takes place. Same contraceptive, same hormones are introduced into body by method of pills and these prevent ovulation and cervical mucus is also different type so that ovulation is prevented, sperms do not cross that, these are contraceptive pills. Only progesterone pills are different kind of pills where only progesterone hormone is given. Usually these pills are used immediately after delivery because if contraceptive pills that have both the hormones estrogen and progesterone are given, then the breast milk is suppressed and that is the reason only progesterone pills are used. Now other method is emergency contraceptive pill. The name itself says that these are to be used only in case of emergency; if you are going to have planned intercourse you must use some definite contraceptive method. If you are not using any method like pill then you can use condoms or use vaginal tablets which are known as spermicidal jellies. But, emergency contraceptive pills are used when you have failure of contraception for example while having intercourse, you have used condom but it slips off or if ruptures or you find there is fault in the condom then what you do? Then these pills, which have only progesterone hormone in high quantity, are to be taken within 72 hours after having intercourse so that pregnancy doesn’t occur. These are two different things. Now the third thing is abortion pills. Abortion pills are totally different as compared to these two previous which I have told you. Abortion means pregnancy has already taken place and then you abort the pregnancy. In abortion pills there are two types of pills which are to be taken depending on the dosage, first dose is taken on day 1, after 48 hours second dose is taken and the pregnancy is aborted in the sense, you get little heavy bleeding, little cramps and then abortion takes place . Now these are to be taken very certain period of time, you cannot use abortion pills anytime to abort pregnancy but immediately after missing period if you consult gynecologist and when you ask them that you don’t want pregnancy then you can ask your gynecologist to provide you with this abortion pills. Since these abortion pills are not available with the regular chemist, you can’t go to a chemist and ask for abortion pill. Even these pills are not available on the prescription of doctor; only doctor gives them. Now in this contraception day, lets decide that we have to use some contraceptive method and make sure that unwanted pregnancies are avoided. You have so many different contraceptive methods why this unwanted pregnancy happens I think that should be your path and we must use some contraceptive method. Responsibility lies with both partners to make sure that this does not happen.


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