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Yon-Ka Facial Treatments
Relax and feel rejuvenated with Yon-Ka Facial Treatments
A fully professional facial should not only leave you with a radiant complexion but also a deep feeling
of well-being. Based upon Pure Essential Oils – Lavender, Cyrpress, Rosemary, Thyme and Geranium
that’s exactly what you get from a Yon-Ka facial treatment. These divine and distinctive aromas
infiltrate your very senses as soon as you enter the treatment room. Making you feel relaxed without
the treatment even starting!
After a Yon-Ka facial you’ll feel relaxed, a deep feeling of well-being and your mind, body and spirit will
feel totally rejuvenated. Quite simply divine!
With so many sumptuous sounding facial treatments available you might be feeling a little bemused as
to which treatment is right for your own particular individual circumstances but don’t worry we are
here to help you.
The full range of treatments include:
Le Grande Classique Deep Pore Cleansing Facial Your deep pore cleansing, restoring and relaxing facial. A truly personalised beauty treatment, that includes your own five steps of progressive cleansing without irritation thanks to an exclusive Yon-Ka process. Also included is a relaxing massage of invigorating, balancing natural aromas. Your skin is left clean and your complexion is A revitalising facial that is recommended for all ages. Your skin is revived with Essential Oils and Beech Buds and further energised by anti-free-radical vitamins and trace elements. Your skin is then invigorated by a beneficial, fresh cell infused massage. You will find that your skin will rediscover all of its balance, elasticity and vitality and you will feel totally Your opportunity for a deep firming and lifting facial. This lifts your skin with a redefined contour and replenished radiance. Thanks to the regenerating action of extracts of Horsetail, Rosehip and Collagen, your skin is left looking beautiful and relaxed. This is a high performance, deep hydrating facial that will revive even the most dehydrated complexions, eliminating signs of stress and helping the skin to re–balance itself with a moisture surge of Oils, Creams and Elixirs. Simply divine. Aromatic relaxing and well-being facial. A real moment of softness that revitalises your skin and restores its tone and vitality in a balancing atmosphere of essential oils. Highly hydrating and relaxing facial with hot stones. Under the action of hot stones and
precious aromatic oil, your complexion lights up and your face appears smoothed and Resurfacing fruit acid treatment through the action of controlled fruit acids, wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed. The complexion is brightened, skin becomes softer and firmer and visibly younger. This treatment is carried out only in the Peak Winter Season. All too often your eye area can suffer from wrinkles, puffiness or dark circles. This treatment provides the ultimate conditioner to preserve the fragile beauty of your eyes. During this eye stress relief session, the combined action of Plant Active Ingredients and the special techniques of the Urban Skin Artist, will smooth wrinkles and fine lines away. Your eye contours are left looking and feeling fresh, vibrant and luminous. Increasingly men (especially sports stars) are turning towards facial treatments. It is the ideal way to stay youthful and to promote a long lasting radiance – as well as feeling pampered and relaxed. This treatment has been developed exclusively for men, to purify, restore and rejuvenate his face to provide a real burst of energy. His skin will feel balanced This anti ageing deep cleansing facial is customized to suite your needs. It decongests the eyes to reduce puffiness and dark circles, smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Immediate and visible results after first session which will make your skin feel and look youthful. For the full effect it is recommended that you book for a course of 6 treatments, and an extra treatment will be given complimentary. Every one of our treatments is hand-picked from centuries of therapies and techniques from around the
world. They are performed by highly trained professionals.
The ultimate in deep relaxation, with a calming & relaxing massage with blended oils to suit. Our Sperience therapies provide a haven where the body and spirit will be nurtured, resulting in a state of total relaxation, emotional balance and beauty. Traditional Thai Massage is a 2500-year-old technique for relaxing the body and quietening the mind. This massage involves stretching and locating pressure points which are situated all over the body. This treatment is performed on the floor, and you can choose to remain wearing comfortable clothes that allow movement. No oils are used in Thai massage. This rhythmic massage utilizes scented herbal poultices that are heated and applied to the body at pressure points to relax the muscles and release tension. Your therapist then follows with massage and acupressure movements combined with essential oils that will relax and An incredible and exclusive massage with a candle to calm and relax the spirit through original movements, as the candle slowly burns, warm aromatic oil is gently poured onto the body with slow massage movements providing a truly superb spa experience! Originating from Turkey your treatment commences with the therapist using a silk foulhard to gently stretch out the body easing away tension before commencing a deeply relaxing massage using the most valuable oriental spice Saffron with a warming and rich aroma This indulging massage will send your mind, body and soul into a heavenly state. Traditional massage is already the ultimate form of relaxation, but when combined with the penetrating heat of volcanic basalt stones placed on key energy points of your body, you will simply drift into a world of pure bliss… must be experienced. Most of our Massages can be experienced together in our Couples Room. Please see also our Each of our specifically targeted Spa Wraps is applied following a unique massage protocol, uniting
holistic approaches to ancient cultural knowledge. Take time, and enjoy!
Buff away dead skin cells, allowing subsequent products applied to penetrate, hydrate and treat effectively. An array of exciting body exfoliating to choose from…. spoil your senses! A complete envelopment in a rich marine wrap with micronized algae and seawater to help achieve a significant draining and anti cellulite effect. With a high concentration of trace minerals, including iodine the body regains its balance and fats and toxins are naturally Enveloped in glamour and sophistication, experience this sublime ultra nourishing therapy combined with an exquisite massage, this total body envelopment revitalises not only the A refreshing and energising wrap containing Aloe Vera and Mint which is deeply regenerating leaving the skin silky smooth. Ideal as an after sun treatment as it has a calming … and for those who want a bit more…. Chocolate is known for being a guilty pleasure, but this most tempting of treats is also known for being rich with anti-oxidants that offer amazing nutritional value for your skin and body. During this decadent body therapy, we will first exfoliate your skin and then apply our rich chocolate mask, where you will be cocooned in chocolate heaven. If that wasn’t sweet enough, we will also treat your muscles to a soothing half or full body massage with warmed oil to ensure your experience is Utterly delicious and perfect for those who love their coffee! Deeply hydrating and nourishing to the skin – with the bonus of anti-cellulite and draining effect that help to redefine the body’s contours. A full wrap envelopment with an intense aroma of recently toasted coffee providing a haven where the body and spirit will be nurtured, resulting in a state of total relaxation, emotional balance and Envelop your skin with this anti-ageing beauty secret, deeply relaxing whilst also highly beneficial to the skin. Red grapes accumulate in their seeds and pulp a high level of polyphenols, a powerful anti-free radical that provides the Deluxe Grape wrap with anti-oxidising and anti-ageing properties. The skin is toned and remains youthful and supple. It achieves a new luminosity and vitality. When applied, its fine, creamy texture activates the senses, its subtle fragrance alleviates stress, the colour of the grapes at the peak of ripeness invites maximum well-being. A saviour before slipping into anything curve hugging, this detoxifying, circulation- stimulating, body-toning treatment includes a combination of dehydrated beauty mud, paraffins, and other healing ingredients , a trouble-spot-targeting heated mud wrap, that helps reduce fat cells, resulting in weight loss. A specific serum is massaged into the skin during treatment. Warm paraffin is then applied all over the area to be treated . Following 15 minutes of swaddling within a hot blanket, the treatment is peeled off the body. An exclusive detoxifying treatment which through effective lymphatic drainage, helps to promote the body's natural toxin clearing functions. The revitalization and oxygenation of the tissue helps to slim and redefine the legs, stomach and arms. Recommended for the treatment of cellulite Slimming and detoxifying. A safe alternative to liposuction Relieves pain and swelling, and provides immediate comfort Redefines the legs, stomach and arms while enhancing skin tone Pressotherapy can be used in conjunction with seaweed wraps to detoxify, firm, tone, improve circulation and increase lymphatic drainage. A great, relaxing alternative to liposuction. This massage incorporates the use of a professional G-5 mechanical Massager which vibrates vigorously to stimulate deep blood flow and circulation. The G-5 will break down stubborn fat in the thighs, bottom and stomach and will reduce the appearance of cellulite. You will leave feeling slimmer, toned and much more supple. A regular manicure or pedicure keeps nails tidy and improves their appearance, the skin is cared for and high quality products are used to promote strength and growth of the nails. A homecare plan may be recommended to maintain and enhance the treatment at home. Choose between standard maintenance treatments or the luxurious ranges for a more pampering experience. This indulgent Spa treatment includes a hand exfoliation and a relaxing hand and arm massage using specially selected Professional Hand Care products. Cuticles are groomed to perfection and thermal mittens are applied to give deeper penetration of the cuticle oil and hand mask, leaving you with beautifully soft hands. The treatment ends with the application This indulgent Spa treatment includes a through foot exfoliation and hard skin buffing. Cuticles are groomed to perfection and thermal mittens are applied after the application of Paraffin Wax Mask to give deeper penetration of the cuticle oil and leave the feet totally hydrated and soft. (Please note that this is a cosmetic treatment ) (this does not include a manicure or pedicure)
Waxing is an excellent way to deal with most hair removal. Waxing leaves the area smoother than shaving does because it pulls the hair out from below the top layer of skin. This is the easiest and most convenient way to go about removing hair from large areas.


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