Psychiatric unit is a health care facility providing inpatient and outpatient therapeutic services to clients with behavioral or emotional illnesses. PERSONNEL
 Psychiatrist
 clinical psychologist
 psychiatric social worker
 occupational therapist
 psychiatric nurses
 psychiatric aides
 Lithium Analyzer
 BioFeed-back Instruments
 E.E.G Machine
 E.C.G Machine
 E.C.T Machine preferably with E.E.G monitoring
Patient: Hi. I would like to seek medical help.
Doctor: Alright. Tell me what you’re feeling.
Patient: Just a week before, I’d been leading a normal life. In fact, life was good: I had a couple
of great friends and had recently been married. My husband Evans and I were living in a
beautiful rented home, and my career as a writer was flourishing. Evans, a web developer, was
also doing well. I was on top of the world until everything changed overnight.
Doctor: What happened?
Patient: It started with a feeling when I couldn’t get out of bed for work one Monday morning
but after a few days of being slumped on the sofa, I began to feel overwhelmed by feelings of
worthlessness, failure and guilt. I kept having this image of myself lying in a bathtub with
slashed wrists. I would shake uncontrollably, twitch nervously and had ferocious nightmares
when I managed to sleep. Work emails went unanswered; calls from family and friends were
ignored and if my husband tried to suggest something to make me feel better, he would
experience the temper I didn’t even know I had. I couldn’t help myself. Nothing had changed in
my life, yet I was hopeless and wanted life to end. I had no idea why this was happening and I
was terrified of what I didn’t know. I had suffered from depression for years and at 24 I was put
on an antidepressant, Citalopram; with this, my moods -settled with just occasional bouts of
feeling low. But this was the worst bout of depression I had ever experienced.
Doctor: Are you here all by yourself?
Patient: No. I’m with my husband and my close friend Beth.
Doctor: Good. I can say you can have care from a home treatment team to help your anxiety. You also can also choose to be admitted in our facility if you’d like. Patient: Care from a home treatment team? Doctor: A team of health care professionals would be on call 24 hours a day, would turn up at -random intervals, offer -counseling and change your medication if they saw fit. Patient: I think I better have the care from a home treatment team than to be admitted. Can I discuss it with my husband first? Doctor: Sure thing. I’d like to talk to him too.


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