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tural Animal Solutio
“There is a lot of truth in the naturopathic belief that all diseases start in the
gut. Homoeostasis depends on the dynamic balance between gut microfl ora,
the mucosal barrier and the immune system”
Herbs and Nutrients for fermentation of non-digestible dietary
a Healthy Gut
Fermentation of carbohydrates is a major source of energy in the colon for bacterial a large array of antigens and the growth, production of short chain fatty acids and the active absorption of calcium, dissemination and proliferation of magnesium and iron. Metabolic functions potentially harmful agents, while sparing also include the production of vitamins K, the vital structures of the intestine from B12, biotin, folic acid and pantothenate immune-mediated destruction.1 The (B5), and synthesis of amino acids from terms ‘microfl ora’ and ‘microbiota’ refer to native species acquired at birth and soon 2. Protective
The protective functions of the microfl ora exist in the stomach and small intestine include the barrier effect that prevents compared to the large intestine. An adult individual may have 500 different species secrete antimicrobial substances including 99 per cent of the total population. The bacteriocins, which inhibit the growth of Bifi dobacterium. Data even suggest that each individual harbours unique strains.2 3. Trophic
Primary Functions of the and differentiation of the epithelial cells
Microfl ora
lining the gut wall. Bacteria also play an essential role in the development of the Microfl ora have three primary functions, bred under germ-free conditions to normal animals suggests that the microfl ora is 1. Metabolic
tural Animal Solutio
(heart, lung and liver), cardiac output, intestinal wall thickness, intestinal motor The Gut and the Immune
transcription responsible for the synthesis epithelial cells are stimulated to secrete leukotrienes. In other words, the epithelial located in the Peyer’s patches, lymphoid antibodies. About 70 per cent of all the incidence of allergy in western countries reduced microbial load in early infancy.2 tural Animal Solutio
herbs and nutrients for
digestive health
Dysbiosis and Associated and adaptive immune components
Dysbiosis is defi ned as excess bacterial colonisation of the gut leading to disease epithelial barrier however, are associated Infl ammatory
• Mucosal barrier dysfunction (leaky gut) Disease (IBD)
associated with sensitivities, allergies including ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s affected, and Crohn’s disease which can occur anywhere in the GIT. It is generally The Intestinal Barrier
lifestyle factors play a role in the initiation monolayer of epithelial cells and displays of the disease. However, it seems likely that atypical immune reactions to viral or adaptations. These include the formation bacterial infections, or dietary antigens of tight junctions that seal the intestinal Allergic Diseases
antimicrobial agents. All of these prevent Despite the evolution of the selectively intestine, up to two per cent of ingested food antigens are absorbed by the follicle- a viscous, gel-like fi lm at the epithelial the Peyer’s patches and by the intestinal epithelial cells. These antigens however bacteria to the epithelial cells. Paneth cells at the base of the crypt in the small intestine secrete microbicidal defensins and other antibacterial products. Paneth cells are also found in the colon during allergy may result from a failure in oral tight junctions only permit a very small tolerance of dietary antigens while they intestinal epithelium. Occasionally, be to food proteins that are resistant to digestion. An altered barrier function tural Animal Solutio
components of the gut barrier (enzymatic activity and sIgA) in early animal life, The term ‘mucilage’ is used to refer to Herbs and Nutrients for
the Digestive System
prebiotic as part of a bowel fl ora protocol Glutamine
Inulin and Acacia Gum
Glutamine is an important intermediate in It represents metabolic fuel for the cells of the GIT.4 All proliferating cells, mainly and chicory. Oligofructose is a subgroup of inulin. Inulin and oligofructose are not stimulate insulin secretion.13 Inulin and oligofructose infl uence intestinal function by increasing stool frequency and weight, particularly during critical illness when production of putrefactive substances in shown to exert benefi cial effects on the the colon. Additionally, they reportedly hypercholesterolaemic patients.13 Inulin the release of pro-infl ammatory cytokines infl ammatory IL-10.3,8 In patients with potentially health-stimulating intestinal bacteria. Inulin stimulates the growth of intestinal bifi dobacteria, allowing them Slippery Elm (Ulmus rubra)
emollient, mildly astringent and nutritive. It is used in traditional medicine for the treatment of infl ammation and ulceration soluble and insoluble fi bre making it an tural Animal Solutio
Greenfoods and Cruciferous
Chlorella contains substantial
amounts of lipids, including fatty acids, acids, protein, chlorophyll, carotenoids, Spinach and green leafy vegetables
as lutein, as well as minerals including shown to increase the faecal and urinary ‘itai-itai’ disease (caused by cadmium Beetroot contains vitamins A, B, C,
Flavonoids may also stimulate phase
helpful in the treatment of fi bromyalgia. In this double-blind, placebo-controlled Broccoli is a good source of selenium,22
The astringent tannins in Green
and then treated for an additional three Tea (Camellia sinensis) can produce
antidiarrhoeal effects and the polyphenols Spirulina contains high levels of
Grape Seed (Vitis vinifera)
exhibit signifi cant antioxidant effects, oxygen species, free radical-induced lipid tural Animal Solutio
Milk Thistle (Silybum
Cholecalciferol, Betacarotene,
marianum) and
Vitamins C and E
Ginger (Zingiber offi cinale)
sparing effect by maintaining the levels liver and inhibiting lipid peroxidation. central role in epithelial cell integrity Silymarin is a potent inhibitor of tumour Ginger contains the active constituents, C and E are antioxidants involved in the properties including anti-infl ammatory, Minerals
B-Group Vitamins
on bowel epithelium.39 Zinc plays a part permeability. It inhibits stress-induced tural Animal Solutio
Synergistic Combination
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