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North Toronto Parent Council
May 27th, 2009 Meeting Minutes

Welcome: Jane Lewis and Michele Temple, Co-Chairs
Student Council Update (President James Bok and Vice-President Yasmin Hariri):
Goals for next year: James – make NT more eco-friendly. Yasmin- raise the most amount of money in Charity
Week and also give Junior Students an opportunity for leadership roles.
Fashion Show: Next year for Fashion Show a very interesting concept called ‘Phenomena’ is planned.
Music Council Elections will take place tomorrow, May 28th.
End of Year Assembly: On June 10th there will be a “lawn party” at NT and students will receive their
Leadership Class has been running a program called Summative Solutions every Monday after school and
Wednesday at lunch to help junior students with summative strategies. This program is coming to an end but if
students have concerns and need help, they can come to Guidance and be linked with a senior student.
If you have questions for the Student Council, please email James at or
Principal’s Report (Joel Gorenkoff):
Teacher Retirements: Carole Whelan, Danny Russell, Mary Chivilo – over one century of experience.
Staffing: Our numbers are very large with 304 Grade Nine’s coming to NT next year. We turned away 350
students in the optional attendance process. One new teacher has been hired and another will be hired.
Eco-School: A lot of effort is happening to make NT more environmentally friendly. Recently, the Eco-School
team even searched through NT garbage to do a waste-audit and found that only three of the nine bags included
real garbage! In the 2010-2011 school year there will be a student Eco-Ambassador who will be looking at
NT’s practices at different events etc.
Maytime Melodies: Two performances took place on May 7th/8th and they were really great!
Athletic Banquet: This event will take place on June 2nd.
Prom is this Friday, May 29th with over 250 students planning to attend.
Year Book: It will come out on June 10th at a party outside of the school.
Vice-Principal Mary Laszlo has had surgery and will be away for several weeks. Michael Ferguson will fill in.
Vice-Principal’s Report (Kathleen Pyper):
Summatives and Exams: It is a busy time. Encourage your student to get plenty of rest and get organized!
Grade 9 Math EQAO: June 4th and 5th. Grade Nine’s to arrive at 8:30 a.m. to get settled in to get ready to write.
It is worth 10% of their mark.
Exams: June 11th and 12th are exams in the morning and regular classes in the afternoon. Exam period is June
11th to 19th.
Exam Review: June 22nd in the morning. June 23rd is mark review day.
School Opening in September: On September 2nd (Grade 9,10,12) and September 3rd (Grade 11) students will
come register, pick up timetables, pay fees and have school photos taken.
Summer School: Once the marks are known, there will be notes and calls home to register for summer school.
Please note that they need 35% in order to go to summer school.

Treasurer’s Report

Balance: As of April 14th, we have $9,586.26 to spend.
North Toronto Collegiate Parent Council Funds: 2008 -
2007- 2008 Year
Total Cash Available
New Financial Requests

We discussed and agreed to fund financial requests as follows:
Request Amount
music stands to replace ones which are showing wear Guidance Department laptop to do presentations
for workshops,
presentations etc.
Next Year
• Our first meeting will be in the second week of September. Elections for Council positions will take • We have several special evenings planned next year including an information evening with the extra- curricular clubs, special programs etc. all talking to the Council.
New Business
• It was suggested that we ensure the website is updated with Council meeting dates and ways that parents


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