Eli lilly was concerned by zyprexa side-effects from 1998-lif.

Eli Lilly was concerned by Zyprexa side-effects from 1998-Life & Style.
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ModernQuick-thinking pilot foils hijacker with the help of passengers Robin Pagnamenta, Health Industries Correspondent Penguin alert as whaler catches fire off Antarctic Eli Lilly, the American pharmaceutical giant that has consistently denied any link between Zyprexa, its antipsychotic drug, and diabetes, was concerned about the side-effects of the drug as early as 1998, according to documents seen by The Times. Zyprexa, or olanzapine, is a powerful drug used to treatschizophrenia and bipolar disorder, or manic depression. It is theworld’s fifth-bestselling drug and generated sales of $4.2 billion(£2.1 billion) last year — about 30 per cent of the company’stotal revenues.
Eli Lilly, one of America’s leading drugmakers, has been fightinga string of court actions related to the drug, which has beentaken by 20 million people worldwide since its launch in 1996,including thousands in the UK.
A series of leaked court documents seen by The Timessuggested that the company was aware of the risks of weight gain, hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) and diabetes associated with the drug but presented them as common problems across the whole class of schizophrenia drugs and not restricted to QUICKLINKS
2000, Robert Baker, a senior Lilly clinical research physician,e-mailed colleagues about a meeting of an academic advisoryboard he had attended in Atlanta. It had “reinforced myimpression that hyperglycemia remains quite a threat for Now Interactive
olanzapine and may merit increasing even further medical attention and marketing focus on this topic”. Dr Baker added: “[The board was] quite impressed by the magnitude of weightgain on olanzapine and implications for glucose.” Another internal document dated October 14-15, 1998, described the risk of weight gain as a “top threat” to Zyprexa.
This month Lilly agreed to pay up to $500 million to settle 18,000 FOCUS ZONE
lawsuits from people who claimed that they had developed diabetes or other diseases after taking Zyprexa.
Lilly has now agreed to pay out more than $1.2 billion to 28,500 people, who had claimed that their health was damaged by the drug. Another 1,200 lawsuits are continuing.
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A statement from Lilly said that the documents represented “atiny fraction of the more than 11 million pages of documents provided by Lilly as part of the litigation process. They do not accurately portray Lilly’s conduct nor represent an accurate viewof Lilly company strategy or activities.” It added that the documents were “selectively and illegallyleaked”. The company had done more than 23 years of researchon Zyprexa and had found no evidence of a causal link withdiabetes. “The link between schizophrenia and diabetespre-dates the development of any antipsychotic,” it said.
Eli Lilly added that Zyprexa’s labelling had always flagged Eli Lilly was concerned by Zyprexa side-effects from 1998-Life & Style.
http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_style/health/article1295456.ece Leading products:
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