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Strengthening Your Immune System: Part 1

First the bad news: there is no immune system!
Now the good news: the immune function in human beings is scattered all throughout
the body. Your ability to resist illness and/or stay healthy is a function of ALL of you---
your whole bodymind. We are miraculous beings with multiple strategies and faculties
for combating toxins and staying well.
So what can you do to strengthen your immunity?
The most obvious answers are get proper amounts of sleep, breath clean air fully and
deeply, eat pure, wholesome food, relax, laugh and have fun. In short, live a balanced
We do not have to be perfect. We really can tolerate some neglect and even some
“abuse” if we are basically taking care most of the time.
Supplements for Boosting Immunity and Fighting Stress
As many of you know I am partial to Standard Process nutrients because they are
concentrated food nutrients rather than chemical supplements. This means that they
naturally contain the needed synergists to be properly used by the body. There is no
need for mega dosing as the body is able to readily absorb and use the nutrition in its
natural form. In addition they are organic and contain no additives. Food is always our
best source of the nutrients we need, but with our western diets being what they are it is
difficult especially in the winter to get what we need. This being the case, concentrated
food supplements can help you get the nutrition you need in a way that synchs with the
body’s natural style.
Suggested supplements to help keep your immunity up and your stress down
Balanced B complex
E.G. same amount of each of the major B’s

Vitamin C
Both the above vitamins are water soluble and need to be taken daily especially in
winter and when under stress.

These two need to each be taken in a day in order to be absorbed and properly utilized
by the body. However, they should be taken separately and in a two to one ratio with
the magnesium being the higher dose. This is contrary to traditional western
approaches that throw large amounts of Calcium at people. Our need for Calcium has
not increased since cave man days but our need for the magnesium to transport and
absorb it has changed due to the depleted soil in which our food is grown. There are
many who believe that we are seeing an increase in Osteoarthritis and kidney stones as
our bodies are flooded with excess Calcium that cannot be properly transported and
then ends up in the joints and stones in the kidneys.

A high quality multivitamin with the appropriate dosages and balance (can be hard to
find on the shelves in most stores) between the nutrients serves as a good foundation. I
recommend Standard Process or Unikey (Copper Free for women)

Echinacea C and Congaplex
Anti Bacterial & Anti Viral Immune Support; Taken only during acute phase
Take at the first sign of a cold or flu and they often eliminate further development of

Drenamine or Dessicated Adrenal
Anti-stress; fatigue; “burn out”

Fiber, plain and simple

Antiviral; Antibacterial; Immune Support---preventative--may be taken throughout winter

For infectious and inflammatory conditions
Antiviral and antibacterial; Aids in decongestion and lymphatic drainage
Stimulates immune response, speeds healing
This supplement is like a magic bullet! I have seen it clear conditions that antibiotics
didn’t touch! It is to be used if you DO get a cold or infection/inflammation.
These are general guidelines that can be applied to most people. For individual plans
you really need to consult a professional who can assess your needs and recommend a
personal plan for you. I would be happy to speak with you in this regard. I do some of
this work myself and also have a list of practitioners in the area who are available as well (depending on the complexity of your needs). For simple needs (such as the multivitamins, B’s, C and Calcium/Magnesium and immune boosters) I have no issue with ordering Standard Process products for you without an assessment. Karen Kallie Ninth Wave Center Unit 16, Suite 4 5 Northern Blvd. Amherst, NH 03031 603-321-6763 Copyright 2010, Peg Donahue, Karen Kallie, RN, MACP


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