Basic Requirements
Propecia—can donate 4 weeks after last dose Be 17 years of age—there is no upper limit Proscar—can donate 4 weeks after last dose Soriatane (Acitretin)—can donate 3 years after last dose Apheresis donation may have additional requirements Thyroid medication—can donate if stabilized Donation Frequency
Medical conditions
Platelet donors may donate every 48 hours Al ergies—can donate if no infection present Blood disorders or bleeding tendencies—cannot donate Immunizations
Brain or spinal surgery that required a transplant of brain covering Polio, mumps, rubeola (a type of measles), smal pox—2 weeks CJD: Donor or donor’s blood relative diagnosed with Creutzfeldt- Tetanus, diphtheria, flu, Hepatitis B—can donate if no reaction Jakob Disease (CJD) or an increased family risk of CJD—cannot Other Possible Restrictions
• Basal cel , squamous cel skin cancers and Body/ear piercing—1 year deferral unless piercing was performed with a sterile, single use, disposable, skin piercing needle, a piercing gun or a physician or nurse using a disposable • Malignant tumors—5 years in remission Colds, fever, flu sore throat, cough, respiratory infection, Dental work—cleaning, fil ings, extractions, root canal, OK if no Cold sore, fever blister, canker sore—can donate Heart At ack—if greater than one year and no symptoms – on no medication for the heart (Aspirin is okay) Travel Restrictions
Heart Surgery—Coronary artery bypass surgery (CABG) or Malaria Area—can donate after 1 yr. if in a malaria area for 6 angioplasty—1 year after surgery, no symptoms and on no mo. or less; can donate after 3 yr. if in a malaria area for more medication for the heart (Aspirin is okay) England—cannot donate if spent time that adds up to 3 mo. or more in the U.K. from 1980-1996 (England, N. Ireland, • Hepatitis or undiagnosed jaundice after age Scotland, Wales, Isle of Man, Channel Islands, Gibraltar, • Positive hepatitis test—cannot donate Europe—cannot donate if spent time that adds up to 5 yr. or more Herpes (genital)—can donate after lesions clear in European countries since 1980 (including time in the U.K. Major/minor surgery—can donate after healed and released from Military—cannot donate if spent 6 mo. or more in military bases in northern Europe 1980-1990 or Southern Europe 1980-1996 Strokes—6 mo. after if no physical restrictions or medications Medications
Acetaminophen (e.g. Tylenol)—may be taken before any blood • Genital herpes—until al lesions are clear • Chlamydia, genital warts—can donate Accutane—can donate 4 weeks after last dose • gonorrhea, syphilis and other venereal diseases—1 Antibiotics—48 hours after infection; some are okay for acne Anti-inflammatory drugs, such as Advil, Ibuprofen, Motrin and Individuals at risk for AIDS must not donate blood. Do not donate Naprosyn—may not be taken within 24 hours before a platelet blood if you have ever tested positive for HIV or if: Aspirin-containing products, Feldene and Lodine XL—may not be • You have ever injected yourself with drugs not taken within 36 hours prior to a platelet donation Birth control pil s—can donate if blood pressure is stable • You are a man and have had sex with another man Blood pressure medication—can donate if blood pressure is stable • You have hemophilia or blood clot ing disorder and • You have had sex for drugs or money since 1977 • Oral or insulin is okay if condition is stable • Since 1977, born in, lived in or received blood • Injected bovine (beef) insulin since 1980—cannot products while in Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon,

Source: http://www.sdmcu.org/home/fiFiles/static/documents/donor_requirements.pdf


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