Mike’s minimalist medical kit:

From the SHTP 2012 Seminar Series Mike’s minimalist medical kit:
SAM splints- at least one of each size Steristrip ( or butterfly) closures Gauze and nonadhesive pads Tape Ace bandage Thermometer Rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, benzoin Emergency Dental kit – $25 on Amazon Meds: ( * means by prescription) Pain meds: Aleve, Tylenol, Vicodin ( hydrocodone)* Cough med- Mucinex DM 1200 mg Skin meds: Burns- 1st dgree= red skin- cool compresses -2nd degree= blisters- DON’t open the blister, if they become use nonadherent dressing. Current recommendation is not to use Silvadene as it can delay healing, not good evidence of benefit form other prophylactic antibiotic creams, use if signs of infection occur Topical antibiotics- Polysporin ( not Neosporin due to allergy risk) , Bacitracin Allergies- Benadryl cream, 0.1% TAC *cream 30 gm ( medium potency cortisone cream) otc HC isn’t very useful) Sunscreen !!!!!!! Antibiotics: discuss alternatives with your doc if you have allergies to any of these Diarrhea – Cipro* 500 mg 3 times a day for 3 days 6 tabs Skin infection- Keflex *500 mg one 4 times a day 40 tabs - nonresponse to Keflex suggests drug resistant staph switch to Productive cough – Azithromycin* 250 mg 2 day one then one a day for 4 days 6 tabs Bladder infection- Septra DS* one twice a day for 10 days Seasickness- whatever has worked for you- I use Transderm Scop* for myself and bring meclizine and Phenergan* ( both oral and suppositories) for crew Allergic reactions- Benadryl( I don’t think the nondrowsy ones like Clariten are potent enough to bother with); Prednisone* 20 mg 3 for 3 days, 2 for 3 days 1 for 3 days for severe allergic reaction 18 tabs ( or whatever your docs favorite tapering schedule is) Eye problems- Pink eye- ofloxacin * 2 drops 4 times a day for a week Corneal abrasion- would NOT patch due to problems with only one eye at sea- use antibiotic eye drops as above Vaccinations – Following page: A note to one’s physician on materials needed for offshore singlehanding Dear Doctor Your patient is about to embark on a sailboat race to Hawaii which will place them far from any medical facilities for 2-3 weeks. Halfway to Hawaii is as far as you can get from land anywhere on Earth, and they will be doing this alone. In addition they’ll be bringing the boat back , possibly with crew, which takes just as long. In order for them to be prepared for the more common medical problems that may occur I’ve suggested they bring the following prescription medications: Pain- injuries, especially rib fractures, are the most common problem and I consider 50-100 Vicodin or Percocet one of the higher priorites ENT- Azithromycin, Cortisporin otic Eye- Ocuflox Skin- Keflex, Septra( for MRSA as well as UTI), Silvadene or Bacitracin for burns, medium potency steroid cream ie 0.1% TAC GI- 3 days of Cipro Seasickness- whatever has worked for them ie Transderm Scop, Phenergan, Zofran; plus as backup should their usual med fail them Phenergan suppositoties Severe allergic reaction ( ie Portuguese man- of –war) Medrol Dospak or prednisone Anything else you might consider necessary for someone who will be far from medical help for over a month, especially if they have allergies to any of the above medications. They have been advised to also discuss any adjustments to their medical supplies required by any personal health problems. Thanks so much for helping your patient in this great adventure. Michael Weaver MD Chief of Medicine Kaiser Martinez 925-372- 1066

Source: http://sfbaysss.org/resource/doc/Mikes-med-list-and-note-2012.pdf


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