Category Names of Medication Conditions
Medication Description Treated

Benzodiazapine Xanax,
Benzodiazapines affect neurotransmitter chemicals that nerves Klonopin,
use to communicate with one another. Since scientists believe anxiety is caused by excessive activity in the nerves of the brain, and this drug is thought to help reduce this activity to a manageable level. This medication is considered the most dangerous, as it can be habit forming. SSRI's work by blocking a receptor in the brain that absorbs the (Serotonin
chemical serotonin. Although no drug is 100% safe for selective
everyone, SSRIs are among the safest since they are non-habit reuptake
forming and rarely interact or cause problems with other inhibitors)
Just like SSRIs, these medications affect the neurotransmitters in (selective
the brain. The difference is that Effexor and drugs like it will not serotonin and
only affect your serotonin levels, but also dopamine and other norepinephrine
related chemicals. There is still debate as to which of these two reuptake
types of medications are most effective. inhibitors)
This class of medication is the same as SSNRI and SSRIs, in that they inhibit serotonin to the brain. These are just as safe as the other classes, yet they are being used less frequently because Mirtazon
of mild unwanted side effects such as overeating and lethargy. Marplan,
Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors were the first class of (Monoamine
antidepressants to hit the market. These work in almost the same Zelapar,
way as other anti-depressants, by reducing certain chemicals in inhibitors)
the brain to balance the neurotransmitters. MAOIs are being used less and less as newer anti-depressants become available, since MAOIs have the most serious side effects when taken with other medications, or with certain foods. People who are still on MAOIs are usually on them because they have had a personal success in the past, and do not want to change their treatment. Bupropion
Bupropion is another anti-depressant that attempts to balance out Major Depressive your neurotransmitters by blocking certain chemicals. Unlike the Disorder, Seasonal Aplenzin
other anti-depressants, which focus on serotonin, Bupropion focuses mainly on releasing extra dopamine. More recently, this drug has found to help smokers quit. It has since been marketed as both an anti-depressant and a smoking cessation solution. 2014 Site members may reproduce this form for personal or professional use only. Reproduction for commercial use is forbidden without written consent.


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