Various diets

3 LATEOTT Diets, Cravings Control: 2 days on each diet and then keep rotating until done:
I MAP/DJ diet: on awakening, have a RICE, HEMP PROTEIN, or SUN WARRIOR SHAKE (purchase rice or
hemp protein powder from any natural food store) with 1 fruit or 1/2 of a banana. 1/2 of an avocado also at
breakfast to fill you up. 6 ounces = 1 palm-size of lean turkey or chicken or fish at breakfast. 1 piece of dark (70+
%) chocolate after breakfast. As much as you want and all day long of cooked vegetables (but no potatoes, sweet
potatoes, yams on any of these 3 diets). Use saffron in the cooking. Salads all day long with low fat dressing or
extra virgin olive oil and vinegar. Small snacks = 20 (count them) almonds before breakfast and 12 before lunch.
You may also do the juicing of Diet II just below.
II JUICE diet: 1 tablespoon distilled cod liver oil for breakfast (optional). 48 ounces/day total as
four 12 ounce or eight 6 ounce glasses of mostly GREEN LEAFY VEGETABLE juice a day (made in a Vitamix,
Blendtec, etc. food processors). 4 FRUIT per day total: 1 fruit in each 12 ounce glass or ½ fruit in each 6 ounce
glass. That’s it. Green leafy vegetables are bok choy, Napa cabbage, kale, red and green leafy lettuce, cilantro,
parsely, etc. as you choose. If you use a juicer, put the pulp back in the juice. Also add chia seeds, pinches of 2
different sea vegetables, cucumbers, avocado, carrots, and ginger.
III # 4 Liv-It: 1 tablespoon distilled cod liver oil for breakfast (optional). BERRIES (any/all, but not cherries) in
juice or rice, almond, or coconut milk also for breakfast. Then begin COOKED VEGETABLES &
VEGETABLE SOUPS (as much as you want, often, and all day long) + 6 (or so) ounces (TOTAL) beans a day in
the soups or mixed with the vegetables. 1/2 of an avocado. If you wish, 6 ounces of WILD (you must ask the
grocer if it is wild caught) fish or bison once every 12 days. You may also do the juicing of Diet II just above.
NOTHING else. Then restart diet I, then II, then III, then I.
1. Supplements may help: RED RASPBERRY KETONES 100 mg before breakfast & 200 mg before lunch.
CRAVESTOP (888-453-5058), BERBERINE, BENFOTIAMINE (3 a day). N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) and 5
HTP for compulsive overeaters.
2. Avoid drops in blood sugar by EATING OFTEN: No artificial sweeteners. 100% no carbs (100% no bread,
cereal, fruit except berries (no cherries, juice, sweets, crackers, oatmeal, toast, pasta, cakes, cookies, potatoes).
3. Leslie Sansone’s EASY $40 “Walk Away the Pounds” video @ or Amazon. 4. Stress management using our meditation before and while eating: think about the food you are eating.
Consciously count your chewing: chew count at least 10 times/bite. Use maturity-inducing mindful meditation.
Read “Watch the Urge to Eat …” and "Mindful Meditation."
6. Plan ahead/eat ahead: cooked vegetables and vegetable soups or a 6 ounce glass of the green leafy vegetables juiced or food processed. 7. Avoid food allergens 100% avoid wheat, rye, dairy, and soy—100% means 100%.


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