Dear Tenant/Owner
We would like to start off by giving everyone some good news. TUPA Real Estate has teamed up with an Eskom
service provider, Karebo Systems, to install FREE Geyser switches, Geyser blankets and also water reducing shower
heads to all TUPA buildings. These instal ations will dramatically reduce one’s electricity and water utility bills and in
order to make use of this tantalizing offer TUPA, in collaboration with Karebo Systems, will determine specific dates
when they’l be visiting your building and inform each one of such date.
We further refer to previous correspondence relating to the future e-mailing of rental/levy invoices to all and that
everyone must please supply TUPA with a valid e-mail address for this purpose. TUPA will be forwarding all invoices
primarily via e-mail from 15 April 2013 for the month of May 2013 and those tenants/owners who request us to post or
hand deliver their invoices from this date, will be charged R20-00 delivery charges.
We are particularly aware that some tenants/owners insist that we also forward the monthly advice slips from the
municipal reading company. This is mainly because many tenants/owners do not understand the format of the
readings printed on the monthly rental/levy invoice, although it consists of exactly the same data printed on the
municipal advice slip and the latter is anyhow not considered to be a valid accounting source document as the invoice
which everyone receives. We therefore explain the format printed on the invoices in detail:-
ELE. (92, 26650-26742, 28/11/12-5/1/13)
= Refers to the Electricity Reading for which you are charged for. WAT. refers to the water meter
reading, SEW. refers to the sewage and G or GAS refers to the gas.
= This is the physical consumption for the meter reading period = This was the previous meter reading which were taken on 28/11/12 according to the example = This is the latest meter reading which were taken on 5/1/13 according to the example 28/11/12
= This was the date on which the previous meter reading was taken.
Readings aren’t taken on the same date each month. The period between readings may consist of more than 30 days resulting in a higher bill and sometimes the reading period may consist of less than 30 days resulting in a smaller bill. The period you are paying for may be up to two months in arrears, because we issue invoices around the 20th of each month for the following month. Nevertheless you are always billed for the latest received municipal readings.
We have taken the decision that no municipal advice slip will be e-mailed, posted or hand delivered anymore because
of the simple reason that those charges are correctly invoiced on our invoices already. However, municipal advice
slips will be published on our interactive websi(to be launched soon) and can be downloaded
by everyone in case you would like to have such a slip for your records.
If you have any query relating to this, you are more than welcome to contact your administrator for your
Yours Sincerely,
TUPA Real Estate
Proudly BEE Certified A Level Compliant
Property Administration – Sales – Sectional Title Administration – Rent Collection – Insurance

Source: http://tupa.co.za/circulars/Municipal-Services-Letter.pdf

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