Although none of the original manuscripts written • Consistency of church ordinances (baptism, by Moses or Paul or the other biblical writers have been Lord’s supper) as practiced by the early church preserved (no doubt providentially; otherwise they prior to the circulation and collection of the New might have become objects of worship), we can have Testament books, with their initiation as described full confidence in the integrity and canonicity of the therein, can only be explained if the documents text as transmitted to us. Some of the considerations supporting this confidence are summarized below.
Authenticity of the Old Testament Text
Authenticity of the New Testament Text
Logical Basis of Confidence
in the Text
• Traditional authorship accepted by Christ (Luke 24:27; John 5:46–47; Matthew 24:15–21; etc.).
• Over 20,000 hand-copied manuscripts of the • Included 320 direct quotations from the Old Tes- Greek text are in existence, far more than for any other documents of comparable [age].
• Confirmation in the New Testament of supernat- • Some papyrus fragments, especially of John, ural events recorded in the Old Testament (Mat- are preserved from the middle of the second thew 19:4–5; Luke 17:26; John 6:32; Matthew • Although there are some differences in the pre- served manuscripts, there is no doubt that at least 95% of the text is intact [whole and undamaged] • Over 1,000 hand-copied manuscripts of the Mas- • The complete text of all New Testament books was available to those who lived at the same time as the • Meticulous study and compilation of all earlier apostles, and they were satisfied with it.
• In particular, the portrait of Christ as given in the • Extremely careful copying and cross-checking by New Testament was accepted as authentic (accu- rate and true) by the earliest Christians.
• Completion of writing and editing about the time • The conclusion is that the New Testament as we of Ezra, with probably the first Old Testament now have it is substantially identical with the orig- • Careful preservation and transmission from still Indirect Confirmation of Old Testament Text • Hundreds of quotations are included in the writings of the early church fathers, probably • Other ancient versions (Septuagint, Vulgate, Syr- adequate to construct the entire New Testa- • Dead Sea Scrolls (containing most or all of Old • Accuracy of most New Testament historical and geographical references has been confirmed by • Acceptance by Jews and early Christians.
archaeological and historical research, and no • Old Testament quotations in pre-Christian such reference has been found in error.
• The New Testament books were originally written in Koine Greek, the common language of the New - High culture, writing skills, etc., long before Testament era, rather than classical Greek.
Demolishing Strongholds Copyright 2007 Answers in Genesis. Copy permission for student handouts granted.
- Geographical and historical accuracy.
original writings. Furthermore, the most difficult - Superiority of biblical records to the ethnic part to believe in the Old Testament (the Creation and the Flood) is supported by all true science, and • Witness of Passover to Mosaic authorship.
the most difficult to believe in the New Testament • Claims of writers; universal acceptance by Jews.
(the bodily resurrection of Christ) is confirmed by The biblical text as we have it is authentic, *Taken from Henry Morris, The New Defender’s Study confirmed wherever it can be tested. Completely Bible, World Publishing, Inc., 2006, pp. 2062–2063.
separate from the question of divine inspiration, the text has been accurately transmitted from the Demolishing Strongholds Copyright 2007 Answers in Genesis. Copy permission for student handouts granted.
Digging deeper into God’s Word is a surefire way to grow closer to Him and to mature in your Christian walk. Try to locate a Strong’s Concordance (parent, pastor, church library, etc.) or if you have Internet access, you can log onto and save it to your Favorites for future use. This link gives you access to Strong’s Concordance, Greek and Hebrew lexicons, Bible Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, and a few other resources that can be excellent tools for deep Bible Study.
Read 2 Timothy 3 to get the context (setting) for 2 Timothy 3:16, then look up the key words for 2 Timothy 3:16 in Strong’s Concordance. Look at the number (usually 3 or 4 digits) to the right of the 2 Timothy reference and jot it down beside the word it goes with below. Then look up the Strong’s number at the back of the con- cordance or in a Greek dictionary. On the lines below, write down the Greek word and the italicized definition Inspiration:
______________________________________________________________________________________ Profitable:
______________________________________________________________________________________ Doctrine:
______________________________________________________________________________________ Reproof:
_____________________________________________________________________________________ Correction:
______________________________________________________________________________________ Instruction:
______________________________________________________________________________________ Perfect:
_____________________________________________________________________________________ Now tie it all together. Rewrite 2 Timothy 3:16 in your own words as you understand it now.
______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ Demolishing Strongholds Copyright 2007 Answers in Genesis. Copy permission for student handouts granted.


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