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Weiser River Trail October Trek – October 5 & 6, 2013
October Trek - Participant Information

Craig Kjar, Event Director at 208-571-7447
Registration for the event is through Blue Circle Sports a
Members of the Friends of the Weiser River Trail will receive a discount by using their member
number when registering. Please make sure your membership is current. You can renew your
membership or join today a(Support the Trail).
Check in and parking will open at 7:30 am Saturday at the Weiser Trailhead at the end of East
Main Street in Weiser, Idaho. You will need to check in with the registration table and place
your lunch order or you will not eat at lunch. You will also receive an event T-shirt when you
check in. Park in the dirt lot east of the paved parking area.
Your bike will be loaded on a truck for transport to West Pine and your luggage will be loaded in
a pickup for transport to Mundo Idaho Hot Springs. Before you load your luggage, be sure to
take what you need for cycling for the day. Items such as a windbreaker, rain jacket, gloves,
camera, water, snacks, helmet need to be with you on the bus.
Participants who have made their own transportation arrangements to the West Pine Trailhead
starting point need to arrive and check in no later than 10:00 am. You will need to contact us via
email so we know you are meeting us. Water will not be available at the start location.
Chemical toilets will be provided. There is no shuttle service to West Pine (Northern Trail
terminus) at the end of the event, so if you left your car at West Pine, you’ll need to get yourself
and your bike back there when you are done riding. There is limited parking space at West Pine.
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Weiser River Trail October Trek – October 5 & 6, 2013
We recommend luggage be durable, water resistant duffle bags no more than 25 lbs each. We
will transport your luggage during the event so that you can travel comfortably on your bicycle.
Please have your name on the baggage for identification. Rain is possible so please expect your
luggage to get wet and pack accordingly.
Choose the proper clothing for a fall event. Cycling specific shorts with synthetic chamois
padding help prevent saddle irritation. Moisture-wicking, layered clothing with a wind/rain shell
works well for staying comfortable in changing weather. Rain, snow, or sun, hot or cold, we
ride, so be prepared.
A helmet that is CPSC or Snell approved is required. Suggested items for your bike riding are
water bottles, rack trunk or handlebar bag, air pump, spare tubes, patch kit, headlight, cycling
gloves, first aid kit, sunscreen and insect repellant, sunglasses. Identification and medical
insurance cards should be carried with you always.
Your bike should arrive in good condition for riding 45 miles per day over varying dirt and
gravel surfaces. Tires should be in good condition with adequate tread without cuts or bald
spots. Knobby tires or a smooth center tread with knobby sides are recommended to handle
gravel, dirt, mud, uneven surfaces, etc. Wide tires work better than narrow tires. The trail is
rough in some areas and a suspension bike can be an advantage, but is not necessary. Be
prepared to deal with the “3-R’s” Ruts, Rocks, and Roots.
Know how to repair a flat tire, carry a pump, spare tube, and patch kit. Tribulus terrestris is
present in the area and has caused many flats and earned several common names including
tackweed, puncturevine, goathead, devil’s thorn and some we cannot publish. We treat for it, but
have not eliminated it. Check with your bike shop for equipment that may stop a flat from
Have your bike serviced before you come to the event. We suggest riding the distances you will
be traveling during the event to discover and remedy any bike fit problems like an uncomfortable
A mechanic will be available for emergency repairs during the event courtesy of local bicycle
shops. These are not a substitute for bringing a well prepared bike to the event. Mechanics will
have normal items for general repairs. Expect to pay for parts. Mechanics do not charge for
time, please tip generously.
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Weiser River Trail October Trek – October 5 & 6, 2013
You may need a headlight on Saturday night to return from Cambridge to Mundo Idaho Hot
Springs if you stay in town very long after sunset which is about 7:20 pm.
Camping will be at Mundo Idaho Hot Springs, and we have booked the entire facility for your
use. It is a campground with a hot springs pool located about two miles north of Cambridge near
the trail. John and Becky Nolan are the owners. If you are in the area riding the trail this
summer, stop and stay with them. For the October Trek, you should bring a tent, sleeping bag,
flashlight, swimsuit for the hot pool, change of clothes, washcloth, towel, and related items you
prefer to have at camp. If you prefer RV hookups, a hostel with 8 bunks, or “hotel” style room,
they are available at additional cost. Contact John or Becky at 208-257-3849 for questions and
to reserve these upgrades on a first come, first served basis. Mundo Idaho website is If you prefer to stay at motel accommodations in Cambridge,
those arrangements are your responsibility and the event price is not reduced. See the Weiser
River Trail website for information about lodging in Cambridge.
This is a supported ride. We will have riders with the group plus a sweep of the trail to ensure
that everyone is off the trail each day. We would appreciate it if you would not explore side
trails in a way that we could miss you with the sweep. Some of us have discovered that it is poor
form to ride up from behind the sweep on a ride. We will have a sag support vehicle if someone
cannot continue. There is limited opportunity for access to the trail in some locations. We will
do our best to get to you conveniently if you need help.
Saturday we will ride from our drop off point near West Pine Trailhead to Mundo Idaho. It is
about 43 miles. Supper is in Cambridge, about 2 miles past Mundo Idaho so you will need to
ride round trip to supper also. Returning to camp Saturday night you may need a headlight if
you have stayed in town very long after sunset. Sunset in Cambridge is about 7:20 pm. You will
want to pay attention to the schedule so that you do not miss the times for lunch or supper.
Sunday we will ride from Mundo Idaho to Weiser Trailhead. It is about 43 miles. Sunday is a
more relaxed day with breakfast in Cambridge and a box lunch supplied at Pressly Trailhead.
We will have a longer period for the aid station on Sunday in case you want to tarry in the
canyon. You can expect to be finished by mid-afternoon. We will wait in Weiser until everyone
is off the trail.
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Weiser River Trail October Trek – October 5 & 6, 2013
We will have aid stations with water and Gatorade at the following locations
 Starkey about 16 miles from the starting point on Saturday 11:30 am until 1:00 pm  Presley Trailhead about 28 miles from Cambridge on Sunday 11:00 am until 3:00 pm. The following four meals are furnished during the event  Lunch Saturday will be at the Council Trailhead from 12:30 to 2:00 pm  Supper Saturday will be at the Cambridge Senior Center from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm  Breakfast Sunday will be in Cambridge from 8:00 am to 10:00 am  Lunch Sunday will be a box lunch distributed at Pressly Trailhead from 11:30 to 3:00.
Registration Deadline
Registration will close September 3. We will maintain a wait list. Check the next paragraph if
you have missed our deadline.
Once the event is full, contact the event director at(no phone calls,
please) to request placement on the waiting list. Include your name and phone number and send
the message from the email account you want us to use to contact you. Waiting list will be first
come, first served. You will receive a confirmation that you are on the list. You will have 24
hours to respond after we contact you (email and phone) with an opening.
If you need to cancel for any reason, you will receive a full refund only if we can fill your
vacancy. No refunds will be given for vacancies that cannot be filled. No refunds will be given
for cancellations after October 1.
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