Wildlife Veterinary Hospital Wish List 
Our wildlife hospital and veterinarian need medical supplies and other items to help care
for the thousands of wild animals brought to us every year. Some of the medical items
and a few common household items needed are listed below. Please contact the wildlife
hospital director at 925-627-2918 if you’d like to donate or would like additional
*Jars of Gerber ® chicken or turkey baby food (for tube feeding raptors etc.) (Gerber
has the highest caloric value)
*Jugs of distilled water
Digital gram scales
Accurate to 0.1 g range 0 to 800 g+ $ 225 Accurate to 1-2 g 0 to 2kg+ $ 250
Blue painters tape
Screwdriver set
3” and 4” diameter wooden dowels (6 feet long) to make perches
Wooden fence cross poles (to make perches for aviaries)
Leather gardening gloves (small, medium, and large sizes)
English socket wrench set
Metric socket wrench set

Iris or tenotomy scissors (good to excellent quality) $ 110 each
10X 12 and 14 X 18” radiography films, while we get the digital machine
IV drip sets (small and large)
IV infusion pump that uses regular IV tubing
Abaxis blood chemistry cartridges ($150)
Digital radiograph machine ($xxx)
U/S machine with 5 MHz and 10 MHz probes $ 30,000 (used OK)
Consumable veterinary items
(< 1 year past expiration date)
(Amoxicillin/clavulinic acid) tablets or suspension  Clindamycin/azithromycin, clarithromycin  Injectable penicillins (not oral unless in date or > 3rd generation) Wildlife Veterinary Hospital Wish List  Fluids ( < 3 years past expiration date)
 Lactated ringers, Normosol, Plasmalyte 0.9% saline, 5% dextrose, etc
Other drugs
( < 1 year past expiration)
 Unopened dermatologic or otic ointments/creams etc.  Long acting steroids (Depo medrol, Vetalog, etc)  carprofen or ketoprofen oral or injectable
Vicryl or PDS 3/0, 4/0, 5/0 suture on cutting needles $ 156 pkg of 36

High priority:

 Sterile syringes 1, 3, mL and 20 – 60 mL (especially 1ml and 60ml)
o 20 – 18 gauge 1” o 18 gauge 1.5” green top Microtainer tubes #365958 (or similar)
 Vet Wrap or Coban 1”, 2” and 3” Pediatric plasma separator tubes for diagnostics Insulin syringes U-100 Urine dipsticks (< 1 year past expiration) Glucose or Azo sticks (< 1 year past expiration) Unopette system Wildlife Veterinary Hospital Wish List  Other diagnostic tests/stains etc. (Diff Quick)
Fiberglass casting material
Elastikon 1”, 2”, and 3”
Cast padding 2”
Kling wrap (especially 2”)
2X2, 3X3, 4X4 gauze sponges
Roll cotton or cotton balls
Sterile saline, water, or eye flush vials (not contact lens solution)
squeeze bottles (clean) such as for alcohol
1-3 sets of glass or plastic containers for gauze sponges, Q-tips etc. for a counter top
Wound dressings such as Tegaderm, Adaptic, telfa pads etc.
White tape 1/2 “, 1” sizes
Cloth wraps for surgery packs (that can be re-used)
Bouffant hair covers for surgery
Benzall cold sterile concentrate
Surgical scrub brushes (for pre-surgical scrub of hands)
Food products
Dry dog/puppy/cat/kitten food
A/D or similar products
Ensure or similar products
Gerber Chicken baby food
**TRIAD UV light curing polymer (from Henry Schein) $ 200 per pack of 10
VLC denture base material # 9574202)
One “Stryker” cast cutter saw for fiberglass casts $ 987
Pediatric rongeurs (2-3 mm bite) $ 200
Two pin size gauges (autoclavable) $ 60 for 2
**McCullough suturing forceps (ophthalmic) Need 3 $ 227 each
2 Derf needle holders (carbide tips) $ 156 each
Freer elevator 7” double end sharp and blunt blades $ 156
Iris or tenotomy scissors (good to excellent quality) $ 110 each
*Have continuous need for these ** High priority 

Source: http://wildlife-museum.org/pdf/wishlist_medical.pdf

Assessment social history.xls

PIEDMONT COMMUNITY SERVICES Assessment / Social History Identifying Information Presenting Problem, Onset and History of ProblemInformation pertaining to this assessment was gathered from the mother, client, and chart. Client is referred to IIH from case management due to demonstrating disrespectful behaviors towards peers and adults. The mother reports that client is exhibiting aggr

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