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Medical Coverage Insurance

3dsense Media School has engaged Great Eastern Life Assurance Co Ltd as our appointed insurance
The Council for Private Education (CPE) has stipulated that all students of any Private Education Institute
(i.e. 3dsense Media School) have compulsory medical insurance coverage for hospitalization and related
medical treatment for the entire course duration, with the minimum coverage as below:
Minimum features/coverage for medical insurance

Annual limit not less than $20,000.00 per student At least B2 ward (in government and restructured hospitals); and
Great Eastern offers 2 suitable individual medical coverage plans ‐ Supremehealth Plan & Totalshield,
and the following 2 plans have been formulated to satisfy the minimum requirements.
Plan 1: Supremehealth A Plus Plan only, where a deductible and co‐insurance applies
Plan 2: Supremehealth A Plus Plan with Totalshield Gold, where 100% of claimable expenses will be
Annex A shows a comparison of Plan 1 & 2 and how much a student will have to pay depending on the
size of the medical bill if they only take up Plan 1. If they take up Plan 2 instead, 100% of claimable
expenses will be reimbursed up to the annual limits.
Annex B demonstrates an example to understand what deductible and co‐insurance is and how
deductible and co‐insurance is applied.
Both plans cover up to A Ward in a restructured hospital, with at least an annual limit of $350,000.
While there are lower costs medical coverage plans, they are not available to foreigners as the subsidy
for foreigners in a B2 or C ward is much lower than for locals. Local Singaporeans may choose from the
above formulated plans, or seek to request for more details on a lower cost medical coverage plan from
the school depending on their needs.
Students will have to be physically in Singapore to apply for these plans. International students can
apply after they had collected their Students’ Pass. An appointment with an appointed agent will be
scheduled for the application and to answer any further clarifications.
Note that the insurance is on a reimbursement basis. Students will have to pay first and then make the
claim from Great Eastern
Tel: 6339 9455 Email: Website: ANNEX A
Hospitalization & Surgery Plans
Room & Board Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Miscellaneous Hospital Services Daily In‐Hospital Physician's Visit Pre‐Hospital Specialist's Consultation (within 90 days before hospitalisation) Examination and Laboratory Tests (during/within 90 days before hospitalisation) Post Hospital Follow‐Up Treatment (within 90 days from hospital discharge) Accidental Dental Treatment Surgery Surgical Implants / Approved Medical Consumables Gamma Knife Confinement in Community Hospital Erythropoietin 1) Cyclosporin; or 2) Tacrolimus; or 3) Other immunosuppressants prescribed for treatment of organ transplants Kidney Dialysis Cancer Treatment: Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy & Stereotactic Radiotherapy OTHER BENEFITS Cash benefit (consecutive 9 days of hospitalisation or more) Emergency Accidental Outpatient Treatment Pro‐ration factor to apply to Private Hospital charges b Restructured Hospital
B1: $2,000
A: $3,000
Private Hospital
Tel: 6339 9455 Email: Website: Age Next Birthday
Premium Per Year
"As Charged" means all Eligible Expenses incurred by the Life Assured in the Hospital and Ward Class to which the Life Assured is entitled under the Plan Type insured. a If the Life Assured dies during Hospitalisation or after discharge from Hospital, the Deductible and Co‐insurance will be waived up to the limit stated. b Proportion of the total of Eligible Expenses incurred in the Hospital / Ward stated which may be reimbursed. It does not apply to the Expenses incurred in a Restructured Hospital for the following treatment provided to the Life Assured on an outpatient basis: Kidney Dialysis Treatment, Cancer treatment, Erythropoietin or Cyclosporin / Tacrolimus or Other immunosuppressants prescribed for treatment of organ transplant. c Does not apply to Outpatient Benefits. Tel: 6339 9455 Email: Website: Example
Tom suffered from appendicitis, and had to have his appendix removed. He went to the Singapore
General Hospital (SGH) and was warded in the B1 ward. He had no other complications. He stayed for 4
days and his final bill came to $5,158. He is covered under Plan 1 only.
Note: B1 ward refers to 4 beds in a ward, with air‐con and attaching bathroom. Deductible, Co‐Insurance and Pro‐Ration for Plan 1
Restructured Hospital B1 Ward
Restructured Hospital A Ward
Private Hospital
Medical Bill
Deductible Co‐Insurance Student Pays Deductible Co‐Insurance Student Pays Pro‐Ration Deductible Co‐Insurance Student Pays
Tel: 6339 9455 Email: Website:


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