Natural Bodybuilding
In response to the query about natural body building and Shaklee products, I will provide someof my own insight and recommend that you also contact Bobby Brandenburg in Fayetteville, NC.
He was a NPC drug free Atlantic Coast bodybuilding champion.
To give you some background, I am a Shaklee Senior Supervisor and a certified strength andconditioning specialist. At this point, I will not accept anyone for training unless they useShaklee products. I can say without reservation, those people that I have trained over the yearswho have used Shaklee products are more consistent in their gains, suffer fewer injuries,and recuperate more rapidly than the people who do not use Shaklee products as the base of theirdietary/nutrition program. I also strongly believe that it is my general responsibility both as aShaklee Independent Distributor and as strength and conditioning specialist to strive to optimizepeople's health. If I am training someone and that person is not in, or striving to obtain optimalhealth, that person can never attain the true peak performance of which he/she is capable. If aperson is not on a strong Shaklee nutrition program, he/she is not coming close to optimizinghis/her health. Consequently, that person is not optimizing his/her athletic performance.
My own introduction to Shaklee was a consequence of meeting Dr. Gary Mendelson through thevehicle of the martial arts. It was 1990, Gary as a 2d Dan was an instructor and he and I began adiscussion about nutrition. At the time, I had been involved in investigating and using nutritionproducts/supplements since 1973 with the focus of improving sports and combat performance.
When Gary mentioned Shaklee, I told him that I had never heard of the company but because Irespected him I would play his silly game. I started with Instant Protein, Vita Lea, Physique,Herb-Lax, and Performance. Four weeks later, my bench press was up 40 pounds for a personalbest, my squat was up 60 pounds for a personal best, I was doing straight leg deadlifts on abench with 80 pound dumbbells and in the down position my wrists were on line with the bottomof my feet (another personal best), my body-fat dropped from 11% to 9%, my energy levelincreased, and I was not hungry all the time.
Now that you have my background, here are some perspectives and information. First, I have nothad success in talking with gym owners about Shaklee products as they have difficultyunderstanding the business at a basic level much less the multilevel aspect of it. The ones withwhom I have spoken have perceived that they could not make enough immediate money. Thiscould have been my explanation but I am not wholly convinced of that. Secondly, because theyhave not seen glossy ads in a variety of muscle head magazines, they have a hard time openingtheir minds. Given that, let us take a quick look at the specific questions.
Instant Protein has a ratio of 2 grams protein to 1 gram carbohydrate. There is no other proteinsource which is better assimilated by the body. Back to the basic health issue (anticancer,cholesterol lowering, etc), everyone should have a minimum of 30 grams (3 of our clear plasticscoops, item code 50251) daily and preferably 60 grams of soy protein daily. An excellentarticle by Derek Cornelius, owner of Syntrax Innovations Inc, in the Dec 98 IronMan magazinepointed out the advantages of Soy proteins vs Whey. Some excerpts from that article . "every100 grams of whey protein provides 20.1 grams of branch-chain amino acids (BCAA) and 4.9grams of glutamine---the amino acid bodybuilders can't seem tp get enough of. For every 100grams of soy protein you get 18.1 grams of BCAAs -- only two grams less than whey --but you get a whopping 10.5 grams of glutamine, more than double what you get with whey.
Glutamine aids in muscle protein synthesis, and because it exists the muscle after intensetraining, body builders need as much glutamine as they can get. Soy is definitely glutamine-rich, which makes it a bodybuilding supersupplement.
Soy also has a number of other hard-to-beat benefits for hard training bodybuilders as well ashealth-conscious people in the general population:1) It's very inexpensive (my comment -- you cannot get a better value than Shaklee InstantProtein)2) It has the highest Protein Digestability Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS), which isquickly taking over from biological value (BV) as the most accurate measure of protein quality.
3) It's very soluable if processed correctly (my comment -- No problem there)4) It's bland, which is a good thing because it doesn't take much flavoring to make it palatable.
5) It improves kidney function.
6) It's anticarcinogenic.
7) It's anti-estrogenic, which may help prevent the aromatization of pro-hormones.
8) It lowers low-density lipoprotein (LDL), the bad cholesterol, and raises the high-densitylipoprotein (HDL), the good cholesterol.
9) It improves thyroid function.
10) It's not an animal protein, so vegetarians can use it to augment their nutrition.
Soy definitely has some outstanding and unique advantages over whey, especially in the musclebuilding department.
Moving on to Physique, I suggest that you obtain Dr. Bruce Miller's Physique comparison sheetand the Physique amino acid profile from Shaklee Field Services. Physique is an amazingproduct and the research is often quoted in muscle magazines without crediting the source whileothers promote their products on the back of Shaklee research. Your body builders likely do notrealize the importance of the insulin response post training; however, they should be wellimpressed by the percent BCAA content of Physique. Based on my reading, I currently use thefollowing formula to determine the optimal post work amount of Physique to use after heavytraining. Lean Body Mass (LBM) in lbs divided by 2.2 = LBM in kilograms(Kg); LBM in Kg =carbs required; carbs required divided by 9.5 = scoops (item # 50251) of Physique. Physique isoptimally taken within five minutes post workout. Taken more than 30 minutes post workout,Physique will not provide the anabolic response. Timeliness with regard to Physique usage iscritical. Physique works for both the strength/bodybuilding athlete as well as the enduranceathlete.
See if your natural bodybuilders will use Performance for several workouts and get theirfeedback. I have yet to have anyone not get improved workouts. Optimally, it is used starting 15-30 minutes before starting the work out. Understand that they will likely want to cut back as theyapproach competition. Bobby Brandenburg could likely give you more refined informationon that end of things. Performance's blend of electrolytes will help prevent water retention andalfalfa, DTX, and Herb-lax will also facilitate in that area.
T.S. ESCHHOLZ, Jr, President of Fitness Crafters located in Rockville, MD


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