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IMPORTANT: During renovation or repair works you need
Instal a smoke alarm at least 5 meters away from such smoke Power source: 3 VDC Lithium AA size Battery to remove the smoke alarm from the ceiling. After this work sources. See chapter: Never install a smoke alarm.
Battery lifetime: 10 years under normal conditions always test the smoke alarm by pressing the test button. Regularly nuisance alarm can be avoided by locating your HOW TO START
1. Choose a location that meets the requirements below: DISPOSAL
Recommended installation locations
This product must be col ected separately at the end of the Mounting holes
product life according to European directives (WEEE-2005). Contact your local authority for information about col ecting 3. Mark the position of the mounting holes LIMITATIONS OF SMOKE ALARMS
in the bottom plate. Drill he holes using a Arton Smoke Alarms are designed to provide the earliest 10-YEAR OPTICAL SMOKE ALARM WITH
6mm drill and insert the anchor plugs and possible warning of fire and smoke. Early warning can mean the difference between safe escape or no escape at all. Recommended installation locations:
If using no anchor plugs use a 3mm drill. Figure 3
Smoke alarms however have limitation. For example: 4. Place the smoke alarm on the base plate and turn it • The battery does not work properly. Therefore test the around until the smoke alarm slides into the bottom • If smoke cannot reach the smoke chamber of the smoke - Every 7,5 m in corridors and escape routes. The smoke alarm has now been installed to the bottom - Within 3 meters of sleeping- and living rooms. plate but not fixed (can drop down if not hold with hand). Anything preventing smoke from reaching the smoke alarm Now twist it clockwise (to the right) from the OFF to the ON such as closed doors, fire on a storey where no smoke alarm line to activate the smoke alarm (See Figure 4 ) and is has been installed may delay or prevent alarm. A smoke alarm - Smoke alarms in all rooms (except bathrooms, kitchens, cannot detect fires in walls or chimneys or roofs. For these LED Light
reasons smoke alarms should be installed in every room or at - Heat alarms can be installed in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms or boiler rooms and garages; within 5 • A person could not be possibly awakened by the alarm at an KEEP THIS MANUAL IN A SAFE PLACE!
• A smoke alarm may not provide detection with, for example, smoking in bed if there is no smoke alarm installed in the This manual contains important
Test/Hush button
same room, or violent explosions resulting from escaping gas. information for proper installation
Figure 4
Children playing with matches/fire, electrical interferences, and use of your smoke alarm.
5. Now press and release the test button to test the smoke storage of explosives and flammable substances such as Read this information carefully
alarm for proper functioning. The alarm wil give shortly an and retain this manual for future use.
intermittent beep sound and the red LED light flashes • The lifetime of a smoke alarm is 10 years. approximately every 10 seconds, meaning the smoke alarm has been properly installed. The smoke alarm wil now automatically remain for 8 to 9 minutes in the HUSH mode. GUARANTEE
The manufacturer guarantees its enclosed smoke alarm to be If used correctly, you have additional, valuable time to escape. FUNCTION AND MEANING OF LIGHT AND SOUND
free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal Each properly installed smoke alarm provides extra time figure 1 figure 2
use and service for a period of 10 years from the date of Normal condition:
The red LED light will flash ± once every 5 minutes.
• A smoke alarm will not prevent fires. • Place the smoke alarm preferably in the middle from the The manufacturer's obligation of this guarantee shall be • Install the smoke alarm in a proper place, preferably in the Alarm:
If smoke is detected the smoke alarm gives a loud and
limited to the repair or replacement of any part of the smoke • For pitched roofs place the smoke alarm on the slope, at alarm which is found to be defective in material or • Keep the smoke alarm away from children. light wil flash continuously til the smoke has disappeared. workmanship under normal use and service during the ten • Test the unit weekly and after a period of your absence. year period. The company shall not be obligated to repair or • See chapter MINIMUM AND MAXIMUM PROTECTION. Battery empty:
WARNING: Never test with fire!
One beep signal every 40 seconds means the battery is replace smoke alarms which are found to be in need of repair • Vacuum your alarms regularly (once a month) using the soft • Make sure the smoke alarm is always accessible for testing almost empty. This signal wil sound for 30 days. With because of damage, unreasonable use, modifications or proper maintenance the battery and the smoke alarm have alterations occurring after the date of purchase. functioned more than 10 years, meaning the smoke alarm • If the smoke alarm beeps every 40 seconds, the battery is low Never install a smoke alarm:
has to be replaced. The lifetime of a smoke alarm is 10 PLEASE KEEP THIS MANUAL IN A SAFE PLACE.
(after approximately 10 years) and you have to replace the • In bathrooms and shower rooms (high humidity areas), kitchens, garages etc., areas where combustion particles from You have to remove the smoke alarm and the bottom plate Manufactured in Europe
• The lifetime of smoke alarms is 10 years. cooking or car exhaust and dust and moisture could trigger a from the ceiling to install a new smoke alarm. • False alarms can be stopped by pushing the test & hush nuisance alarm. Install a smoke alarm at least 5 meters away Test and Hush mode:
Push the test button (see figure 4) ± 3 seconds. The smoke
• You can make the ASD-10 less sensitive for 8 to 9 minutes by • In very dusty or dirty areas and in areas where the alarm will give shortly an intermittent beep sound. The red temperature exceeds 50°C or below 0° C. LED light will now flash ± every 10 second during 8 to 9 But when the smoke is too thick the smoke alarm wil stil give • Close to (next) decorative objects, doors, electrical or light minutes. This means the smoke alarm is functioning fittings, lamps, sockets, windows, wall ventilators etc. which properly and the smoke alarm will stay for 8 to 9 minutes in might impede the path of smoke to the smoke alarm. At least TWO escape routes and practice them with all family
50cm away. • Next to or directly above heaters. Nuisance alarm:
• On very high or difficult to access places which would make Push the test button to silence the alarm. (See test and WITH YOUR FAMILY AND
• Within 1 meter from dimmers and wiring. Some dimmers can Maintenance:
• Vacuum your smoke alarms regularly (once a month) CLOSE ALL DOORS BEHIND YOU AND DO NOT OPEN A
• Within 1,5 meter from fluorescent tubes. using the soft brush attachment of the vacuum cleaner. WARM DOOR, THEN CHOOSE THE ALTERNATIVE ESCAPE
• In insect infested areas. Tiny insects may affect proper • The smoke alarm should never come into contact with CALL THE FIRE DEPARTMENT OUTSIDE OR AT THE
Important information is located on the bottom of the
• Repairs must be performed by the manufacturer. NEIGHBOURS.
smoke alarm.
ATTENTION: Do not paint your smoke alarm.
• if smoke is thick crawl outwards as close to the ground as
possible. Breathe through a wet cloth and otherwise hold your Causes of Nuisance Alarm:
A smoke alarm can be activated in high humidity areas,
kitchens, garages etc. Areas where combustion particles Most deaths and injuries occur due to smoke inhalation and not from cooking or car exhaust and dust and moisture could


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