Bodhi over-forty women’s health project evaluation form

BODHI Over-Forty Women’s Health Project Evaluation 2008

Please feel free to use extra paper if you would like more space for any of the following

1. Introduction.
Please briefly outline the project, its purpose and overall
In India cancer are third leading cause of death so we are doing awareness as well diagnosis camps for cancer. Cervical cancer is the commonest cancer in India Over-Forty Women’s Health project is making women aware of this and motivating them to do check-ups regularly. They are always neglected by community and also by family members, and by the women themselves. Women always ignore their health problems because they always think about economy and make family members their priority. 2. People assisted (target group). Please provide details on the people assisted by the
Project. What were the type and level of needs and/or issues you encountered?
Mostly slum dweller and tribal women who have not any health knowledge
They are not discussing any gynecological problems openly. They are housewives and very

3. Number of people assisted. Please record the number of people who benefited
from the project.
4. Assistance provided. Please describe what services were provided to the target
group. For example:
• assistance to meet general and basic needs;
• services and support (eg counselling, referral, information, advocacy)
• group programs/courses, activities, camps, training,
• improving resources/facilities/buildings/equipment, other community development
We provide basic gynecological treatment as a general need. We are giving services information and referral, support by counselling. Group programme like behaviour changing camps, diagnostic (CANCER)camps Improving resources, equipment
5. Outcomes achieved. Please describe what the target group achieved as a result of
receiving assistance. Examples could include:
• an improvement in skills, knowledge, attitudes, self-esteem, motivation, social
contacts/networks, confidence, empowerment, community participation, quality of life,
life management skills, personal development
• decrease in negative behaviour such as offending, drug/alcohol abuse;
• gained access to other services or resources, employment, education or training.
They are going for cervix check-ups now. They are now openly discussing their gynecological problems. They have improved in confidence and knowledge of cervical and breast cancer. 6. Other Achievements. Please describe other areas of achievements of the project.
Examples of other achievements could include:
• community development/community building and;
• improvement in facilities, services or organisational functioning;
• new facilities, programs or services established;
• existing programs expanded or enhanced;
• improvements in administration of a program leading to greater efficiency and/or
service quality;
• recruitment and training of volunteers to improve or expand a program or service.
In cancer detection camps we detect other diseases, like thyroid, RTI eg reproductive tract infection. We are using the local language. One of our staff is a tribal girl. She speaks with them in their tribal language so they interact easily and are happy to discuss problems.
7. Any other comments - Provide any other information relevant to the project.
We want to do pap smear test for the women who are very poor.
Your Details: please update your details if necessary
Project: Over Forty Women’s Health
Project Details:
Project Contact Person: Dr Manda Mune

Address: Popular nook flat no 12 vishrantvadi

Budget for Over-Forty Women's Health Project in
Pune Slums
The funds will be used for disposal gloves, some medicines, publicity, tea and snacks for the doctors and the administrative overheads. The doctors volunteer their time and skills and many of the necessary medical supplies are collected up from doctors' samples. We will not have to hire premises to hold these camps because we can use the little rooms that will be part of the main project. Particulars
Funds requested Other
from BODHI
contributions, if

persons (Doctors & Staff) Stationery For Camps Staff
Rs 22000/-
Over Forty Women’s Health Project
Proposal for Year 2
Project Site: Eight slums of Pune Around Vishrantwadi
Project Title : Women’s Health and AIDS Awareness Project

Description of the Project and people involved

In India cancer is the third leading cause of death so we are doing awareness as well as diagnosis camps for cancer. Cervical cancer is the commonest cancer in India. The Over- Forty Women’s Health Project is making women aware and motivating them to go for check-ups regularly. We teach them self-examination for breast cancer. Women are always neglected by the community and also by family members, and even by the women themselves. Women always ignore their health problems because they always think about economy and give the family priority. We want to make community members aware of HIV Aids by doing street plays. Sex education is offered through residential camps for school and college students as well as drop outs in the community. We are also working in the tribal village of Thakar. We will do all the above programs in the tribal village plus addiction programs. In Pune there is an addiction centre to which we will admit five very poor people. Staff includes two doctors, two health workers and five women for the street play. We will pay the drama group by how many street plays they do in the above slums and tribal village. We would like to pay Rs/- 1,000 for each play. Objectives of the Project
To decrease morbidity rate of women by cancer
To give self confidence in health knowledge
To free people from addiction and prevent it
To create AIDS awareness
Number of people the project will help:
Duration of project:
How will the project be evaluated? (We will send a Project Evaluation Form at the
appropriate time)
Yes please. For sex education we will test the participants pre &post
Budget (Please be very specific, and use an extra page if necessary):
Travelling for resource person & staff Medicines for all camps Drugs include vaginal peccaries, anti- fungal ointments, metronidazole, tinidazole, antibiotics for sexually transmitted diseases and reproductive tract infections. Also gloves savlon, etc



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