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Spotsylvania County Human
Inside this issue:
Benefits for Spotsylvania County Employees The following is provided to inform you, as a new full-time employee, of benefits that are now available to you and your dependents. Some benefit items like health insurance require you to respond within 30 days of eligibility or you will have to forego benefits until open en- rollment or a qualifying event occurs. This could mean that you and eligible dependents could be without health insurance. You need to
take the time to review this information care-
fully and respond timely.
Should you be one of these

Please note: The informa-
tion provided only high-
lights some of the County
Benefit Programs. This is
with many other voluntary programs, will not a comprehensive listing
nor is it a substitute for IRS
Code Section 125 benefit
ployee orientation. Please make sure you plan provisions.
Spotsylvania County reserves the right to amend, modify,
continue or terminate any of the benefits offered to County

Application forms (one for
health insurance and one

for dental coverage) must
be completed and submit-
ted to the Department of
Human Resources. Timely

submission of forms is your

Coverage begins the first of the month following a full 30 days of employment. For example, if you become employed full-time March 15, health insurance coverage would become effective May 1 as long as all required paperwork is submit-ted timely. You must at least enroll in Employee Only coverage unless you qualify for
the Opt-Out Program. The Opt-Out Program is discussed in more detail on
the next page.

When you elect to participate in the County’s Health Insurance Plan, you share in the premium cost. Insurance premiums are deducted semi-monthly on a pre-tax basis. Premi-ums are withheld for the actual month that coverage is provided. For example, premiums are deducted in May for May’s coverage. Monthly employee premium costs are as follows: KeyCare 20
KeyCare 20
KeyCare 15
KeyCare 15
Plan Coverage
* Minor Dependent is your unmarried child age 23 or younger that you provide more than 1/2 of their support. Cov-erage ceases at the end of the calendar year that the dependent child turns 23. May I Waive Coverage You may waive health insurance coverage and receive an incentive of $50.00 on a semi-monthly basis by enrolling in the Opt-Out Program. If you waive coverage, you must complete an Opt-Out Enrollment
Form within 30 days of eligibility and provide proof that you have health insurance coverage elsewhere.
These forms are available in Human Resources. Note: If you do not have health insurance coverage
elsewhere, you must elect employee only health insurance coverage at a minimum.

The County’s Flexible Spending Program To save taxes on eligible expenses. This card is used the health care and/or dependent same way as a credit card up to participate in the County’s to the Flexible Spending Ac- pay for covered health related then wait for reimbursement. monies are available up to the Examples of eligible health care items you may purchase with your withheld from your pay-  Prescription drug & Doctor visit co-pays  Contact Lenses, exam fees & contact lens solution  Over the counter medications - (ie: Zyrtec, Prilosec, ibuprofen, etc.) Enrollment in health insurance, Opt-out, or FSAs must occur within 30 days of experiencing a
qualifying event or during open enrollment.

Changes in Insurance or Flexible Spending After initial eligibility, changes in your health insurance and/or Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) can only be made during open enrollment which is typically held in May/June of each year with an effective date of July 1. Outside of open enrollment, you may make changes due to a qualifying event. Changes must be made within 30 days of a qualifying event. Examples of a qualifying event in- When can I change
clude (but are not limited to) marriage, birth of a child, divorce, my insurance?
death, spouse’s or dependent’s loss of coverage, or a major change Spotsylvania County Human
All regular full-time employees are eligible for VRS membership. The VRS retirement benefit is fully paid by the County and participation is mandatory unless you are age 65 or older. Full VRS retirement benefits are avail- able at age 50 with 30 years of service, age 55 with 30 years of service or age 65 with 5 years of service. VRS retirement benefits are based on Average Final Compen- sation of highest 36 consecutive months of creditable compensation, age, and years affiliated with VRS. A special retirement provision through VRS is offered for Sworn Law Enforcement Officers and Firefighters. Virginia Retirement System (VRS) Life Insurance VRS life insurance participation is mandatory and automatic for all regular full-time employees. Benefits are based on your annual salary rounded to the next highest $1,000: your natural death benefit is twice the annual salary; accidental death benefit is four times the annual salary. Example, if your annual salary is $25,200, salary is rounded up to the next highest thousand, $26,000. Natu-ral death benefit is $52,000; accidental death benefit is $104,000. The formula to calculate the life insurance premium is your base annual salary divided by 24 pay periods multiplied by .0052, the factor charged by VRS. For an annual salary of $25,200, the life insurance semi-monthly premium would be $5.46. Optional Life Insurance is available through VRS. This program allows you to purchase additional life insurance for yourself and your spouse or children. You are responsible for paying the premiums through payroll deduction. Proof of good health is required for all in-dividuals to be insured if coverage is not elected within 30 days of eligibility under basic group life insurance or of the qualifying event. Please note from your offer letter
when you have been scheduled for
orientation. All employees must
attend. Policies, procedures and
benefits will be reviewed in more

Have you reviewed and signed up for the benefit pro-grams for you and your eligible family members?


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