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1 Ether, Anaesthetic Inhalation, Volatile Liquid 500ml 1 Thiopentone Sodium Injection , powder for solution , 1.0g(sodium salt) in Ampoules 1 Bupivacaine Injection ,0.25% (Hydrochloride) in 10 ml Vial 1 Lidocaine Injection, 2%,(Hydrochloride) in 30 ml Vial Lidocaine Injection for spinal anaesthesia , 5% (Hydrochloride) in 2-ml ampoule to be mixed with7.5% glucose sloution Lidocaine + Epinephrine (adrenaline) Injection 1% (Hydrochloride) + Epinephrine 1:200 2 Pethidine Injection 50mg/ml ; 1 Ampoule 2 Naloxone Injection (hydrochloride) 400 Microgram/ml ; 1 ml Ampoule 2 Methotrexate Tablet 2.5mg (As sodium salt) 3 Chlorphennamine Oral solution 2mg/5ml 60ml bottle 4 Calcium gluconate Injection 100mg/ml in 10-ml ampoule 5 Carbamazepine Syrup 20mg/ml 50ml bottle 5 Phenytoin Injection 50mg/ml in 5-ml vail (Sodium salt) 5 Valproic Acid Enteric coated tablet 200mg (Sodium salt) 6 Diethyl Carbamazine Tablet 100mg (Dihydrogen citrate) 146 6.2.1 Phenoxymethyl penicillin Tablet 250mg (As potassium salt) 149 6.2.2 Metronidazole Oral suspension 200mg (As benzoate) /5ml 60ml bottle 9 Levodopa + Carbidopa Tablet 100 mg + 10 mg 9 Levodopa + Carbidopa Tablet 250 mg + 25 mg 10 Ferrous salt Tablet, equivalent to 65 mg elemental iron (Sulphate) 10 Ferrous salt Oral solution equivalent to 25 mg iron (As sulphate)/ml 100ml bottle Folic acid Injection 1 mg (As sodium salt) in 1-ml ampoule for those areas where SCD is 10 Hydroxocobalamin Injection 1 mg in 2-ml ampoule 10 Heparin sodium Injection 1000 IU/ml in 1-ml or 5-ml ampoule 10 Heparin sodium Injection 5000 IU/ml in 1-ml or 5-ml ampoule 10 Heparin sodium Injection 20000 IU/ml in 1-ml or 5-ml ampoule 10 Warfarin sodium Tablet 1 mg (Sodium salt) 12 Isosorbide dinitrate Tablet (Sublingual) 5 mg 12 Isosorbide dinitrate Tablet (Sublingual) 10 mg 12 Digoxin Oral solution solution 50 microgrmas/ml 60ml bottle 12 Digoxin Injection 250 micrograms/ml in2-ml ampoule 12 Dopamine Injection 40 mg (Hydrochloride) in 5-ml vial 13 Methyl rosanilinium chloride (Gentian violet) Cutaneous solution 0.5% 100ml bottle 13 Framycetin Sulphate Cream 0.5% 30gm tube Neomycin sulfate + Bacitracin Ointment 5 mg neomycin sulfate + 500 IU bacitracin 13 Hydrocortisone Ointment or Cream 1% (Acetate) 5gm tube 14 Fluorescein Eye drops solution 1% (Sodium salt) 17 Aluminium hydroxide + Magnesium hydroxide Oral suspension 320 mg/5ml 18 Methyl Prednisolone Injection 40 mg/ml 1ml ampul 19 Insulin injection (Soluble) Injection 100 IU/ml in 10-ml vial Intermediate -acting insulin Injection 40 IU/ml in 10-ml vial (As compound insulin zinc suspension or isophane insulin)Intermediate -acting insulin Injection 100 IU/ml in 10-ml vial (As compound insulin zinc 19 Rabies immunoglobulin human Injection 300/1500 IU in vial Tetanus Vaccine (Tetanus toxid) Injection 0.5ml amp 21 Tetracycline Eye Ointment , 1% (hydrochloride) 21 Prednisolone Solution , (Eye Drops), 0.5% (Sodium Phosphate) 21 Pilocarpine Sloution (Eye Drops) 4% (Hydrochloride or Nitrate ) 21 Timolol Solution (Eye Drops ) 0.25 % (As maleate) 22 Ergometrine Tablet 125 micrograms (Hydrogen maleate) 24 Haloperidol Injection 5 mg in 1-ml ampoule 25 Salbutamol Injection 50 micrograms (As sulfate)/ml in 5-ml ampoule 25 Salbutamol Respitator solutoin for use in nebulizers , 5mg(As sulfate)/ml 26 Potassium chloride Powder for solution 1.5 gm 26 Glucose Injection solution 10% isotonic; 26 Glucose Injection solution 50% hypertonic Glucose with sodium chloride Injection solution 4% glucose, 0.18% sodium chloride (Equivalent to Na+ 30 mmol/l , CI-30 mmol/l Sodium chloride Injectable solutoin,0.9% isotonic (Equivalent to Na+154 mmol/l,Ci-154 mmol/lSodium bi carbonate Injectiable solution, 1.4% isotonic (equivalent to Na+167 mmol/l, 26 HCO3 -167 mmol/l); solution,8.4% in 10-ml ampoule (equivalent to Na+ 1000 27 Pyridoxine Tablet 25 mg (Hydrochloride) 27 vitamin A capsul20000 IU (as per palmitate) (110mg) 27 Thiamine Injectable 50 mg (Hydrochloride) 2ml Ampul Inj. Iron Sucrose 50mg 2.5ml amp 50mg 2.5ml amp D16 Dextrose with Sodium Chloride Injectable Solution (Intravenous Fluid) 5% Dextrose, Metoclopramide Hydrochloride Injection 5 mg/ml 2ml ampoule Suture 8-0 Virgin Silk Sutures Minimum of 30 cm length double armed mounted on 3/8 circle 6mm long micropoint spatulated corneal needle 150 microns diamater in usp sterilized overwarp. ^^PACKING^^ 12 Nos of sutures should be packed in a box and each box should be marked with ^^C.G. Government Supply Not for sale^^Suture 10.0 Monofilament nylon suture minimum of 30 cm length coloured (Black) Double armed mounted on 3/8 circle 6mm long micropoint spatulated corneal needle 150 microns diameter in USP Sterilized Overwrap.



Stakeout Major Characters A police detective in Seattle, Washington. Chris' partner, who is another Seattle police detective. A very attractive woman, who Chris and Bill are assigned to protect. Maria's violent ex-boyfriend, who escapes from prison. Plot Summary Stick, who is a ruthless murderer, escapes from prison. Afterward, Chris andBill are assigned to keep a "stakeout" o

CLINICIAN’S CORNER Management of Fibromyalgia Syndrome Don L. Goldenberg, MD Context The optimal management of fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) is unclear and comprehensive evidence-based guidelines have not been reported. Objective To provide up-to-date evidence-based guidelines for the optimal treat- ment of FMS. ATANYONETIME,10%TO12% DataSources,Selection,andExtraction Asearchofallhu

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