Malaria is a life-threatening disease caused by a
parasite and is transmitted via the bites of infected
mosquitoes (Plasmodium Anopheles mosquito ).

25th April
every year- is a day of unified
commemoration of the global effort to provide
effective control of malaria around the world-world
malaria day.
Facts about Malaria

• Over 60%of the world’s population lives in • Malaria kills a child somewhere in the world • It infects 350-500 million people each year, killing 1 million, mostly children in Africa. • Ninety per cent of malaria deaths occur in • Over 30% of school absenteeism in Africa is attributed to malaria and other illnesses. • Malaria is both preventable and treatable. • Early diagnosis and treatment saves life.
Signs and Symptoms of malaria
These appear between 10 and 15 days after mosquito
bites but may occur even after 60 days, they include:
• Confusion,Hallucinations,Coma(unconsciousnes
Who is at increased risk for malaria?
• Travelers coming from areas with no malaria • Pregnant women and their unborn children. • Non immune persons while in malaria areas. • People with lowered immunity such as in HIV/Aids are usually worst hit by malaria. • Poverty, lack of knowledge, and little or no access to health care also contribute to malaria deaths worldwide Prevention of malaria
Use mosquito repellant nets-some chemicals such
as permethrin which is a chemical used as a
mosquito repellant sprayed on the clothes and
mosquito nets.
• Permethrin 0.5 to 1% is available in various chemists as over the counter medication which is effective for at least 2-6 weeks and may last for up to 1 year even through laundering if its concentration is higher such as in the already treated mosquito nets that last 1 to 4 years or in tablets used for treating mosquito nets. DEET (N, N-diethyl-m-tiluamide) is also approved
chemical for skin application on the exposed parts of
the body such as hands, legs as a mosquito repellant
which may last 4-6hours.Its available in 15-33% in
chemists and major hospital pharmacies and offers
97% protection.
• When combined DEET and Permethrin offers 99.9% protection against mosquitoes. Among locally available brands includes: Mijex gel/spray and Mosout spray. These chemicals are not harmful to the body as they are poorly absorbed, and are rapidly deactivated -their rare side effects include itching, redness and dizziness. They should not be applied to the eyes, mouth or broken skin. In addition:
• Wear clothing covering most body parts while in • Clear bushes, long grasses.
• Drain stagnant waters.
• Use of insecticides to kill mosquitoes. • All pregnant mothers should take appropriate malaria prophylaxis when going to malaria areas as directed by the Doctor. • Travelers should take prophylactic medication when going to malaria areas-per your Dr. • Seek medical advice for symptoms of malaria For more information contact-UNON JMS


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