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I find that most students are not aware of the existence of the exchange/twinning programme, because of lack of communication regarding the same. My friend and I had to literally unearth the information and then get in touch with the faculty members responsible for the programme. I feel that a lot more students would participate if they are made aware of the programme through announcements and notices. On-site Orientation &
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Very Good ( It would be very helpful if the students are orientation?
informed about how the marking systems differ in both Institutes. Though I did learn that eventually, I found myself at a disadvantage for the first few assignments. Overall, the orientation was quite informative and helped us get in touch with the exchange students from other universities) Academics
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The institute provided excellent international exposure, both culturally and academically. One bizarre aspect was that the workload was not uniform- towards the end it became quite stressful. Also, another important point is the feedback that we receive from the AMFI professors- they are more critical in their approach and thus it is crucial to accept it positively. Their marking style is a lot stricter as compared to NIFT, but it proved to be an excellent learning experience. Facilities
Things to carry
Carry a few winter clothes but it is better to shop for appropriate clothing once you have reached Amsterdam. The rooms usually contain vessels left by previous residents and it would be advisable to not carry any from India. Monthly expenses: approx.300 euros including materials for school. Cost & availability
Average meal in restaurants: 8 euros to 13 euros About 50 €/month. Indian food also available Albert hein is a famous supermarket and provides all the necessary ingredients. There are Asian and Indian stores- although a bit tricky to find them. Making your own VS
Making your own is cheaper than eating out. Food in Making our own is easier as cost of food and eating out
It should be noted that vegetarian food is available in plenty and is not at all a problem. On-campus food
Transportation & Travel
Local transportation
Satisfactory . Amsterdam has trams, metro and trains. However, most use bicycle to travel. It is advisable to buy one as it is more convenient than local transport system. You will be able to buy one for approximately 75 euros from a second hand store. Note that Amsterdam is notorious for thievery of bicycles and it is therefore crucial to lock properly. Must haves
Autumn semester: Outer jackets, sweaters and thermals, First aid, winter jackets, boots, scarves, gloves, boots. Buy a few in India as it takes time to settle down. But once again, you are inevitably going to shop in Amsterdam and so spare yourself the pain of having to carry a lot. Carry a few of your materials instead, as they are extremely expensive in Holland. Leave it at home
Food ingredients- instead look for an Indian store all kinds of vessels are available in plenty. Weather considerations
Dress in layers. Don’t buy bulky outfits, instead wear It will be very cold ( upto -14C). Better to go well clothes in layers- easier to manage and carry. Amsterdam has characteristic summer and winter and most of the Indian outfits are fit only for the latter. Until spring starts, it is important to buy necessary warm clothes. Oh, also, please buy lip balm on reaching Amsterdam as the Indian ones are not effective there!!! Finances
How much you spent
Materials and print outs: 300 euros Miscellaneous expenditure: (trams etc) weekly 20 euros (trams are very expensive, best to get a bicycle) Memorable moments of
Daylight saving time: they set their clock one hour ahead culture shock
during spring; watch out, because we do not have that in India. Everything closes by 5:30 pm on weekdays and Sundays are necessary holidays. Please do all you shopping and printing before that. Amsterdam is notorious for its lax views on drugs and prostitution. It is to be noted that the general Dutch public looks at tourists involved in these with disfavor and disapproval. Communication
Phones & phone cards
Buy a Vodafone SIM card in Amsterdam as it is cheaper. Computer & internet
Any other comments
Most students are Dutch. However, everyone speaks excellent English, including shopkeepers, and you need only request.


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