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Curiculum Vitae
Angelo Paradiso MD – PhD - Scientific Director of NCI Bari (Italy)

Function within OECI
- Co-opted Board Member, Chairperson Educational Working Group

Degrees: Medicine in 1980, University of Bari
-Oncology in 1985, University of Bari,
Pharmacology, 1988, University of Bari

Professional Experience (function and hospital/University etc)
Scientific Director NCI Bari Giovanni Paolo II • from 2005 Deputy Scientific Director Director of the Experimental Clinical Oncology Laboratory, NCI Bari Experimental Clinical Oncology Laboratory, NCI Bari Assistant Director Medical Oncology Division, NCI Bari Post-Doc fellow Institute fur Strhalenbiologie, Munster University, Germany • 1988-1994 Medical Assistent Div. Oncologia Medica, Laboratorio Oncologia Triennal Fellowship A.I.R.C. c/o Div. Oncologia Medica, Ospedale • 1983-1984 Post-Doc fellow INT Milano c/o Oncologia Sperimentale C

Special Recognition
Main areas of research interest:
Study design and conduction;
Clinical controlled studies;
Prognostic predictive factors;
Quality Control;
Tissue Banks;

Oncology in Medical Faculty of University of Bari
1987 International Prize “Fiuggi city of Alabama University – USA” 1988 National Prize “Giorgio Prodi” launched by A.I.O.M. 1993 National Prize “Medicina FORUM National Academy”
Positions held in Cancer Organisation:
• National Co-ordinator of the INQAT ( Italian Network for Quality Assesment of Tumor biomarkers,
• Coordinator of “National Virtual Tumour Tissue Bank “ sponsored by Alleanza contro il Cancro (2004) • Member of the group Receptor Biomarker Study Group of the EORTC (Chairman M. Schmitt, • Chairman of the Italia-China Bilateral Cohoperation Program for the development of an “Italia-China • Member of the National Committee Cancer • Member of the LILT National Committee “Alimentazione” from October 2007 • Publications: 2008
1: Harbeck N, Nimmrich I, Hartmann A, Ross JS, Cufer T, Grützmann R, Kristiansen
G, Paradiso A, Hartmann O, Margossian A, Martens J, Schwope I, Lukas A, Müller V
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Multicenter Study Using Paraffin-Embedded Tumor Tissue Testing PITX2 DNA
Methylation As a Marker for Outcome Prediction in Tamoxifen-Treated,
Node-Negative Breast Cancer Patients.
J Clin Oncol. 2008 Aug 18. [Epub ahead of print]
2: Tommasi S, Pilato B, Pinto R, Monaco A, Bruno M, Campana M, Digennaro M,
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3: Azzariti A, Porcelli L, Gatti G, Nicolin A, Paradiso A.
Synergic antiproliferative and antiangiogenic effects of EGFR and mTor inhibitors
on pancreatic cancer cells.
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4: Aresta A, Calvano CD, Palmisano F, Zambonin CG, Monaco A, Tommasi S, Pilato
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5: Carpagnano GE, Foschino-Barbaro MP, Spanevello A, Resta O, Carpagnano F, MuléG, Pinto R,
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7: Falchetti M, Lupi R, Rizzolo P, Ceccarelli K, Zanna I, Calò V, Tommasi S,
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BRCA1/BRCA2 rearrangements and CHEK2 common mutations are infrequent in Italian
male breast cancer cases.
Breast Cancer Res Treat. 2008 Jul;110(1):161-7. Epub 2007 Jul 28.
8: Bellizzi A, Mangia A, Chiriatti A, Petroni S, Quaranta M, Schittulli F,
Malfettone A, Cardone RA, Paradiso A, Reshkin SJ.
RhoA protein expression in primary breast cancers and matched lymphocytes is
associated with progression of the disease.
Int J Mol Med. 2008 Jul;22(1):25-31.
9: Saghatchian M, Hummel H, Otter R, de Valeriola D, Van Harten W, Paradiso A,
Koot B, Ringborg U, Tursz T; Organisation of European Cancer Institutes.
Towards quality, comprehensiveness and excellence. The accreditation project of
the Organisation of European Cancer Institutes (OECI).
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10: Tommasi S, Pilato B, Pinto R, Monaco A, Bruno M, Campana M, Digennaro M,
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11:Mangia A, Chiriatti A, Chiarappa P, Incalza MA, Antonaci G, Pilato B, Simone
G, Tommasi S, Paradiso A.
Touch imprint cytology in tumor tissue banks for the confirmation of neoplastic
cellularity and for DNA extraction.
Arch Pathol Lab Med. 2008 Jun;132(6):974-8.
12: Sebastian S, Azzariti A, Accardi R, Conti D, Pilato B, LaCalamita R, Porcelli
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Validation of gefitinib effectiveness in a broad panel of head and neck squamous
carcinoma cells.
Int J Mol Med. 2008 Jun;21(6):809-17.
13: Lacalamita R, Schirone M, Paradiso A.
ISO 9001:2000 applied to a research oncology laboratory: which problems? The
experience of National Cancer Institute-Bari.
Ann Oncol. 2008 Jun;19(6):1207-8. Epub 2008 Apr 25. No abstract available.
14:Mangia A, Chiarappa P, Tommasi S, Chiriatti A, Petroni S, Schittulli F,
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Genetic heterogeneity by comparative genomic hybridization in BRCAx breast
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15: Divella R, Lacalamita R, Tommasi S, Coviello M, Daniele A, Garrisi VM, Abbate I, Simone G, Gadaleta
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PAI-1, t-PA and circulating hTERT DNA as related to virus infection in liver
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16: Verderio P, Ramsden SC, Orlando C, Pizzamiglio S, Paradiso A, Neumaier M,
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External quality assessment schemes for real-time PCR: a statistical procedure to corrective actions.
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17: Seymour IJ, Casadei S, Zampiga V, Rosato S, Danesi R, Falcini F, Strada M,
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18: Colabufo NA, Berardi F, Cantore M, Perrone MG, Contino M, Inglese C, Niso M
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19: Giannelli G, Sgarra C, Porcelli L, Azzariti A, Antonaci S, Paradiso A.
EGFR and VEGFR as potential target for biological therapies in HCC cells.
Cancer Lett. 2008 Apr 18;262(2):257-64.


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