Technical Data Sheet
Triangle’s HPS series vinyl-baseed solvent Property Gamut
sales person in your area, please contact: products are optimized for high pigment DENSITY Hp® 9000 vs. TRIANGLE® HPS
graphics media. These inks are intended for 800.895.8001 toll free+1 510.895.8080 fax Printing Room Temperature
Printing Room Humidity
is a solvent pigmented
extended durability inkjet
ink optimized for use in

the Hp® DesignJet™,
Seiko® Colorpainter™,
and Oce® 6060™ series
damage. When stored properly inks havea 12 month shelf life. AlloW Color Gamut
Color Density
Temperature Exposure & Jetting
L*a*b* color space is a color-opponent space with dimension L for lightness and a and b temperature settings affect the viscosity space coordinates. Color spaces are related of the ink and therefore the accuracy of in purpose, but differ in implementation.
drop formation and dot placement. Prolonged exposure to temperatures Typical Physical Properties
Compatible Materials
Materials that can be kept in long term contact with the inks include: Stainless Incompatible Materials
Materials that are not recommended for
long term contact with the inks include:
Butyl rubber, PU-rubbers, Neoprene.
Outdoor Durability
HPS inks utilize extremely light fast
pigments and are designed for outdoor
use. With a suitable substrate and correct ink application, HPS inks should withstand 2 years of outdoor exposure. Laboratory tests passed the 2 year Viscosity Temperature Ladder
outdoor durability criteria (delta E of <10 TRIANGLE® HPS Inks
using accelerated testing equipment).
HPS have been formulated to achieve
optimum adhesion on commonly used
vinyl substrates. Certain display graphics
media types such as cast acrylics, polycar-bonate and other non-ionic surfaces can be problematic, but the use of our BondAid® adhesion promoters or Ceptor® primers can solve many adhe-sion issues. *Conditions apply. This information has been carefully studied from experience gained in thelaboratory and under commercial situations. it is subject to change without notice. All sales aresubject to our standard terms and conditions of sale. Since applications vary tremendously, the and assumes all risk and liabilty related to such use. INX Digital International Co. makes no warranty,express or implied, for the use of the product for any particular application. In no event shall INX DigitalInternational Co. be liable for damages in excess of the original cost of the product nor shall INX DigitalInternational Co. be liable for any special or consequential damages. **Coverage was calculated using HPS is not endorsed by Hewlett-Packard Development Company, Seiko I Infotech®, or OCE. HP® Designjet™ name and copyrightedmaterials are the property of Hewlett-Packard Development Company, Palo Alto, CA. Seiko Colorpainter name and copyrighted materials are the property of Seiko I Infotech, Japan.

Source: http://paris.triangledigital.biz/publicftp/Marketing/Literature/TRIANGLE_Tech_Data_Sheets/HPS_Low.pdf


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