Wish list

General Supplies:
* Paper towels - white, ridged kind - for cage bottom liners for birds and for making birds nests
* Toilet paper - for making bird nests
* Kleenex - for making bird nests
* Plastic Berry Baskets - for making birds nests
Zip Lock bags and Freezer bags - all sizes - to store fish/assorted food items in freezer
Dawn Liquid Dish Detergent - Blue only - for oiled birds (to clean their feathers)
Bleach - plain - for disinfecting feeding utensils
Printer/Copy machine paper - for office work, record keeping, statistics, paperwork, letters, etc.
Black printer cartridge - for Brother LC-51 - for office work
Plastic spray bottles - to mist birds for waterproofing or for spray disinfectants
* Aquariums - all sizes - don't have to be waterproof /small cracks OK that can be taped
Astroturf - for perches for raptors
Indoor/Outdoor carpeting - for cage liners for waterfowl and shorebirds
* Duct Tape - wide and small width sized - used in "waterproof and pickproof" bandages
* Large Trash and Yard bags - for cage cleaning
* Kitchen Trash bags - for Animal Room daily cleaning
Heat Lamps - for ducklings and goslings
60 Watt light bulbs - for heat lamps for ducklings and goslings
Hardware cloth - for outdoor caging - 2', 3', and 4' widths
Fiberglass Mesh Screening - to use as cover for playpen bird caging
* Lysol - antibacterial - to disinfect feeding utensils
* Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap - hand cleaning before/during/after all animal handling
* Hand Sanitizer Pump Bottles - to clean hands between handling different animals
Chain link fencing - for temporary holding pens for waterfowl
Fencing materials, dog runs, dog pens - for waterfowl caging
Food Dishes - crocks, glass, ceramic dishes and bowls - heavy bottom to not tip over
Dog bowls - food and water - for feeding mammals and waterfowl
Sisal rope - all sizes - for perches for outdoor bird cages
Hamster & Rabbit water bottles - for mammal drinking
Airline pet carriers - kennel cabs - medium and large sizes - to house waterfowl and shorebirds
* Laundry detergent - to wash towels used in cages and during wound care
Plywood - any thickness - for outdoor cage construction
Sponges - for general cleaning of animal room or kennels
Plastic and metal trash cans - to store feed outside in sheds and to use as waterfowl shelters
Laundry baskets - to put dirty towels in or use for temporary bird cages
Play pens - vinyl bottom and mesh sides - for caging young waterfowl
* Kitchen Shears/Poultry Shears - for cutting up chicken necks and fish for food
Flashlights - to check outdoor cages at night
Batteries - for flashlights
Dogloos and dog houses - for shelters and nest sites for waterfowl in pen and cages
Tarps - to protect outside animals and birds during winter weather
Plastic Sheds - for storage
Kennel Runs - for waterfowl and shorebirds
Plastic Kiddie pools - all sizes - for waterfowl
Crab Boxes - plastic cages - for newborn mammals and nestling birds
Cement Mixing plastic tubs - for waterfowl as drinking or bathing areas

Rake - to clean outdoor cages; Pitch Fork - to aerate straw in outdoor cages; Shovels - to get mulch
Lumber - all sizes, (preferably treated) - for outdoor cage construction
Ferret and Parrot cages - large size preferred, but will take all sizes - for large mammals and birds
Wheat straw - for cage bedding
Alfalfa Hay - for rabbit food
Welding gloves - for raptor handling and large shorebirds
Gardening gloves - leather and cloth - for small mammals and songbirds and cage work
* Water Hoses - for refilling outdoor water pans and cleaning cages
Spray nozzles - for cleaning kennel cabs
Medical Supplies: - they do NOT need to be sterile (just clean) and CAN BE EXPIRED
* Heating pads - for all wounded/new arrivals, baby mammals, and young birds (NO automatic shut-off)
Blankets - to cover large cages for stress reduction
Towels - to lay animal on during wound care/medical treatments
Sheets - to cover large cages for stress reduction
Surgical gloves/Latex exam gloves - for wound care/medical treatments
Safety goggles - to protect eyes from raptors and long billed shorebirds
Microscope - for fecal examinations
Pedialyte - plain and fruit flavored - for fluid replacement therapy for mammals and birds
Roccal disinfectant - to disinfect caging and supplies Betadine Solution - for wound care
Betadine Wipes - for wound care
* Blunt Tip Forceps - used as feeding utensil
* Bandage Scissors - for medical treatment and wound care
Chlorhexidine Solution - for disinfecting caging and animal room
Adams Flea & Tick Spray - water based only - kind for puppies/kittens only - parasite treatment
Syringes - all sizes - O ring preferred - for injections and feeding utensil
Needles - all size gauges - for injections
Band-aides - for human injuries
Gauze - squares and rolls - for wound treatment and splinting
* Adhesive tape - all sizes - for bandaging and splinting
* Micropore (paper) tape - all sizes - for bandaging birds
* New Skin or Liquid Bandage: liquid in a bottle - for wound treatment
* Triple Antibiotic Ointment - for wound care
Catheter tubes - all sizes - for feeding opossums and fluid therapy for large birds
Ophthalmoscope and battery - for eye exams
* Tegaderm - all sizes - for wound care and turtle shell repair
* Silvadene ointment - for bird skin wounds and treating rabbit skin tears
Antibiotics - recently expired are safe to use for wildlife
Baytril tablets
Baytril liquid
BNP Ointment

BNP Ophthalmic Ointment
BNP Ophthalmic Ointment with Dexamethasone
Calcium Gluconate –liquid and injectable
Hydrocortisone cream
IV Fluids - LRS, 5% Dextrose & LRS, 9% (Normal) Saline - for fluid replacement therapy
Metacam – oral suspension and injectable
Nolvasan Ointment
Oxbow Critical Care for Carnivores
Oxbow Critical Care for Herbivores
Roccal disinfectant
Silvadine Ointment
Silver Nitrate Sticks
SMZ-TMP (sulfatrim)
Vitamin B complex forte
Food Supplies: any of these items throughout the year
Wild bird seed
Sunflower seeds - black oil and striped
White Millet
Dry dog and cat food
Hills Science Diet Kitten Growth dry food
Exact Hand Feeding Parrot diet
Whole and shelled nuts - all types
Purina Chicken Scratch grains
Parrot food & treats
Finch and Canary seed
Purina Chick Start and Grow
Purina Flock Raiser
Purina Layena
Rabbit Pellets
Kaytee Rodent block
Deer corn
Cracked corn
Cheerios - plain

Shredded Wheat - plain, small squares
Mazuri Monkey Chow biscuits
Mazuri Trout Chow or Sea Duck Chow
Gerber's Chicken and Broth Baby Food (stage 2)
Suet cakes and Dough squares
Peanuts - raw, in shell, unsalted
Mealworms - all sizes
Fresh fruit and berries
Green leafy lettuce
Fresh vegetables
Basically - if you have something and aren't sure, call and check - chances are we can use it somehow or
make it work!!!!!
Possumwood Acres Wildlife Sanctuary


Source: http://possumwoodacres.org/uploads/Wish_List.pdf

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