this erectile dysfunction or ED. Many factors can prevent normal sexual who had frequent sexual activity before their diagnosis and treatment function. It is the treatment that causes > Other methods are injection therapy decisions and discussions with your doctor. There are four parts to normal sexual function in men – sex drive (also called libido), erection, ejaculation your sexual function can be affected. This information describes what may development of male sex organs and sexual behaviour. When testosterone Figure 2 - Male Reproductive System
Radical Surgery to remove the prostate (as indicated by dotted line) Prostate
Lifestyle factors can af ect your sexual avoiding excessive alcohol intake, eating a healthy diet and exercising when a man is sexual y stimulated. This happens when nerves in the penis (the arteries) to relax. This causes the in. The penis elongates, shutting of the veins so that less blood leaves the penis than enters it. This continues until a full propel ed into the urethra (urine tube). During ejaculation, pressure builds up in the prostate region, a muscular valve at outflow of urine. Semen is propel ed out than enters it and the erection subsides. of the penis as the pelvic floor muscles vessels are important for erections. The nerves necessary for erections causing a loss of libido (sexual desire) If it is considered safe to do so, nerve by treatment to the prostate It is helpful to use oral medications gland? (taken by mouth) such as Viagra, Cialis or Levitra and/or penile unassisted erections. Some men are advised to take these tablets in low important to erectile function lie close to the prostate and can be damaged when the prostate cancer is treated. A series of ‘give it time’. After surgery your body an erection, lie in bundles just next to the blood vessels expand in order to deliver the one you’ll have  years later. Many After a radical prostatectomy, the stimuli that caused an erection in and seminal vesicles. Initially the focus partial erection, go ahead and attempt intercourse – vaginal stimulation may encourage further and better quality erections. Continue with sexual not occur. Don’t wait for the time when months), there is usually some return of erection strength. to medium term. Several years after radiotherapy, erectile function typical y declines gradual y. This is thought to be prostate that are important for erections. fluid. This is cal ed a ‘dry ejaculation’. It control prostate cancer has a lower risk during an ejaculation sensation, but it is healthy tissues adjacent to the prostate. Table : PDE5* inhibitors (medications that assist erections) in its flaccid (floppy) state. This can be Ejaculation fluid is often maintained after progresses, the penis wil usual y start to look more as it did before the operation. Nevertheless, it is general y accepted that in the erect state, the penis is about penis appears ‘retracted’ into the body. sex drive will be diminished for most men. However, continuation of and concern between you and your partner can be very important in the attacks are more likely to occur during exercise than otherwise. of these side effects (e.g. the antibiotic these drugs. If the medication doesn’t PDE5 drugs, but often their sexual desire is low. erections after a radical prostatectomy. A drug is injected each time an erection return of erectile function. In addition, any direct sexual stimulation – it is a (alprostadil) is the most commonly available. As with PDE5 inhibitors, it is the risk of one of the uncommon side ef ects – a painful prolonged erection, cal ed priapism. Any erection lasting more than 4 hours with this Some doctors prescribe a tablet to help deflate the erection should it last for  hours or more, or be painful (e.g. pseudoephedrine 60–0 mg oral y).
activity is a form of exercise and heart penis; injection therapy can fail if this is sexual intimacy – there may be new discoveries to be made! Caverject Impulse is in a powder form that can be stored or transported at the cancer or from any potential urinary picture. There is far more to a fulfilling fulfilling relationship and to be rid of a with these devices is very helpful. Most companies make available health. This includes benign prostate disease and urinary symptoms penis to create a mechanical erection. Such an operation is normally not of the cost of inserting these devices is men. You can find a practitioner with an Has the PHIP series, support groups, an online email helpline, treatment Intimacy with impotence: The couple’s guide to better sex This book provides information on relationships, commercial therapies constantly being updated. We have made every effort to ensure that surrounding family breakdown or separation. ph: 00 8 99 8, This information has been developed by the Urology Unit at the Repatriation General Hospital, in consultation with men who live with prostate and community agencies have contributed to their production. We 2. Interpreting the PSA test for prostate are grateful to all of these individuals 3. After a diagnosis of prostate cancer:


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Individualized therapy for hypertension ( a shorter version of this was published in J. David Spence M.D., FRCPC, FAHA Stroke Prevention & Atherosclerosis Research Centre 1400 Western Rd., London, ON, Canada N6G 2V2 Phone: 519-663-3113; Fax 519-663-3018; email The recent publication of the Blood Pressure management of resistant hypertension7, 8. As Lowering Arm

An inspired resurrection of freudian drive theory: but does nick totton's reichian 'bodymind' concept supersede cartesian dualism?

INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PSYCHOTHERAPHY, VOL. 5, NO. 2, 2000 An inspired resurrection of Freudian drive theory: but does Nick Totton’s Reichian `bodymind’ concept supersede Cartesian dualism? Review article on Nick Totton’s The Water in the Glass: body and mind in psychoanalysis , London: Rebus Press, 1998, 266 pp., ISBN: L 900877 L2 0 Minster Centre/Scarborough Psychotherapy Training

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