When I ask people to read the first two pages, all I see is an empty or angry look on their faces, as if tosay: how can this “nobody” have the nerve to make such accusations? Well, “Mr. Nobody” himself has been suffering from multiple sclerosis over the last four decades; he still works as a medical doctor and has suc-cessful y managed to stop the progression of his disease. In 1906, researchers found a way to detect the pathogen that causes syphilis by means of dark-field microscopy. But this important method, which al ows to safely identify the pathogen, has never become established as a standard method of detection.
Dark-field microscopy is the only way to get a grip on this fatal disease. It is an investigation method thatwould provide mil ions of people with jobs. Serology will never be more than just a guess, a needle-in-a haystack search. Yet il nesses of uncertain origin are on the increase: Autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular diseases, skin diseases, cancer, and AIDS. The underlying cause of all these symptoms might be syphilis. But none seems to be interested in finding out. The only place wheredark-field microscopes are used is in breweries – for tracing a certain type of fermentation bacteria.
My dear friends in the legal department!
There are many laws relating to syphilis; but serological arrays alone are nothing but a drop in the ocean.
Dark-field microscopy needs to be rediscovered as the only truly effective instrument.
To all legal experts and all fellow human beings:
Cancer may just as well be a luetic ulcer. What a disgrace! What a nonsense! Where is the proof? Unfortu-
nately, there is no proof – the dark-field microscopes that could prove it, they are all locked away in the
breweries. Mil ions of people suffering just because they are victims of a wrong diagnosis – it is hard to
believe that such gross injustice would not tear on every lawyer`s heartstrings. What if they themselves or
any of their relatives were to fall ill with an infectious disease; a disease which is said to be uncurable, but
is in fact nothing else than lues.
Dear MS patients, dear fellow sufferers!
Non of you would be locked up in a wheelchair if you had been given the proper dose of penicil in or tetra-
cycline when the first neurological symptoms occurred. If you were to get the right medication now, the
disease would stop progressing; but it has already taken its tol , and you will never in your hole life feel like
a normal and healthy human being again. It is the slow progression of the disease that makes its timely
diagnosis so extremely difficult.
Dear companions in misfortune!
Multiple sclerosis is a misguided development in medical history. It will be easier for us to understand
what has triggered such a development if we try to grasp how terrifying it must have been for people
to be diagnosed with syphilis. Multiple sclerosis was born, invented, created out of a bare necessity. It is
nothing but a fake, an invention! And one invention creates yet another. “You are suffering from an auto-
immune disease – there`s nothing we can do about it now; but it won`t take long until we find a cure.”
This is what the patient gets to hear year after year; and sooner or later they al pass away. The pathogen
must be stopped from spreading by treating the patients with penicil in or tetracycline. But it also needs
to be clear that it wil take years and years until the symptoms slowly begin to abate and the patient feel
Most patients become disappointed and frustrated: another therapy that doesn`t seem to work! It does
work! The disease stops. It real y does. After being treated with penicil in or tetracycline, you can be sure
that the disease won`t get any worse.


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