Dwayne-mark Aranha • • Profile
• 21 years in the field of design (advertising, financial, multimedia, direct marketing, and other promotional/marketing

applications). Input has ranged from concept stage to production. Skills
• Taking a project from concept through production, with good knowledge of the process, a keen eye for design, and good

• In-depth knowledge of design applications (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat Professional, and QuarkXpress) as well as familiarity with Dreamweaver, Flash, Flash Catalyst, Fireworks, and HTML. • Work both on- and off-site (OS X or Windows 8 : Adobe® CC, QuarkXpress®, Microsoft® Office™); Epson® Perfection 4490 Experience
The following is a selection of some of the studios that I have worked with and a short description of the work:
• M Marketing Inc.

Design/layout for promotions/advertising/collateral for Visa, Sears, Moneris, CLAC. • Publicis
Design/layout for advertising/collateral for Rogers, Labatt, Chrysler, Air Miles. • Taxi 2
Design/production for advertising/collateral for Koodo Mobile, Dundee Wealth, BMW Mini. • Taxi Canada Ltd.
Design/production for advertising/collateral for Telus, Covenant House, Canadian Tire, New York Life, Bombardier. • Interbrand Canada
• Pareto Corporation
Design/production for marketing/promotional material for Xerox Canada, Ford Canada, Apotex, among others. • Office of the Auditor General of Ontario
Layout/production for communications at the Office of the Auditor General of Ontario. • LCBO
Design/production for in-house/store marketing/promotional material. Experience (continued)
• Education Quality and Accountability Office
Testing and implementation of an automated document building system using Xtags, QuarkXpress and CMS. Production for test & promotional material for the Ontario education system. • MacKenzie Financial
• Achilles Media Ltd.
Design and production of signage for the Banff World Television Festival. • Wellington West Capital Inc.
Application of new company brand standards to all communication and marketing material. • Wunderman
Design/production for promotional material for a range of retail and Direct Mail clients. • Downtown Partners DDB
Design/production for promotional material for Budweiser/Bud Light, Prime Pubs. • GroundZero Marketing Communications Inc.
Design/production for promotional material, including Moen, CIBC Run for the Cure, IMAX, among others. • Draft
Design/production for Direct Mail and Promotional material. • Craib Design
Design/production for Annual Reports and Corporate presentations. • Endeavour Marketing Communications Inc.
Design/production for the Toronto International Film Festival. • Shoppers Drug Mart
Design/production for In-Store retail material. • Leapfrog Designed Communications
Design/production for Annual Reports and related Website in English and Spanish. • Campbell Sheffield Design
Design/production for Annual Reports and brochures etc. • The Marketing Store
Design/production for marketing/advertising material. • DDB Canada
New Business Development Support – powerpoint presentations and multimedia pitches. • Rogers Media Publishing
Design/layout for financial and healthcare periodicals and collateral. Experience (continued)
• Spencer Francey Peters
Design/production of campaign collateral for Scotia Bank. • Capital C Communications
Design/production of campaign pieces for Bell Canada, Pepsi. • Strateco
Design/production of campaign pieces for Cadbury, Heinz, Fleecy, Colgate Palmolive. • Armstrong Partnership
Design/production of promo pieces for Pepsi, Adams, Mastercard, Colgate Palmolive. • Anderson DDB
Design/production of advertising collateral for Esso, Alesse, Premplus. • Simplified Communications
Design/production of mutual fund prospectus for Clarica; Style guide for Royal Mutual Fund statements. • Taylor/Sprules Corporation
Design/production of powerpoint pres., posters, banners, booth displays, brochures, ads, pocket folders, newsletter, display pedestal, and other collateral for Coventus Inc. participation in HITEC2000 tradeshow in Dallas, Texas; Packaging for Fantom vacuum cleaners; Signage, ads, door hanger, Binder for Arcitel; Ads, banners, in-house posters for NuWave Photonics. • L.A. Ads
Design/production of ads for Holt Renfrew; Posters, counter displays, POP displays, ads, t-shirts, caps, trading cards, for Mary Brown; ads, billboards, sweatshirts, t-shirts, caps, flags, gym towels, jackets, for Waterclub Condominiums; Ads for Grand Touring Automobiles, Campaign concept for Yacht Club Condominiums. • Maclean Hunter Publishing
Design/production of direct mail, advertising and promotional material for Maclean’s, Chatelaine, Flare, Canadian Business, Profit, Châtelaine and L’actualité. • Orpin & Associates
Design/production of publicity and promotional material for Style at Home magazine, CB commercial & Canada Lands, among others. Education
• Bachelor of Fine Arts (Applied Art) with a specialization in illustration.



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