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September 26th, 2011 Communiqué #1
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Margaret Fitzpatrick
Provincial Chairperson of Resolutions and Legislation

Resolution – 2011.4 Caffeine in Energy Drinks
The Canadian Ministry (current)
Personal Letter Writing Guide
As I am new to this standing committee, I am finding that there is a lot to learn
and much that can be done. As a former teacher of primary students and mother
of five, now young adults, (John and I celebrated our fortieth anniversary in July),
I am aware that there are many issues of concern – in our spiritual lives, in
health, education, family and community life, even in communications – all areas
of life encompassed by League standing committees. I have been a League
member for 15 years, serving as parish president for three terms and am
currently past president and chairperson of resolutions and legislation.

Resolutions for 2011
Anne-Marie Gorman, National Chairperson of Resolutions has informed us that
four resolutions were adopted by delegates at the National Convention.
Prohibition of Practices re: Human Reproductive Material Children of Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women National Organ and Tissue Transplantation Registry
These resolutions will be published in the Fall issue of the League magazine with
suggested action plans for members and will be presented by members of the
National Executive to members of the Federal Government in November.
Resolution 2011.4 Caffeine in Energy Drinks:
Congratulations to Lidwina, Rita, Agnes and Kay on the development of
Resolution 2011.4 Caffeine in Energy Drinks. It started out as an idea – a
concern – and was discussed and researched from the parish level to national. I
was fortunate to attend the meeting in the final preparation of this resolution and
was amazed by the careful planning and attention to detail. No doubt, it was due
to their diligence and the excellent presentation by Rita that it passed
unanimously at the National Convention.
A copy of this resolution is attached with a plan of action for members,
HOWEVER, on October 6th; Health Canada issued a press release announcing
new measures that will provide consumers with more information on energy
drinks. We will wait to hear more before proceeding with the action plan.
Letter Writing
Letter writing by councils and members is a most important action in following up
on adopted resolutions. It is suggested that you write, depending on the issue:
Federal: prime minister, cabinet minister, member of parliament, senator Provincial: premier, cabinet minister, member of the legislature Municipal: mayor, councilor  Other persons in authority: church, business, school system, professions Individual letters written on personal stationary are most effective. When a letter
is written and copies sent to other ministers, count each one. When parish
councils are completing annual reports, include the number of letters written in
support of the resolutions adopted at previous conventions. With over 95 000
members, we can make a difference.
An excellent guide for writing letters can be obtained from the Personal Letter
Writing Guide –
Easy steps to WRITING LETTERS THAT COUNT. This can
be downloaded for free fromgo to Resources and choose Resource
List. Click on Personal Letter Writing Guide and print it.
A copy is attached for those who do not have access to a computer.
Writing Resolutions
Do you have an issue or concern which you feel strongly about?
Listen to radio, TV, read newspapers, search the internet for articles relating to
the issue and keep members informed (you may want to keep a file of
information, relating to topics of interest). Discuss your concerns in your councils
– a few members may want to do some research on the subject. Then decide
what action you think that is necessary. This would go in the “be it Resolved”
clause and the reasons for the action in the “Whereas” clauses. You can then
formulate your resolution.
When writing a resolution – word the resolved clauses first and the the whereas
clauses next.
The standard form for all resolutions:
WHEREAS, The………….and
WHEREAS, There……….and
WHEREAS, It…………….therefore be it
RESOLVED, That the members of…………and be it further
RESOLVED, That……….
You may find formulating a resolution interesting, rewarding and even fun!
If you have a resolution or an idea that you think might be important or any
questions please contact me – we are always there to help!
Some of the reasons we write resolutions are:
 To influence authority  To bring about changes  As a means of taking sides when necessary in the struggle for justice
Happy Resolutions Writing!

For Your Information
Canadian retailers say that they are committed to accurate scanner practicing.
There is a Scanner Price Accuracy Voluntary Code, adopted by various retailers,
among them: Shoppers Drug Mart, WalMart Canada Corp., Best Buy/Future
Shop, Sobeys Inc., Lawtons Drug Store, The Home Depot and Toys R Us.
Retailers adopting the Code must abide by certain policies. For example:
The Item Free Scanner Policy
Retailers will implement an Item Free Scanner Policy as follows:
On a claim being presented by the customer, where the scanned price of a
product at checkout is higher than the price displayed in the store or than
advertised by the store, the lower price will be honored, and
(a) if the correct price of the product is $10 or less, the retailer will give the product to the customer free of charge; or (b) if the correct price of the product is higher than $10, the retailer will give the customer a discount of $10 off the corrected price. There are rules pertaining to this Free Scanner Policy. For more information and
a list of retailers, visi
Do You Have a Will?
Provided for your consideration is a link to an article from The Globe and Mail re:
problems that can occur if one does not have a legal will.
"A legal will is worth the time and money" at
What is legislation?
 To become informed and prepared to defend Christian values  To affect change to better our country  Monitor and study legislation in progress or needing change  Monitor newspapers and other media  Become informed on relevant issues in our communities, province and To keep informed of current happenings in government, go to Provincially, with the newly elected government, a listing of cabinet appointments will be forwarded when available. Thank-you to Agnes Ebbs for her help and guidance and to my daughter for her technical assistance. Speak out, judge righteously, defend the rights of the poor and needy. Proverbs 31:9 May Our Lady of Good Council guide us and the Holy Spirit inspire us in our work for God and Canada. Sincerely, Margaret Fitzpatrick Provincial Chairperson of Resolutions and Legislation


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